AI prompt engineer top new job – report

Artificial intelligence (AI) has powered the emergence of seven out of ten new professions in various sectors, analysis of thousands of job listings shows.

AI prompt engineer is the most in-demand new job on the market, with 7,000 openings over the past year, according to a new study from Workyard.

The role was also the most Googled new profession covered by the study, with more than 60,000 searches over the same period of time.

One reason behind this interest is the wide media coverage it received as one of the first new professions born from an AI boom that started with the launch of ChatGPT last year.

There are already 3,500 AI prompt engineers employed globally, with about 920 of those based in the US, according to researchers from Workyard.

The report evaluated Google search trends for new jobs from June 2022 to June 2023, as well as thousands of job openings posted on LinkedIn and job search engine Indeed.

Image from Workyard

Another role that can be linked with the AI gold rush, and closely behind AI prompt engineers, is human integration specialist. It has 6,000 job openings, generating interest from roughly 6,000 Google searches.

Unlike AI prompt engineers, however, there is only one registered professional in this field globally and none in the US, according to the report.

3D printing engineer and AI product manager roles each have 3,000 job openings. The 3D printing engineer job was Googled 9,000 over the past year, with a professional pool of 3,000 individuals worldwide.

Meanwhile, the AI product manager role attracted about 4,000 Google searches and employs 3,000 people globally.

A drone manager role, with 1,500 job openings, was Googled 1,500 times. The research indicates a smaller professional community, with around 90 individuals globally.

An AI research scientist role, while offering 850 job openings, attracted significant interest with 7,550 Google searches. The role hosts 2,500 professionals globally, with 650 based in the US.

An augmented reality experience designer profession offers 800 job openings and has been searched about 350 times on Google. The role currently hosts nine professionals worldwide.

A digital currency advisor role, the eighth most in-demand job, has about 500 job openings and attracted approximately 150 Google searches. There are currently 30 professionals in this role globally.

A virtual reality therapist profession has 300 job openings, attracting about 2,000 Google searches. The profession currently hosts 15 professionals worldwide, with three based in the US.

Closing the list is an AI ethicist role, with nine job openings but generating around 1,000 Google searches. Despite the low number of job openings, there are currently 300 professionals in the field, with 103 based in the US and 197 internationally.

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