IT Army of Ukraine hacked Gazprom’s archive

IT Army of Ukraine claims to have accessed a 1.5 GB archive of files belonging to the Russian state-controlled energy giant, Gazprom.

“The IT Army of Ukraine gained access to information on the activities of the largest filler of the state budget, and accordingly the main sponsor of terrorism and the invasion of Ukraine — Gazprom,” hackers stated in their Telegram channel.

According to them, the archive contains more than 6,000 files of the Gazprom group of companies regarding financial and economic activities, namely reports on testing and drilling, implementation and adjustment of automated systems at the Koviktinsky well (Irkutsk region), which is considered one of Russia’s largest gas fields.

To support their claims, hackers also released a statement of confidentiality, which was likely included in Gazprom’s agreement.


Earlier last year, experts claimed that ​​cyber operators at the Main Directorate of Intelligence at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (GURMO) have been conducting computer network operations (CNO) against Gazprom.

Ukraine has been successfully utilizing its cyber warriors, with Anonymous, Ukraine's IT Army, Hacker Forces, and others standing behind the country on the digital front.

“Russia has strong cyber capabilities, and many experts expected to see more cyberattacks during this conflict. To combat those attacks, Ukraine asked an army of cybersecurity professionals to volunteer to attack targets in Russia. As far as we know, Ukraine does not have a cyber military force, so any efforts by hacktivists that disrupt Russian efforts are likely to be appreciated,” Ariel Parnes, Co-Founder, and COO of Israeli cybersecurity startup Mitiga, said.

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