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Hackers leak sensitive data of over 105m Indonesian citizens

The leaked dataset includes Indonesian citizens’ ID card numbers, full names, dates of birth, and other personal identifiable information (PII).

Hacker under the alias Bjorka announced the breach on BreachForums, a hacking community forum that sprung up after the seizure of the infamous Raid Forums.

According to the post, the dataset contains 20GB of information on 105 million Indonesian citizens. The data was likely taken from the General Elections Commission of Indonesia.

The hacker who announced the leak included a sample of information containing several individuals’ PII. The sample data, seen by Cybernews, seems to include a national ID card number, full name, registration address, province of residence, age, gender, polling station numbers, and other sensitive information.

Hackers leak sensitive data of over 105m Indonesian citizens
Post announcing the leak on BreachForums. Image by Cybernews. Image by Cybernews.

The dataset on 105 million people, or roughly 40% of the nation’s population, is sold for $5,000.

Cybernews has reached out to Indonesia’s cyber watchdog, the National Cyber and Encryption Agency, for comment. However, we received no reply before publishing this article.

If confirmed, this data leak would only be the latest entry in a long string of breaches Indonesia has suffered this year. The Bank of Indonesia, the country’s hospitals, police service, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, and many more have all been hacked in 2022.

Last week hackers posted a database stolen from Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and IT, which allegedly contained registration data on 1.3 billion Indonesian SIM cards.

The information in the 87GB-strong dataset supposedly had data that linked phone numbers with their owner ID cards. The dataset hackers also posted on BreachForums came with a price tag of $50,000.

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