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Best Password Managers for Opera and Opera GX

Browsers like Opera and Opera GX, among others, offer their own built-in password management solutions – you can save and autofill your login information. However, such a built-in password manager does little to actually protect your personal data – you need a third-party reliable password manager for Opera and Opera GX.

The best password managers offer excellent Opera browser extensions. They allow you to store all your login and other information under powerful encryption, and autofill your passwords and emails automatically. Additionally, built-in password generators and strength checkers will help you ensure that all of your passwords are long, complex, and secure.

To help you find the best alternatives to the Opera and Opera GX autofill, we tested and reviewed numerous third-party providers, and compiled a list of the best password managers for the Opera browser in 2023. Continue reading to find the best password manager for you.

Top 5 best Opera password managers:

Best Opera & Opera GX password managers- our detailed list:

Wasting your precious time on recovering your forgotten passwords is becoming a thing of the past. Combining the latter with the importance of protecting your logins while browsing on Opera instantly makes a reputable password manager an essential part of your online life.

Below, you will find the top 5 password managers for the Opera browsers that we tested in terms of security, performance, pricing, and more.

1. NordPass – the best password manager for Opera in 2024

NordPass banner
Cloud storage:3 GB (with NordLocker app)
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, and Edge
Current deal:🔥Get NordPass, now 52% OFF and 1 month FREE!🔥

The top password manager for Opera – NordPass – comes from a market-leading cybersecurity company Nord Security. It offers all the essential security features, an intuitive browser extension, and excellent pricing.

Security and privacy: The combination of next-gen XChaCha20 encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA) makes your vault a tough nut to crack. Plus, its zero-logs policy guarantees complete privacy, as even the company itself can’t access your stored items.

Features: You will find a password generator that allows you to create the most complex passwords. Password health checker will help you see what logins need to be updated. The app allows you to store not only your passwords but also credit cards and sensitive notes. Plus, you can securely share your items and sync them across multiple devices.

Browser extension: NordPass browser extension is like a tiny version of the desktop and mobile apps. It asks you if you want to save passwords, and when we tested it, we found that the autofill function works really well. You can also use the password generator to create strong passwords. If you have the paid version, you also get access to the password health checker and data breach monitoring. Although to edit password entries, you need the desktop app.

Support: NordPass offers 24/7 live chat support for all users. You can also submit tickets, and browse the endless FQA pages. During testing, we found the support to be efficient, quick to respond, and very helpful.

Aside from fantastic service, NordPass also offers great prices. The cheapest subscription is only $1.43/month. Not to mention its free version that is excellent for a single user with basic security needs.

Find out more about the features in our NordPass review.

2. RoboForm – pioneer of password managers

Cloud storage:No
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera
Current deal:🔥Get RoboForm, save up to 60%🔥

RoboForm is one of the oldest password managers on the market that has mastered auto-filling on Opera and other browsers. Long-term swimming in the water of cybersecurity has determined this password manager’s ability to ensure robust protection for your credentials.

Security and privacy: It uses market-leading AES-256 encryption to secure your credentials. Two-factor authentication is an additional security layer that makes it impossible to access your vault for an intruder. Finally, all data you store in your vault remains on your device, meaning the company can’t see what’s happening inside it.

Features: first things first – you can store unlimited passwords in the RoboForm vault. Those can be remembered and auto-filled on whatever website, web form, or application you need. The password generator feature helps you to generate strong passwords that can also be customized in terms of length and structure. There is also Dark Web monitoring that informs you about breached accounts and the Password assessment feature to maintain your logins up-to-date.

Browser extension: The RoboForm extension for Opera is quite simple, and we found it very easy to use. There, you’re allowed to edit existing credentials and add new ones. You can also sort your credentials alphabetically, by recent use, and by popularity, as well as view all of them at once. The autofill function also works like a charm. However, if you want to edit your profile information, you will be redirected to the web app, which we thought is a little inconvenient.

Support: The free version users can use the ticket support system. Paid subscription owners also get access to 24/7 live chat and phone support.

Roboform offers a reliable free version. The starting price for the premium package is from $0.99/month. If that’s not good enough, you can always use a RoboForm discount code for even better prices.

Get to know the service better in our RoboForm review.

3. Keeper – Opera password manager with a robust security suite

Cloud storage:5 GB
Free version:No, 30-day free trial
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer
Current deal:🔥Get 50% OFF Keeper Unlimited and Family plans!🔥

Keeper stands out as a password manager for Opera that offers a unique bundle of features. With it, not only are your passwords protected, but also your chats, data, and more.

Security and privacy: as expected from one of the top providers, Keeper uses AES-256 encryption that ensures complete confidentiality against the company and other third parties. There are several 2FA methods that you can choose to protect your account additionally. In case of emergency, you can use the Self-Destruct feature that erases all locally-stored items.

Features: Apart from the obvious ones like autofill, you will also find tools such as Security audit that allow you to evaluate each exported password. For an additional charge, you can use an encrypted messaging app, a data breach monitor, or the Trash bin to recover your deleted items.

Browser extension: to use Keeper on Opera, you would need to get its browser extension from Chrome. Overall, the functionality remains similar to the desktop application. During testing, we found that adding passwords and other items is very easy, and the autofill function works without any issues.

Support: Keeper offers 24/7 ticket support for all its users. There is also an extensive knowledge base with detailed guides.

While this provider doesn’t offer a free version, the starting price is still on the edge of wallet-friendly ($1.46/month). Nonetheless, remember that some features come for an additional charge.

Get to know the service better from our Keeper review.

4. Dashlane – comprehensive password manager

Cloud storage:1–5 GB
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge
Current deal:🔥Get Dashlane, save up to 25%! 🔥

If you’re looking for an Opera password manager that shines in multiple password management areas, then Dashlane is for you. It has a modern and feature-rich web application, and the browser extension autofill works exceptionally well.

Security and privacy: Dashlane is undeniably one of the most secure password managers today. Market-leading AES-256 encryption, 2-Factor Authentication, and zero-trust architecture ensure durable security and privacy.

Features: This password manager ensures that every possible security gap is glazed. You can review your passwords’ health with the Password security audits feature, securely store notes, generate new complex passwords, and share them with your friends. Dark web monitoring will look out for any risky data breach, and a built-in VPN provides an encrypted tunnel for your traffic. Not only do your logins travel safely but also all online inquiries.

Browser extension: since Dashlane has a fully developed web app, its browser extension is quite minimal. With it, you can add and generate passwords. When we tested Dashlane, we were pleased to find that its autofill functions without a hitch. However, if you want to create secure notes or add billing information, you’ll need to use the web application.

Support: Dashlane offers live chat support during working days for all users. You can also browse the FAQ pages, and send them an email. With the latter, you can expect a response in a day or two.

The starting price of Dahslane is $3.75/month, and you get to use everything that this provider has to offer. If this price seems discouraging, there’s a free version to use with some kinks, of course.

Check our Dashlane review to learn more.

5. LastPass – password manager rich with features

LastPass banner
Cloud storage:1 GB
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Edge Legacy
Current deal:🔥 Get LastPass for just $3.00/month!🔥

Holding the front line of the password managers market, LastPass is another option for Opera. It offers robust protection, an intuitive interface, and a reasonable price.

Security and privacy: Yet, the company promises that your data reaches their servers only when it’s encrypted. For the encryption, it uses the market-standard AES-256 encryption. Plus, there are 2-Factor and Multi-factor authentication methods.

Features: You can generate strong passwords that won’t be needed to remember as the service does it for you. There’s a possibility to create One-Time passwords that allow you to avoid using your master password on guest devices. Surprisingly, LastPass also has a credit monitoring service that informs you regarding any credit account changes.

Browser extension: Even though LastPass does have an add-on for the Opera browser, during our tests we found that the richest experience comes from combining the extension with the web client. This way, you can use every available feature instead of only auto-filling and auto-saving your passwords.

Support: If you ever run into any issues, you can browse the FAQ pages and community forums, or contact support directly via your account. We found the knowledge base to be truly extensive and helpful.

LastPass price is quite bigger than the majority of competitors, which is $3.00/month. Nevertheless, there’s a decent free plan to try out the service.

Read our LastPass review and learn more about the features.

How we selected password managers for our list

To pick only the best password managers for the Opera browser list, we paid attention to these factors:

  • Reliable Opera browser password manager extension. There’s no doubt that a password manager must offer a browser extension for Opera. What’s also crucial is that it would be intuitive with functional auto-filling.
  • Features. Versatile security suites not only ensure better protection but also next-level comfort. Market-leading password managers offer features such as password generators, password health checkers, dark web scanners, and more.
  • Functionality. Often, browser extension requires to have the desktop app as well. That’s why we looked for services that cover major operating systems and offer functional programs.
  • Security and privacy. Trusting your credentials and sensitive information for a password manager is a big deal. Therefore, advanced encryption, Multi-factor authentication, and zero-logs policy become priorities.
  • Price. Reputable service should never be equal to expensiveness, just like online protection shouldn’t be a luxurious thing. Hence, we picked password managers that maintain good prices along with quality.
  • Customer support. Technical issues are inevitable whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user. Hence, we made sure each provider offers several options for customer support available 24/7.

Comparison of Opera browser password managers

Here’s how the best password managers for Opera compare to each other:

Free versionYesYesYesYes
Browser pluginsChrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and SafariChrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and SafariChrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Internet ExplorerChrome, Safari, Firefox, EdgeChrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer
Price from$1.43/month$0.99/month$1.46/month$3.75/month$3.00/month

How to choose password manager for Opera and Opera GX

When choosing the best password manager for Opera, there are a few main characteristics that should draw your attention:

  • Fully functional browser extension for Opera. The browser extension of a password manager should have all the most critical features, such as autosave and autofill, a password generator, and a password health checker. Getting a desktop app with the browser extension is also a good idea since you will get even more features and functionalities.
  • Advanced security. The password manage browser extension must use advanced encryption such as AES-245 or xChaCha20 to secure your passwords. Multifactor authentication, either via authenticator apps or biometrics, is also a crucial security feature.
  • Extra features. The more there are, the better the protection is. Tools like data breach monitoring or dark web scanner ensure extra protection for your identity. Likewise, being able to securely share your logins lowers the risk of breached information.
  • Reasonable pricing. Most reliable password managers have free versions with basic features. They still keep your passwords as secure as possible. If you ever decide you need more out of your password manager, upgrading to a paid subscription should be at a reasonable price, and truly worth it.

Finally, you should ask yourself if a password manager has everything you might need. How many devices does it cover simultaneously? Is there a limit for storing credentials? Will you get help when it's needed? Every question must be considered.

Opera vs Opera GX

Opera and Opera GX are two versions of the same browser, from the same developer, but designed for different purposes. Opera is a regular browser with more advanced security features than browsers like Chrome or Edge. It includes a VPN, an ad and tracker blocker, crypto mining protection, and autofill.

Opera GX is a version of the Opera browser designed specifically for gamers. It includes the same features as the regular Opera browser, such as a free VPN, ad blocker, and autofill. It also has some additional functionalities. For example, there are CPU, RAM, and Network limiters for more streamlined browsing and gaming. The sidebar also includes quick access to programs like Twitch, WhatsApp, and TikTok. You can also customize your browser themes, and get access to free games or discounts.

Does Opera have a built-in password manager?

Yes, both the Opera and Opera GX browsers have a built-in password manager. In the browser, it is called autofill, and it offers basic password management features. These include auto-filling and saving, you can also edit, add, and remove your passwords.

How to manage passwords on Opera's built-in manager?

Opera password manager works similarly to any other browser password manager. You can find all of its functions in Opera’s settings under Autofill in the Privacy & Security section.

Every time you log in to a website or create an account with a password, the browser will ask if you want to save it. You can accept or decline. To delete individual passwords, you’ll need to do it via the Passwords menu and to delete all passwords, you will need to do it via Clear browser data Advanced settings.

You can also export your Opera passwords as a CVS file. You can do it by clicking the three-dot menu under the Passwords tab in Autofill. You will need to enter your device’s password to allow exporting.

Is Opera password manager safe?

No, Opera password manager is not safe to use. It is unknown if your passwords stored in the Opera browser data are encrypted in any way, and who can see or access them. There is no accessible documentation on how Opera password manager keeps your passwords and other data safe.

Additionally, the Opera browser has been hacked in the past, with threat actors managing to get access to the Sync items, which include passwords and other information that Opera syncs between your devices.

Moreover, Opera password manager doesn’t have any security features of a reliable third-party password manager. There is no password generator, no tools to check the strength of your passwords, and if anything gets leaked, you might never know.

Therefore, getting a reliable password manager is crucial. Market-leading providers, such as NordPass, offer extensive security suites. With them, not only can you easily autofill your logins, but you can also fill out forms and credit card information. Most importantly, there are a lot of security features, like advanced encryption, Multi-factor authentication, data breach monitoring, and more.

What is the best free password manager for Opera?

Many good password managers offer free versions, and if you’re looking for a free but safe alternative to the Opera and Opera GX password managers, we have a few suggestions:

  1. NordPass – the free NordPass version gives you access to all applications and the Opera extension. The free extension will autofill your passwords, and you can view all of them. To install the browser extension, you must download the free desktop or mobile application first.
  2. RoboForm – this password manager has an excellent free version with a web application and a browser extension. You can autofill, add, and delete your passwords with ease both via the extension and the web application.


Putting everything together, it’s pretty evident that password manager for Opera is one of the fundamentals. Whether you’re exhausted from losing your logins, thinking of new complex passwords, or concerned about your online safety.

By choosing a premium password manager, such as NordPass, your level of comfort and protection are taken to the highest level. With it, you can generate new strong passwords, autofill and auto-save credentials for websites, apps, forms, and more. Not to mention advanced encryption used to mask your data.

Hopefully, this article has helped you decide whether to trust Opera browser password manager or choose a reliable password management service and which one.


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