The cyber army needs you, urges new app

Cybersecurity firms are urging ordinary civilians to join the cyberwar, by means of an app that allows them to attack Russian websites spreading disinformation.

A link to the app – which is being promoted by cybersecurity firm disBalancer on Telegram – and download instructions were originally posted by Hacken, another cybersecurity outfit, on its Twitter page.

The app has since been upgraded, and Hacken says the new version, dubbed Liberator, is ten times more powerful than its predecessor. On its blog page, where instructions on how to download the new app can be found, disBalancer described it as "an entirely new level to fight Russian propaganda outlets."

It added that the new app is easier to use, requires no technical expertise, and can coordinate larger numbers of users in "powerful attacks" against "new and more sophisticated targets." A link to the blog page has been posted on Twitter. Liberator can be installed on any operating system, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

"We want to make all the murders and violence caused by the Russian military stop," added disBalancer. and urged "anyone who wants to join our ranks and make strategic Russian organizations unreachable" to download and install Liberator.

“We want to unite people fighting with Russian propaganda,” said a spokesperson for Hacken. “Our sister company disBalancer created a very easy-to-use app, so everyone can join the cyber army and help to turn off their lying websites. I believe that the whole cybersecurity community should know about this and spread the word.”

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Don't worry
prefix 2 years ago
Does this just infect machine and make it part of a botnet?
prefix 2 years ago
Like to help and download it but google say that there is a virus and so just the owner is allowed to download. :-(
I understand that google can detect that thats a "unusual" programm. On the other hand I also fear a litle bit that somone missuse the "help requests".
Disbalancer itself look like / is from all what I found a serius company . It would be mutch more trustable when they spread the app direct at there hompage.

Im quite sure that there are thousands of people willing to helb as long as they can trust that they havnt to fear that they get a virus or trojaner or somthing els on there PC when they download the app just to help ucrain
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