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How to find and share WiFi passwords

Whether having guests over or doing a group project at a local coffee shop, sharing the WiFi password is sometimes unavoidable. But what if you've forgotten it and there's no one to ask around? You could use a WiFi Password Viewer app and email it directly, but there's a more secure solution.

You can use a password manager to share the password in an encrypted form safe from password hacking. Revealing the coffee shop WiFi password is not a big deal, but inviting hackers to your home network is an entirely different risk.

In this article, we'll explain how to view a WiFi password on your device and share it in a secure way in 2024.

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How to view the WiFi password easily

  1. Subscribe to a password manager. We recommend NordPass, now 52% OFF
  2. Create an account and log in
  3. Create an item with a WiFi name and password
  4. Share the credentials with selected people

Is a WiFi password viewer app a good option?

You'll find plenty of apps that promise to reveal the WiFi password on Android, iOS, or any other device. But if you scrutinize the reviews, you'll notice enough negative ones that say they don't. That's because WiFi passwords are stored in an encrypted directory protected from unauthorized addresses, including many password viewer apps.

Android's WiFi password viewer apps require root access to the protected directory that holds WiFi passwords. To use such an app, you would need to jailbreak your smartphone to expand customization options and bypass manufacturer restrictions. However, jailbreaking a phone compromises its security, so doing that is not recommended for anyone without adequate cybersecurity knowledge.

Another issue is password sharing. A password viewer app does not offer secure credential sharing options, and doing so over an email or SMS is susceptible to phishing and Man-in-the-middle attacks. It's best to use dedicated password management software to store and share important credentials without taking unnecessary risks.

How to share WiFi passwords with a password manager

Different password managers have unique credential-sharing policies. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to share WiFi passwords using our recommended NordPass app or website.

  1. Log in to your NordPass account (app or website)
  2. Click “Add Item” and select to add a new password
  3. Input the WiFi name and password and save it
  4. Select the same item and click Share
  5. Type in the email or NordPass name of the receiver
  6. Send the password

How to find a WiFi password on any device

Finding a WiFi password depends on the operating system you are using. Because they store them in different places, finding one on the spot can get tricky.

An easy solution is to use the most secure password manager and store them all in a single encrypted vault. However, there's no need for third-party software if you follow the tips and tricks below.

Here's how to view WiFi passwords on iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows devices.

View WiFi password on iPhone

Here’s how to view the WiFi password on your iPhone (iOS version 16 and later):

  1. Go to the iOS Settings app and select WiFi
  2. Tap Edit on the top right corner
  3. Click the information icon next to the chosen WiFi network
  4. Select the password field view wifi password on iphone
  5. Use Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode to reveal your WiFi password

View WiFi password on Android

Here’s how to view the WiFi password on Android (version 10 or later):

  1. Go to the Android Settings app
  2. Select WiFi option
  3. Locate the Saved Networks section
  4. Click on the lock or gear icon next to the chosen network
  5. Click on Share Password
  6. Verify with pin or biometrics if required
  7. The WiFi password is below the QR code pop-up view and share wifi password on android

View WiFi password on Mac

Here’s how to view the WiFi password on your Mac:

  1. Go to the Apple menu and then System Settings
  2. Choose Network and select WiFi to the right
  3. Scroll down and open Advanced options
  4. Click the three horizontal dots (More button) next to the chosen network
  5. Choose the Copy Password option view wifi password on mac
  6. Paste it on your notes to reveal the password

View WiFi password on Windows

Here’s how to view the WiFi password on your Windows PC:

  1. On Windows 11 go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center. On Windows 10 go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Status -> Network and Sharing Center windows network and sharing center
  2. In the Network and Sharing Center near Connections choose your Wi-Fi network name.
  3. Within Wi-Fi Status, select Wireless Properties. windows wifi wirelles properties
  4. Within Wireless Network Properties, pick the Security tab, and then check the box labeled Show characters. windows view wifi password
  5. Your Wi-Fi network password will be revealed in the Network security key field and you can share it with anyone.

Bottom line

Each major operating system has some way to view and share passwords, but they aren't necessarily the most comfortable or secure ones. There are several vulnerabilities affecting the Bluetooth connection that Apple uses to share passwords, and Windows doesn't have a password-sharing option at all.

We recommend using a dedicated password manager like NordPass to share WiFi credentials securely. This method benefits from advanced encryption that protects the passwords from cyber threats. Furthermore, it allows sharing multiple passwords with multiple people simultaneously, so why not use one?


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