LockBit says that it’s behind the London Drugs attack

The LockBit ransomware cartel has taken credit for attacking London Drugs, a Canadian pharmacy chain, and is now threatening to publish the stolen data.

The infamous ransomware cartel posted the pharmacy on its dark web blog, which it uses to showcase and intimidate its victims.

London Drugs suffered a cyberattack in late April, which forced the company to completely shut down almost all of its systems. The pharmacy reopened its stores only ten days after the attack.

Local media reports that the attacks’ perpetrators demanded $25 million from London Drugs, threatening to leak the stolen data if their demands were not met.

The company opted not to pay the ransom, saying that it was “unwilling and unable” to meet LockBit’s demands, adding that as a result, the attackers may leak “employee information.”

However, London Pharmacy told reporters that it believes no customer, patent, or “primary employee” data was present in the files that LockBit stole from its systems.

London Drugs has over 8,000 staff who provide healthcare and pharmacy services in over 80 stores across Canada.

LockBit has recently battled debilitating blows from law enforcement after a joint operation between the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europol led to the gang’s bust and takeover of LockBit’s online infrastructure.

In early May, US authorities revealed the identity of the gang’s leader, LockBitSupp. The Department of Justice unsealed an indictment naming Russian national Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev as the key person of the operation.