Robson Rodrigues Prado, Tripletech: “before doing something it is better to look around; why reinvent the wheel?"

To really stand out from the crowd, enterprises must always be relevant and visionary.

Analyzing the market, hot industry trends, or other companies is always a good idea. However, a vital component of growth is customers. So it’s only logical, that the first and foremost step toward loyal and satisfied customers is meeting customer needs.

Today’s Cybernews guest, Robson Rodrigues Prado, Vice President at Tripletech, truly believes businesses should genuinely focus on the customers. Therefore we sat down to have a brief chat about how to ensure a good business-to-customer relationship.

How did Tripletech come about? What has your journey been like?

10 years ago, we want to make an IT consulting company focused on the customers, really on them, not just words, so a few friends partnered together and Tripletech was out of paper. In a few words, the journey was and are ups and downs.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do? What problems do your services help solve?

We help with the collaboration of the companies with the Icewarp solution and we do MSP services, IT Projects, and consulting.

We help customers to focus on their core business while we take care of the IT for them, so we manage and solve any problem the customer could have in IT.

What are your thoughts on IT systems specifically tailored to one’s business? Is it something each organization should invest in or is it only relevant for large enterprises?

Depends on the business of each company. Nowadays we already have many solutions, so before doing something it is better to look around and see if anyone has already didn’t it yet and if it isn’t already in the market for sale. As I always say why reinvent the wheel?

What is it like providing IT services these days? Are there any new challenges you have to adapt to?

It is and always has been challenging to provide IT services, we adapt and learn every day because IT is dynamic by its nature and we only go forward if we adapt.

As work from home becomes the new normal, what do you think are the worst cybersecurity habits that can put not only an organization’s workforce but also its customers at risk?

Let confidential things down in pieces of paper without any protection and the use of any devices to access your data.

Why do you think certain companies are still unaware of the risks they are exposed to?

The right partner to tell them, a partner to be transparent and share the knowledge also miscommunication within the corporates is a big problem.

In your opinion, what kind of cyberthreats will we see more of in the next few years?

Specific targets attack (people and corporates), Ransomware, and social engineer attack.

What security measures do you think not only large enterprises but also casual Internet users should implement to tackle these new threats?

Training and trials, like an exam to see if the users really understand what they need to do to protect themselves.

And finally, what’s next for Tripletech?

Build a SOC as a service for Latin America and expand our Icewarp customer base in Brazil.