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Mobile website builder – the top 5 website builders for mobile devices

Mobile phones are the world's most popular internet surfing devices. If you're looking to build a website, it should be designed from the ground up to work flawlessly on all mobile devices. For that, you'll need to find the right platform.

Mobile browsing is beating record numbers all across the world – with over 6 billion smartphones, it's how most people read their news, get their entertainment, and make their purchases. The way your website behaves on phones can make all the difference between staying and leaving or buying and not buying your product.

With the help of a mobile website builder, you can easily optimize your website to work flawlessly on all 6 billion devices – while helping your business grow and flourish.

Sounds good? Let's have a look at the best options out there.

Best mobile website builder – overview

  1. Wix – the best mobile website builder
  2. Squarespace – professional looking mobile website builder
  3. SITE123 – easy-to-use mobile website builder
  4. GoDaddy website builder – simple mobile website builder for business
  5. Weebly – mobile eCommerce website builder

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1. Wix – flexible mobile website builder

Features:Powerful mobile app, a wide variety of SEO options
Best for:Design and site-building freedom
Mobile app:Yes
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Wix is the most popular mobile website builder in the market, offering a massive array of possibilities. Not only is your site automatically adjusted for mobile viewing, but you can also customize your site right on a mobile device. This, altogether, makes it an excellent mobile website builder.

Building mobile websites with Wix

With over 700 templates, two distinctly different website editors, and a powerful mobile app, Wix is one of the best mobile website builder options out there.

But, before I get to whether these claims are legit or just hot air, let’s back up a tiny bit. It’s important to note that Wix has two types of builders – Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) and a regular editor.

wix choice of editors

Frankly, both editors are equally impressive, but they focus on different types of users, which is well explained in our Wix review. The ADI is ideal for beginners and those looking for a no-fuss way to get a site up. Here, you just plug in the answers to a few simple questions, and the system will generate a website for you in minutes.

Meanwhile, the regular editor is for those of you who are more ambitious. With this option, you start by selecting a template. Then, you’re free to customize with its drag-and-drop editor. You get far more control than ADI, but it also means that you’ll need to put in more effort and time.

Now, back to Wix’s mobile-optimization claims. I can confirm that Wix held up its end of the bargain and is definitely a candidate for the best mobile website builder. Let me explain why.

For starters, regardless of whether you opt for the ADI or the regular editor, your site is automatically optimized for mobile viewing. Everything from the layouts, images, and design to the text and elements are perfectly adjusted for smaller screens. There will be no pesky overlapping elements or compressed texts here.

wix app

But, that’s not all. Wix also allows you to switch to its mobile editor to customize your site for mobile view with just a click. And, you can just as easily switch back to the desktop editor, if need be.

wix desktop editor

But, be warned that while there are various functionalities available on Wix’s mobile editor, they aren’t as extensive as those available on its desktop one. Still, you can customize things like text sizes, hide/unhide elements, tweak the menu, and rearrange the layouts.

wix mobile site editing

Wix has a powerful mobile app, too. You can monitor stats, view analytics, and configure basic settings. But that’s pretty typical, right?

Well, beyond those common features, you can essentially create, manage, and grow your website right from the app alone. You don’t even need a computer to build with Wix.

creating a website with wix mobile app

Plus, the app allows for more specific features including:

  • Tracking orders and managing inventory.
  • Accepting and managing bookings for services.
  • Creating marketing campaigns.
  • Creating, managing, and sending invoices.
wix mobile app functions

Of course, these features are great for all types of websites. But, small business owners and those running eCommerce sites will definitely find these mobile app functionalities invaluable.

Let’s talk about Wix’s other appeals, too. For starters, the builder offers over 700 themes. And, yes, they’re all mobile-ready. This is great news for newbies and just about anyone who doesn’t want to use the ADI but still wants a springboard design-wise.

wix templates

You’d also be glad to know that the templates are very pleasing to the eye. Sleek, contemporary, and stunning – there are plenty of options whether you’re building a portfolio, an online store, or a business website.

Then, there’s Wix’s massive app store with over 250 solutions available. They are a blessing to business owners since the majority of these apps are designed to boost and complement business websites.

wix app market

A large number of these apps are free while some have both free and paid versions. Among them are Wix Stores, Instagram Feed, Mailchimp forms, and Google Ads.


The Wix mobile app is free, however, you do have to pick a plan for the website you want to build. Wix does offer a forever free plan, but it is on a .wixsite.com subdomain and is full of Wix's branding. For those two reasons, I would recommend looking into premium plans:

  • Combo ($16.00 a month) – 2 GB of storage, 0.5 video hours, no Wix ads on your site
  • Unlimited ($22.00 a month) – 5 GB of storage, 1 video hours, site booster app
  • Pro ($27.00 a month) – 50 GB of storage, 2 video hours, site booster app, visitor analytics app, events calendar app, and priority customer care
  • VIP ($45.00 a month) – 100 GB of storage, 5 video hours, professional logo, priority customer care
  • Business Basic ($27.00 a month) – 50 GB of storage, 5 video hours, customer accounts, secure online payments
  • Business Unlimited ($32.00 a month) – 100 GB of storage, 10 video hours, $300 ad voucher
  • Business VIP ($59.00 a month) – unlimited storage, unlimited video hours, customized reports

If you're looking into building a professional-looking site, the best plan to start with would be the Combo plan – it doesn't have any Wix ads and lets you connect your own domain. For something more advanced than basic website building, the Unlimited plan would be the best bet – it has more storage and a site booster app, however, you can't sell online with it. If you're looking for eCommerce functionality, you'll have to choose one of the Business plans.

Overall, it’s easy to see why Wix is often considered the best mobile website builder. Stunning, feature-rich, and powerful, Wix is perfectly optimized for mobiles.

2. Squarespace – excellent designs in a powerful mobile editor

Features:All-in-one business interface, built-in SEO options
Best for:Business management, website design
Mobile app:Yes
Current deal:Get up to 30% OFF Squarespace!

Squarespace is best known for its visually pleasing templates and built-in business features. Now match that with a powerful editor, letting you edit desktop and mobile versions simultaneously. Add a solid mobile website builder app to the mix for all your minor changes and business goal tracking. The final result is a functional mobile website builder, suitable for any modern small business.

Building mobile websites with Squarespace

A super popular website builder – Squarespace has made a name for itself with its clean, contemporary, and gorgeous mobile-friendly templates. These templates suit a variety of content types, including blogs, eCommerce, small business websites, and more.

squarespace template 1
squarespace template 2
squarespace template 3

The designs are mobile-optimized, with the content and elements of your site automatically adjusted according to the size of your visitor’s browser. Plus, the responsive design also means that your site will be rearranged for easier navigation.

Besides that, the templates are also customizable. And, the even better news is that Squarespace has a Device View tool to show what your site looks like on a mobile device. The Device View tool should also help test your site’s responsive design to see if the arrangement is to your liking

squarespace device view

On top of that, you can manage and customize your Squarespace site from its mobile app, too. While not all functionalities are available, the builder stuffs its app with tons of features. This includes:

  • Adding/editing layouts.
  • Adding/editing new blog posts.
  • Making style changes.
  • Managing SEO settings
  • Creating email marketing campaigns.
  • Monitoring and reviewing detailed statistics.
squarespace mobile editing

Now, oddly, Squarespace has an additional app – Squarespace Commerce – in addition to this main app. Here, you can use your mobile phone for a variety of things, including:

  • Scanning shipping labels.
  • Managing inventory.
  • Contacting customers.
  • Handling shipping.

I’m sure plenty of online businesses will find these features to be extremely helpful.

squarespace mobile ecommerce app

Having said that, I’d have preferred for these eCommerce features to be readily available in the main app. Of course, this might not be an issue for you at all.

Additionally, Squarespace also enables AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages – by default. The AMP integration creates a lightweight version of your site to help it load faster on mobile devices.

It’s also worth noting here that Squarespace is an extremely popular mobile website builder because it combines its impressive mobile optimization with loads of features. There are plenty of solutions for all categories but many features are business-focused to appeal to small businesses and online stores – this includes inventory management, customizable checkout, marketing analytics, and built-in SEO tools. The rest you can find in our Squarespace review.


When it comes to pricing, both the Squarespace Website Builder and the Squarespace Commerce apps are free. However, when it comes to building your site, Squarespace doesn't offer a free plan. The premium plans offered have these features:

  • Personal ($16.00 a month) – unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Business ($23.00 a month) – advanced analytics and eCommerce with a 3% fee
  • Basic Commerce ($27.00 a month) – customer accounts and professional emails as well as no fee for eCommerce
  • Advanced Commerce ($49.00 a month) – selling subscriptions and abandoned cart recovery

The Personal plan is perfect if you want to create a simple site, for example, a portfolio or a resume. If you want to try out selling online, I suggest staying away from the Business plan since it has a 3% transaction fee, meaning that you'll have to pay additional money to Squarespace from every product you sell. When it comes to online stores, both the Basic and Advanced Commerce plans are great options.

All in all, with its great optimization, captivating templates, and extensive features, Squarespace is the ideal mobile website builder for many – especially small businesses.

3. SITE123 – an easy mobile website builder

Features:Simple editor, SEO analysis tools
Best for:Beginners, one-person businesses
Mobile app:No
Current deal:SITE123 coupon 40% OFF!

Is the idea of editing both a desktop and a mobile website making you shiver? Do you just want to build a mobile-friendly website quickly, without having to worry about any intricate design changes? If so – SITE123 is a perfect option to go with. The themes automatically adapt to look great on mobile, and the editor itself lets you make all kinds of websites, with no previous knowledge or extra learning required.

Building mobile websites with SITE123

One of the most popular free mobile website builders, SITE123’s biggest boast is its ease of use. While its mobile-focused features are limited, you can quickly get a mobile-friendly site up with SITE123’s intuitive and simplistic platform. It’s a great fit for beginners and small business owners who want a no-fuss solution.

In case you miss it, or if it wasn’t obvious enough, SITE123 reminds you again and again that it’s easy to use. And, it’s absolutely not wrong. Let me explain why.

As you can probably glimpse from its name, you can get a SITE123 website up in just three steps. All you have to do is select your website type, upload and customize your content, and publish. And, the best thing is that your site will be mobile-friendly.

site123 type of website

This is because SITE123’s templates are responsive and mobile-friendly, hence, your site will automatically be adjusted according to your visitor’s device. What this means for you is that you can boost your visitor’s mobile user experience without even lifting a finger.

site123 templates

For this reason, SITE123 is the ideal mobile website builder if you’re new to the world of websites or simply want a basic mobile-optimized website. Plus, it’s also great for small business owners who are short on time and just want to get a site up fast – our SITE123 review focuses predominantly on that.

Besides that, SITE123 also stays true to its claim of being easy to use by allowing you to effortlessly switch between desktop, tablet, and mobile view while editing. With just a click, it simulates what your site would look like on different devices. You can also directly edit to ensure a better viewing experience for your visitors.

you can preview the look of your site123 website on different devices

My one complaint is SITE123’s lack of a mobile app. This is a bit of a letdown, especially for those who like to edit on the go.

Having said that, editing on the fly isn’t impossible with SITE123 – just slightly inconvenient. You can log in to your account with your phone browser and edit from there.

site123 mobile editing

And, truthfully, while this method lacks the seamlessness of a mobile app, it’s easy enough to edit because the interface is optimized for mobile devices. Plus, you get the same functionalities as you would editing from a desktop. So, I’m more than willing to forgive the fact that it doesn’t offer a mobile app.


SITE123 offers one free plan and five premium plans:

  • Free – 250 MB of storage, SITE123 floating tag
  • Basic ($12.80 a month) – 10 GB of storage, eCommerce functionality
  • Advanced ($11.88 a month) – 30 GB of storage, no ads, mailbox
  • Professional ($17.28 a month) – 90 GB of storage, 5 mailboxes
  • Gold ($20.88 a month) – 270 GB of storage, 10 mailboxes
  • Platinum ($45.00 a month) – 1000 GB of storage, 25 mailboxes

If you want to appear at least a tiny bit sophisticated, you'll have to forgo the free plan. It looks exactly how you imagine it to look – SITE123 ads, no custom domain, and just plain old unprofessional. Personally, I think that the Advanced plan is the best option SITE123 offers, especially when you look into the price and the features.

In brief, SITE123 is a solid mobile website builder that focuses on ease of use and user-friendliness.

4. GoDaddy website builder – simple mobile website builder for business

Features:InSight business assistant, SEO wizard
Best for:Small businesses, brick-and-mortar establishments
Mobile app:Region restrictions might apply
Current deal:Get up to 33% OFF GoDaddy website builder!

If a mobile phone is your business tool, GoDaddy website builder will be a perfect companion. It puts all the power in your hands – not only helping to build a website that's mobile-friendly but also letting you manage everything about your site and business from a mobile device.

Now, add some brilliant marketing features in the mix, and the whole story writes itself – GoDaddy website builder is an excellent mobile website builder for busy small business owners, and brick-and-mortar businesses looking to go online.

Building mobile websites with GoDaddy

A huge name in the industry, GoDaddy also offers a mobile-friendly website builder – Websites + Marketing. The builder is very popular, especially amongst small business owners, because of its rich business features. Most of these features are mobile-optimized and accessible via mobile devices.

On top of that, you can also switch device views when you’re editing your GoDaddy site. Here, you’ll be able to test and check what your site looks like on different devices. This should help to create a more comfortable mobile viewing experience for your visitors.

godaddy editing

However, unfortunately, you can’t directly edit when you’re using GoDaddy’s device views. Instead, the device views serve only as previews. Quite frankly, I find this to be frustrating because of the inevitable switching back and forth.

But, if you can overlook that, there’s another argument in favor of the builder’s mobile-friendliness: its handy GoDaddy app. The app packs quite a punch in terms of features and functionalities.

godaddy mobile app

In fact, you can do it all – build, edit, and manage your website – from the app alone. With the app, you can:

  • Setup your website.
  • Purchase domain.
  • Configure basic settings.
  • Create/edit blog posts.

But, as I’ve said before, these are very handy but also commonly-offered features. Well, don’t fret because the GoDaddy app offers even more advanced features – especially business-focused ones.

There are tons of business features you can access via the app, including:

  • Managing orders and appointments.
  • Monitoring metrics and analytics.
  • Managing social media accounts.
  • Adding products and services to online stores.
  • Managing business profiles on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more platforms.

But that's not all – we have a deeper look at GoDaddy's business features in our GoDaddy review.

Either way, the fact that you can manage and grow your site while on the fly, makes GoDaddy a favorite among those with a busy lifestyle.

But, there’s a catch – a huge one. GoDaddy’s app isn’t available in certain countries and regions. In that case, your best bet is to do it via your phone’s browser. Be warned, you do lose the effortlessness that comes with navigating a mobile app.

godaddy editing on a mobile device

However, the method does get the job done. You should have no problem customizing and managing your site while on the move.


The GoDaddy mobile app is free, but as always, you have to choose a website builder plan to be able to create a website. GoDaddy offers a simple pricing structure consisting of one free and four premium plans:

Basic ($9.99 a month) – unlimited storage, guidance, and analytics
Standard ($9.99 a month) – unlimited storage, one-time appointments
Premium ($14.99 a month) – unlimited storage, one-time group events, payments for appointments
Ecommerce ($16.99 a month) – unlimited storage, product listings, discounts, and promotional features

The Free plan that GoDaddy offers is very limited and suitable only for testing. If you want to create a simple personal site, you'd be good to go with the Basic plan. However, if you're looking into selling online, you'll have to scale up all the way to the Ecommerce plan.

All in all, GoDaddy’s mobile website builder is a very attractive option with its practical optimization and rich integration of business features.

5. Weebly – mobile eCommerce website builder

Features:Simple eCommerce tools
Best for:Small businesses, brick-and-mortar establishments
Mobile app:Yes
Current deal:Get up to 33% OFF Weebly!

Weebly, owned by the Square payment gateway, is a website builder focused on eCommerce websites. All of the themes are fully optimized for mobile use, and with a solid mobile app, you can track all of your business efforts wherever you are.

Building mobile websites with Weebly

Weebly has quite a bit of reputation and is known to be one of the most mobile-friendly website builders around. For starters, your Weebly site is automatically optimized for mobile devices.

Part of this is because of the builder’s responsive templates. Here, the templates will automatically adjust the display accordingly based on the size of the screen. So, your visitors will enjoy a seamless viewing experience regardless of whether they’re using a desktop or a mobile.

And, it’s also worth mentioning the aesthetic prowess of Weebly’s templates. While the selection isn’t exactly extensive, the available templates are sleek, fresh, and appealing.

weebly templates

On top of that, Weebly also makes mobile optimization simpler with its drag-and-drop editor – our extensive Weebly review will show you exactly that. Here, you can easily swap between desktop and mobile view with just a click. That will help to give you a taste of what your site looks like on devices. Plus, you can directly edit even when on mobile view.

weebly editor

But, for me, Weebly’s strength when it comes to mobile-friendliness is its app. The drag and drop mobile website builder app is powerful and extremely convenient – especially since it’s designed with busy online store owners in mind.

Like most of the builders in this list, Weebly’s app means that you don’t need a computer to create your site. With it, you can build and manage directly from your mobile device.

All the basic configurations and settings are accessible via the app. That includes:

  • Setting up a site.
  • Monitoring detailed stats including traffic patterns and referral traffic sources.
  • Utilizing Weebly’s drag-and-drop editor.
  • Posting/editing blog posts and comments.
weebly app

Since Weebly’s main focus is online stores, its app has full eCommerce functionality as well. Some of the most noteworthy features include:

  • Adding new products, photos, and prices.
  • Receiving notifications for new orders.
  • Tracking and responding to consumer inquiries.
  • One-click sharing to social media platforms.
  • Inventory and order management.

If you’re an online store owner, Weebly’s comprehensive range of eCommerce features on its app means that you can manage your entire shop via a mobile device. Naturally, with everything under one roof and accessible on the go, things are also a lot easier – especially for small business owners.


Weebly offers a free forever plan and a free mobile app for editing. However, the free plan is suited only for testing, as it is pretty limited and covered in Weebly's ads. Let's see what the premium plans have to offer:

  • Free – Website on Weebly’s subdomain, Weebly ads, 500MB storage.
  • Personal ($6.00/month) – connect personal domain, free SSL, basic marketing and unlimited items, in-store pickup, and more.
  • Professional ($12.00/month) – on top of the Personal plan's offerings it also removes Weebly ads, and includes unlimited storage and advanced site-building features.
  • Performance ($26.00/month) – everything from Professional plan, plus you can accept payments through PayPal.

While the Connect plan looks pretty appealing with its low price and ability to connect a personal domain, it still has Weebly ads – I would suggest straying away from this plan and look into at least Pro to appear more professional. If you want to test your look in online selling, I would recommend one of the Business plansthe Pro plan only allows you to add 25 items and has a 3% transaction fee.

All things considered, Weebly is a good option – especially for online store owners looking for an inexpensive mobile website builder with outstanding optimization.

Mobile website builder – conclusion

Ultimately, the best mobile website builder for you depends on your needs, preferences, and deal-breakers. The platform you choose for building your website can affect the quality of your work and how fast you’re able to turn your ideas into reality. So, let me quickly recap the strengths of each builder:

  • Wix – feature-rich and offers tons of mobile-friendly templates.
  • Squarespace – ideal for visually-focused sites with curated in-house features.
  • SITE123 – easy, intuitive, and free mobile website builder.
  • GoDaddy website builder – business-focused mobile website builder.
  • Weebly – user-friendly with great eCommerce features.

If you're looking for a good builder and you don't care all that much about it being able to edit your site on the go, check out our list of best website builders overall.

And, there you have it! These are some of the best mobile website builders out there. Each has its pros and cons, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find better builders than these contenders.

4.4 /5
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-37% OFF
4.6 /5
Special deal
-81% OFF
4.2 /5
Special deal
-40% OFF

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