Xerox discloses 'cyber incident' claimed by INC ransom gang

International printing giant Xerox Corp said it's currently investigating a cybersecurity incident impacting the US arm of Xerox Business Solutions (XBS).

The security 'event' took place over the holiday weekend and was “detected and contained by Xerox cybersecurity personnel,” according to an official statement released by the American company on December 30th.

“The event was limited to XBS US. We are actively working with third-party cybersecurity experts to conduct a thorough investigation into this incident and are taking necessary steps to further secure the XBS IT environment,” Xerox said.

The Fortune 500 company said its preliminary investigation found “limited personal information in the XBS environment may have been affected.”

Xerox did not reveal exactly how much or what types of information may have been compromised at the subsidiary, but said it would “notify all affected individuals as required.”

Xerox cyber incident updated statement

The incident has had no impact on XBS operations or on Xerox’s corporate systems, operations or data, the American company said.

Meanwhile, the INC ransomware group had claimed Xerox as a victim on its dark blog on December 30th, along with an alleged “proof pack” of at least half a dozen data samples.

As of January 2nd, the company no longer appears on INC’s dark leak blog.

A media spokesperson for Xerox did not address INC’s claims when asked about the matter by Cybernews, referring us back to its corporate statement.

Founded in 1906, Xerox currently operates in 160 countries.

Headquartered in Connecticut, the printing and digital solutions conglomerate is also the parent company of Affiliated Computer Services.

Xerox was claimed by another hacker gang, the Maze ransomware group, back in 2020.

“The data privacy and protection of our clients, partners, and employees are our highest priority,” Xerox said.

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