Super Mario gamers targeted by malicious hackers

Threat actors are pushing a trojanized Super Mario game to steal sensitive data and unleash ransomware.

Game installers are quite popular among hackers. They can take advantage of the huge popularity of certain games to trick users into installing software packed with various malicious components designed to steal information.

Since its inception in the 90s, the Super Mario franchise has enjoyed a massive global following. Cybercriminals are perfectly aware of this and are trying to cash in too.

Super Mario infection chain
Infection chain. By Cyble

Cybersecurity company Cycle recently discovered a trojanized Super Mario Bros game installer built to infect victims’ computers with XMR miner, SupremeBot mining client, and the Open-source Umbral stealer. These malware elements are designed to abuse the victim's machine by mining cryptocurrency and stealing information.

“The combination of mining and stealing activities leads to financial losses, a substantial decline in the victim’s system performance, and the depletion of valuable system resources. As a consequence, both individual users and organizations suffer severe productivity setbacks,” Cycle noted.

Are you a big Mario Brothers fan? If so, the best piece of advice we can give is never to download games or any other software from torrent and other third-party sources.

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