Finland joins nations blaming China for hacks

The Finnish National Bureau of Investigation claims that Chinese state-sponsored hackers targeted Finland's Parliament's information systems.

According to the Police of Finland, the criminal investigation into the 2020-2021 hacking of the Parliament's information system linked the attacks to the hacking group APT31. The group is allegedly run by China's Ministry of State Security.

"The suspected offenses under investigation have been aggravated espionage, aggravated unlawful access to an information system, and aggravated violation of the secrecy of communications," the Police of Finland said.

Earlier this week, US and British officials filed charges, imposed sanctions, and accused Beijing of a sweeping cyberespionage campaign that allegedly hit millions of people, including lawmakers, academics and journalists, and companies, including defense contractors.

Authorities claim that APT31 was instrumental in carrying out the global cyberespionage campaign. Meanwhile, Beijing's foreign ministry spokesman, Lin Jian, advised Washington and London to "stop politicizing the issue of cybersecurity" and "stop slandering and smearing China and imposing unilateral sanctions."

APT31, also known as Zirconium, operated through a front company, Wuhan Xiaoruizhi Science and Technology Company (Wuhan XRZ), from at least 2010 until January 2024, according to a US indictment filed in New York's eastern district court.

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