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Watch Premiership Rugby online from anywhere in 2024

Following the Rugby World Cup, it’s time for the club game to enter the spotlight. Gallagher Premiership Rugby has started streaming in October. The only problem is that Premiership Rugby has always been geo-restricted to the UK.

UK viewers can watch the Premiership Rugby on TNT Sports and PRTV Live. Luckily for the US viewers, The Rugby Network (TRN) acquired the rights to host live coverage of all matches in the 2023/24 season, meaning US residents can stream the games on TRN.

Stream Gallagher Premiership Rugby 2023/2024
Date:October 13, 2023 – June 8, 2024
Stream in the UK:TNT Sports, PRTV Live
Stream in the US:The Rugby Network (TRN)
Stream anywhere:Get NordVPN – 72% OFF

For those outside the UK or the USA or those who want to watch Premiership Rugby on their usual broadcaster but are away from home, A VPN is the answer. It bypasses geo-blocks, making it appear as if you are browsing from other country. This way you access streaming services otherwise restricted to the UK or US residents.

In our step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to live-stream Premiership Rugby from the US or just about anywhere else in the world.

How to watch Premiership Rugby with a VPN

How to watch Premiership Rugby with a VPN
  1. Select a reliable VPN with a wide selection of UK- or US-based servers. We recommend NordVPN, now 72% OFF
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device
  3. Connect to a UK- or US-based server
  4. Register or log in on one of the streaming services that show Premiership Rugby
  5. Enjoy the rugby league and let the best team win!

Why use a VPN to watch Premiership Rugby?

The Premiership Rugby League started on October 13, 2023, and will wrap up on June 8, 2024. Yet, some countries won’t be able to live-stream the games due to a lack of licensing, broadcasting arrangements, and copyrights.

UK residents can live-stream the Premiership Rugby using TNT Sports and PRTV Live. Moreover, some games will also air on ITV and ITVX. Meanwhile, the English rugby league has also found a home in the US. Premiership Rugby and Major League Rugby revealed a two-year deal for the exclusive showing of every game on The Rugby Network, an online streaming service in the United States.

These streaming platforms and channels have the rights to show Premiership Rugby, however, they are geo-restricted to the respective regions. So, those residing outside the UK or the US, and those currently traveling abroad, outside their home in the UK or the US, are in for an error message.

Premiership Rugby streaming error

Fortunately, there’s a solution – a reliable VPN service. A VPN can help you bypass geo-blocks, as it masks your real IP address, making it seem like you are connecting from elsewhere. Simply put, you’ll appear as if you are in the USA or the UK, enabling you to watch all of your favorite games online.

Best VPNs to watch Premiership Rugby live in 2024

We have performed in-depth testing on 42 VPN service providers to find the best three VPNs to stream Premiership Rugby in the 2023/24 regular season. Our top picks have global servers, including multiple locations in the US and the UK, along with fast speeds, robust streaming capabilities, and affordable prices.

Where to watch Premiership Rugby?

Premiership Rugby is the top division of the English rugby union system. No wonder it’s widely popular worldwide. Ten teams kicked off the season this October, wrapping up in June with the Gallagher Premiership Rugby Grand Final.

Here’s a list of the streaming services that will broadcast the majority of the games:

Streaming serviceLocation Cost
PRTV LiveUK£129.99/season pass or £5.99/game
TNT Sports (discovery+, Sky, BT, Virgin Media) (select matches only)UK£29.99/month
ITV and ITVX (select matches only)UKFree on cable TV or £5.99/month ad-free
The Rugby Network (TRN+)US$6.99/month or $59.99/year
Stan SportAustralia $15/month (on top of regular Stan subscription)

How to watch Premiership Rugby from your country

If you live in a country with all broadcast rights, you’ll be able to stream every game live, using one of the streaming services listed above. However, if you don’t live there, are traveling, or want to access a cheaper alternative, you’ll need to install a trustworthy VPN to bypass geo-blocks and access Premiership Rugby from anywhere.

How to watch Premiership Rugby in the USA

Major League Rugby signed a 2-year exclusive rights deal for Gallagher Premiership Rugby to be televised on its platform, The Rugby Network (TRN) in the US, granting its residents access to all 93 games of season 2023/24. To access it, you’ll have to subscribe to the TRN+ service.

If you’re traveling to the US, and have access to other platforms outside the US, or have access to the US services, but travel abroad, we suggest using a trusted VPN service, like NordVPN, to change your virtual location and access Premiership Rugby.

How to watch Premiership Rugby in the UK

If you currently reside in the UK, you can live-stream all Premiership Rugby matches on PRTV Live. Select matches will also be broadcast on TNT Sports (discovery+, Sky, BT, and Virgin Media) and ITV and ITVX. TNT Sports will show 56 matches live over the season, ITV and its ITVX streaming service will only air 7 games, including the final. Meanwhile, PRTV Live enables you to watch all Gallagher Premiership Rugby fixtures online – you can get a PRTV Live season pass or pay separately for each game.

If you have access to any of these services but find yourself abroad, we recommend opting for a reliable VPN service, such as NordVPN, to be able to access live matches from anywhere.

How to watch Premiership Rugby in Australia

Australian residents can live-stream Premiership Rugby on Stan Sport. To watch the games in Australia, you’ll need to sign up for a base plan first, then, add the Stan Sport package on top. Unfortunately, this might come out a bit pricy.

If you don’t have any Stan subscriptions, a cheaper alternative in the UK or the US might be worth consideration. Simply use a VPN, like NordVPN, to change your virtual location and access a cheaper service, depending on your needs.

How to watch Premiership Rugby from anywhere

If you’re not in any of the countries mentioned above, you’ll need a trusted VPN service, like NordVPN, to access Premiership Rugby. You simply need to decide which country you want to connect to – US, UK, or Australia – and connect to a server in one of these countries. Then, subscribe to a relevant streaming service to be able to access the live games.

How to watch Premiership Rugby on your devices

Here you’ll find step-by-step guides on how to watch the games online on your favorite device:

Watch Premiership Rugby live on your computer (Windows or Mac)

If you want to watch Premiership Rugby on your laptop or PC, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose a reliable VPN service with a desktop app, such as NordVPN
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your computer
  3. Connect to a server in a country where the matches are available
  4. Log in or register to one of the top streaming services
  5. Buckle up and cheer for your favorite team to win!

Watch Premiership Rugby on your phone (Android or iOS)

If you prefer watching the Premiership Rugby League on the go, you can use your phone as a streaming device. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Download and install a trusted VPN on your smartphone. We recommend NordVPN
  2. Open the VPN app and connect to a server in a country where Premiership Rugby is streamed
  3. Download the streaming platform you want to use from the Google Play/App Store
  4. Enjoy the Premiership Rugby League unblocked from your phone!

Watch Premiership Rugby live on your smart TV

You might want to enjoy the Gallagher Premiership League in front of the TV screen. While it can be a bit tricky because most smart TVs don’t support VPNs, there’s still a way to set it up. Here’s how:

  1. Select a router-compatible VPN, such as NordVPN
  2. Install the VPN on your router by accessing the router's admin settings and inputting the VPN configuration details
  3. Connect your router to a VPN server in the country that broadcasts Premiership Rugby
  4. Change your smart TV’s region settings to match the VPN server’s location
  5. Install the streaming app of your choice on your smart TV
  6. Sign up for or log in to the streaming service
  7. Select the Premiership Rugby match on the app and start watching

Why can’t I watch the Premiership League with a VPN?

If you have followed our steps, yet you are still not able to access Premiership Rugby, there's no need for concern. This issue can arise due to several factors.

Here are the potential causes and easy fixes:

  • The platform, streaming Premiership Rugby, might block VPNs. Choose a VPN with obfuscated servers to prevent streaming services from detecting your VPN usage.
  • The VPN server isn't in a location where Premiership Rugby streaming is available. Pick a server in a country where Premiership Rugby is shown (UK, US, Australia).
  • Your IP address might be leaking. Find a VPN that will encrypt your traffic for leak protection. Also, clear your browser’s cookies, cache, and browsing history.
  • The VPN application may be outdated. Update your VPN software to the latest version to avoid detection.

If none of this works, make sure to contact the VPN’s customer support or get a more secure VPN service.

Can I watch Premiership Rugby for free?

Unfortunately, there is no such platform that streams all the games live for free. Only the ITV channel in the UK will broadcast a few games live, more precisely – 7 matches, including the final. ITV can be accessed online for free, it only requires registration. To access these matches from anywhere, we suggest using a reliable VPN service, like NordVPN.

While it might be tempting to use a free VPN service to save a few dimes, we don’t recommend this. Free VPNs can compromise your privacy and often offer limited features and performance compared to premium VPNs. These constraints can affect your internet speed, security, and overall streaming experience. Worse yet, you might not be able to unblock content abroad.

So, the best option is to use a premium VPN with a free trial or a money-back guarantee. Here are the VPNs that offer the best value for money, according to Cybernews experts:

  • NordVPN offers frequent discounts, besides, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial for Android users.
  • Surfshark also comes with a 30-day money refund option and a 7-day free trial for Android, iOS, and macOS devices.

Premiership Rugby schedule in 2024

The Premiership Rugby League has already started. It will last from October 13, 2023 to June 8, 2024, with 93 matches in total. Each week (round) consists of five matches. Here’s a schedule for the upcoming rounds:

Round 1Oct 13 – Oct 15, 2023
Round 2Oct 20 – Oct 22, 2023
Round 3Oct 27 – Oct 29, 2023
Round 4Nov 3 – Nov 5, 2023
Round 5Nov 10 – Nov 12, 2023
Round 6Nov 17 – Nov 19, 2023
Round 7Nov 24 – Nov 26, 2023
Round 8Dec 1 – Dec 3, 2023
Round 9Dec 22 – Dec 23, 2023
Round 10Dec 29 – Dec 31, 2023
Round 11Jan 5 - Jan 7, 2024
Round 12Jan 26 – Jan 28, 2024
Round 13Mar 22 – Mar 24, 2024
Round 14Mar 29 – Mar 31, 2024
Round 15Apr 19 – Apr 21, 2024
Round 16Apr 26 – Apr 28, 2024
Round 17May 10 – May 12, 2024
Round 18May 18, 2024
Semi-finalsJune 1, 2024
FinalJune 8, 2024

All you need to know about Premiership Rugby

The Gallagher Premiership League season 2023/24 kicked off on October 13, 2023. It will last 18 weeks, until wrapping up on June 8, 2024, with the Gallagher Premiership Rugby Final.

Premiership Rugby, the governing body of the Gallagher Premiership, oversees the main competition and manages the Premiership Rugby Cup and the Under 18s Academy League. The Premiership has been reduced to a 10-team league for the first time since the 1995/96 season, following the relegation of Wasps, Worcester Warriors, and London Irish due to financial struggles.

The playoff format introduces high stakes at the season's end. The last-ranked Premiership team will face the Championship winner over two legs to retain or gain their top-flight status.

Wrapping up: it’s time for streaming!

The action in the Premiership Rugby League has already started, and things are heating up. Fortunately, there’s still time to join. Whether you are a UK resident or not, the good news is you can stream the matches live from anywhere, including the USA!

All you need is a reliable VPN provider with a broad server network, fast speeds, and robust security. Our top choice is NordVPN, a service with powerful streaming capabilities at the most affordable prices.

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