Infosys US unit hit by cyber event

India's IT service provider Infosys said its US subsidiary, Infosys McCamish Systems (IMS), was impacted by a "cybersecurity event" that disrupted its operations.

In a notice to investors, the Bangalore-based multinational said that the cybersecurity breach resulted in the "non-availability" of some applications and systems in its US unit.

It said it was working with leading cybersecurity products provider to resolve the situation as soon as possible and had also launched an independent probe to identify potential impact on its systems and data.

"Data protection and cybersecurity are of utmost importance to us," Infosys said in a statement but did not elaborate further when contacted by Cybernews.

IMS is a fully-owned subsidiary of Infosys in the US. Infosys is one of India's largest companies with a significant global presence and over 300,000 employees worldwide.

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