RARBG abruptly shuts down torrent site

RARBG, one of the world’s largest torrent sites, abruptly shut down, citing the COVID pandemic and war in Ukraine.

The peer-to-peer file-sharing website suddenly closed down, posting a goodbye message on its front page. It says that the turbulent past two years pushed the admins to close down the website.

“The past two years have been very difficult for us — some of the people in our team died due to covid complications, others still suffer the side effects of it — not being able to work at all. Some are also fighting the war in Europe — ON BOTH SIDES,” reads the message.

RARBG also quoted energy price hikes and high inflation that subsequently increased the costs of maintaining data centers in Europe. Website owners lamented they could no longer bear the costs of upkeeping the torrenting site.

“After an unanimous vote we’ve decided that we can no longer do it. We are sorry. Bye,” reads the short message.

The same message was displayed while trying to access other domains that used to lead to the torrent website, indicating that the shutdown was coordinated.

Founded around 2008, RARBG specialized in high-quality pirated video releases. Due to the illegality of the content exhibited on the website, several countries have banned access to it, including the UK, Ireland, Italy, Finland, and others.

According to data from the website comparison tool Similarweb, in April, the pooled number of visitors throughout several domains used by RARBR exceeded 12 million monthly users.


prefix 1 year ago
How would have thought that a nonprofitable website where people get things for free (and use ad blockers), without sponsors or patrons, and run by not wealthy people it's not sustainable in the long term?
prefix 1 year ago
which they would of asked for bit help maybe turn it into pay site rather then just closing i would gladly pay a few dollars to use there site every month lot better then wasting money on pay tv sites and you get lot better stuff from it
Ahmad Albab
prefix 1 year ago
a site where comment section are actually more interesting than the movie. RIP rarbg.
Ian Moone
prefix 1 year ago
Its a loss no doubt.
But everyone crying doom and gloom would do well to remember just how many "greatest of their times" we have buried over the literally decades now.
I remember the world screaming when Napster went away.
We survived.
prefix 1 year ago
RARBG was an underdog for the people, people that couldn't afford the prices of big Hollywood or region or country locked; The Robin Hood of our days, I'll miss their direct connection to those that believe in a free society and an unregulated system in times of peace..
prefix 1 year ago
Still in shock... PTSD (post torrential stress disorder) hitting in 3, 2, 1
prefix 1 year ago
RARBRG was the best torrent site period! The thumbnails where the clincher.
To bad for the sad news today. Hope someone can take over the site and we can go back to enjoying amazing content.
Suo Marte
prefix 1 year ago
Not all torrent sites are equal! RARBG I think is the best! What else can we do? Find alternatives that suits our needs . . .
prefix 1 year ago
I wish you all the best.
Will miss the site. hopefully someone could buy or takeover or help in some way.
mike hunt
prefix 1 year ago
This is a disaster - surely some other organisation can step in to take over the amazing array of content coordinated from RARBG?
prefix 1 year ago
Saw the message when I went for my daily fix of torrents a few minutes back.
It saddens me, as I'm sure millions worldwide got upset as they did the same.
RARBG was the best, most organised place to get torrents. Did they ask for help before shutting down? If they did, I didn't see it and would've been happy to help (and I know people who would've gladly helped).
As I don't trust any other torrent fonts and hate to watch TV (at least in my country), the screens will be sold. I'll be back to reading or whatever instead of watching series and films - the only escape after working all day at a job I hate and it's putting me on the verge of burnout.
prefix 1 year ago
RIP Rargr.to
Thanks for all of your work over the years.
Best of health to you all and a speedy end to the was.
Go Ukraine!
prefix 1 year ago
The last bastion of good quality torrents has fallen. RIP.
prefix 1 year ago
Win for the good guys
prefix 1 year ago
RARBRG bros? It's over.
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