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Hulu not working with a VPN in 2024? Try these 11 fixes

Hulu, with thousands of movies and shows available, is one of the most popular streaming platforms. However, it is geo-restricted to the United States and Japan only, so many people use VPNs to access Hulu from outside of these countries. Unfortunately, you can still experience issues of Hulu not working with a VPN.

This may happen due to several reasons, but one of the most common ones is an unreliable VPN. Hulu detects IP addresses provided by weak VPN clients and blocks them. That’s why you need to choose the right VPN, capable of unblocking Hulu.

Not all VPNs (even premium ones!) can unblock Hulu from outside the US or Japan. That’s why our Cybernews research team has tested 42 VPNs on the market to find the ones that still work well with Hulu. Due to this, you will be able to avoid the shoddy providers and choose a trustworthy VPN for Hulu. Here are some of the services to be aware of:

VPNs that don’t unblock Hulu
Private Internet Access VPN

With powerful unblocking capabilities, thousands of servers worldwide, and excellent IP leak prevention, we suggest using NordVPN to access Hulu from anywhere. If you still encounter issues, read on to find 11 easy fixes to the Hulu not working with a VPN issue, as suggested by our research team.

Why Hulu might not work with a VPN?

The most significant reason why Hulu might not work with a VPN is because the platform has a strong VPN detection mechanism. This means that regardless of choosing a VPN with US servers, you may still be unable to enjoy your favorite shows and movies. However, there are a few more reasons, so let’s have a closer look at our detailed list:

  • Hulu detects your VPN usage. Sometimes, a weak VPN might be the culprit. Hulu can detect your VPN usage by noticing an IP address that is on its blacklist or if your VPN leaks your real IP address. To avoid this, you need a trusted VPN that will hide the fact that you’re accessing the platform with a VPN and prevent data leaks.
  • IP blacklist. VPNs can give the same IP address to multiple users. Due to this, it is not unusual for the streaming services to detect this and block such an IP. It’s best to use a VPN with thousands of servers so you can switch to another server if one is blocked.
  • Weak unblocking abilities. It might be the case that your VPN has weak unblocking capabilities. As a result, the client won’t be able to get around the geo-restrictions that Hulu imposes, as it lacks crucial resources. Always check the unblocking abilities of the VPN you are considering to use.
  • Wrong server. As Hulu works only in the US, make sure you’re connected to a US server. If you connect to a server in another country, you won’t gain access to the platform’s content.
  • Your IP address and device’s location differ. If your device’s location is different to your IP address’, Hulu can detect this and block your access regardless of your VPN usage. Make sure you set your device’s location to US as well as connect to a US server.
  • Browser cookies and cache. Cookies help the browser optimize your content based on your online searches. However, this can be an issue when using Hulu with a VPN, as cookies often collect and store information about your actual location. That’s why it’s best to clear your browser’s cookies and cache before trying to use Hulu with a VPN.
  • IP and DNS leaks: IP and DNS leaks contain information about your actual location. Due to this, they are one of the main indicators that you’re trying to hide the fact of using a VPN. Use a trustworthy streaming VPN that comes with a kill switch feature that will prevent IP and DNS leaks.

VPNs that still work with Hulu in 2024

As you’re already aware, not all VPNs work with Hulu. That’s why we decided to help you make an informed decision and established a list of the top 3 VPNs that unblock Hulu without any issues. In order to come up with the list, we tested 42 VPN providers and checked their unblocking capabilities, security features, speed, and more. Based on our test results, here are the best VPNs to unblock Hulu:

How to fix Hulu not working with a VPN: 11 ways

Is Hulu not working with a VPN? We have 11 easy fixes for you. These tips will help you get around the issue regardless of the reason behind it. So, let’s get into more details!

Switch VPN servers

Hulu implements strict VPN detection practices that allow it to block IP addresses that VPN providers usually grant you. More precisely, Hulu experts have been monitoring the most common IPs used when trying to access geo-restricted content. These IP addresses get blacklisted, which immediately blocks your access to the platform if you’re using such an IP.

That’s why we recommend you use a reliable VPN that has multiple servers in the US. If one IP is blacklisted, connecting to another server will give you a new one, which will help you unblock Hulu. Our go-to solution is NordVPN. This provider has an extensive server fleet that counts 1,970+ US servers.

NordVPN US servers map

As a result, if one server doesn’t bypass the geo-blocks, you will be able to switch your VPN server and use another IP.

Delete your browser’s cache and cookies

Cache and cookies are helpful for seeing content that you may be interested in. But did you know that they contain data that may reveal your location? In other words, if you’re outside the US, Hulu can detect this just by your browser’s cookies and cache.

Luckily, you can delete your browser’s cache and cookies in no time and access Hulu without any issues. Let’s see how you can do this:

  1. Open the browser you’re using and navigate to the menu in the upper right corner. On Chrome, it’s three vertical dots. Click on them
  2. Find More Tools and click on Clear browsing data
  3. Then expand the Time range drop-down menu and select All Time
  4. Tick all of the boxes that appear, such as Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files Cookies and Cache
  5. Delete your cache and cookies by clicking on Clear data at the bottom

Update your VPN client

An outdated VPN client may cause issues when you’re trying to unblock Hulu. The main reason for this is that outdated software often causes compatibility issues, which restrict your access to the blocked content. Ensure you’re using the latest version of your VPN software.

Activate the kill switch and DNS leak protection

DNS queries and IP addresses are the main factors that could be blocking your access to Hulu. More precisely, they can reveal your actual location and cause Hulu to prevent you from using it. Luckily, many VPNs offer features like a kill switch and DNS leak protection.

You can check for potential leaks on websites such as ipleak.net or dnsleaktest.com. All you have to do is make sure the kill switch and DNS leak protection are turned on:

  1. Open your VPN’s settings (we use NordVPN)
  2. Toggle the button Internet Kill Switch on NordVPN kill switch features
  3. Tick the two boxes below the button

Restart your streaming device

In some cases, none of the fixes show results, and a simple restart does the trick. You just need to restart your streaming device or computer, connect to a US server on your VPN, open Hulu again, and try to watch your favorite movie or TV show.

Switch VPN protocols

VPN protocols are there to help you with fast data transmission and stable encryption of traffic and data at all times. Unfortunately, the default VPN protocol may not always work with Hulu. Luckily, you can manually choose another VPN protocol that will potentially help you bypass Hulu geo-restrictions. You can do this in three easy steps on NordVPN:

  1. Open the VPN’s settings
  2. Navigate to Connection
  3. Experiment with different VPN protocols within your VPN client, as certain protocols may perform better with Hulu Demonstration how to change protocol in NordVPN

Check your internet connection

If you have a weak internet connection, it may cause difficulties in unblocking Hulu. Try to disconnect and reconnect to your Wi-Fi to troubleshoot potential internet connection issues. You can even restart your internet router.

Examine antivirus and firewall settings

Firewalls and antivirus software can sometimes interfere with VPN connections. So, it’s good to check whether this is the reason that Hulu is not working with your VPN. Temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall. Then, if this solves the issue, add your VPN to the “Allow list” in order to prevent similar problems in the future.

Flush DNS

DNS cache stores IP address mappings to speed up web browsing. However, it can also leak your real location to Hulu. Luckily, you can easily flush the DNS to remove any location indicators.

Flush DNS on Windows:

  1. Open Command Prompt as an administrator
  2. Type in the Terminal ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter Flushing DNS via Command Prompt

Flush DNS on macOS:

  1. Open the Terminal
  2. Type in sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  3. Press Enter (you might need to enter your password)

Reach out to your VPN support

If the problem of VPN not working with Hulu persists, contact your VPN provider’s customer support. The expert team should guide you through the process by explaining all the necessary steps you need to implement. On top of that, they may even offer specific recommendations for accessing Hulu or warn you of any ongoing server maintenance.

Consider switching to a better VPN provider

Although you may use a fairly good VPN, it might still not unblock Hulu. Also, keep in mind that free VPNs don’t provide the best unblocking capabilities because of their small server infrastructure with potential overcrowding, and IP pools may not be updated quickly enough. So try to avoid using free providers.

Find a premium VPN with strong unblocking and streaming capabilities. A reliable VPN will not only gain access to Hulu in no time, but will also provide an additional layer of security and privacy. According to our research, the best option for unblocking Hulu is NordVPN.

Access Hulu with NordVPN seamlessly
NordVPN has a huge server fleet spanning the US, as well as robust encryption, top-notch security features, and lightning-fast speeds. With its live customer support 24/7, any issues will be solved promptly, and you’ll be able to unblock Hulu in no time.
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How Hulu detects VPN

Hulu detects VPN usage because of its robust detection technology. More precisely, it can detect an IP address that comes from a VPN, if it was previously blacklisted, or if your VPN isn’t robust enough to prevent IP leaks. Therefore, if Hulu detects your VPN usage, you will not be able to access the platform.

Hulu not working with ExpressVPN

Let’s delve into more details about how Hulu blocks VPNs:

  • IP addresses. Most streaming platforms, including Hulu, have a blacklist of IP addresses that are linked to VPN services. Hulu monitors user IP addresses and can detect unusual traffic patterns, such as numerous different accounts attempting to connect from a single IP. Or vice versa, streaming services can analyze user behavior patterns, such as connection speed, location changes, and the use of multiple IP addresses within a short period of time. Once Hulu identifies such behavior, it reveals that you may use a VPN to access its content and proceeds to blacklist those IP addresses.
  • Encrypted traffic. Hulu, as well as other streaming services, can detect encrypted traffic, including VPN usage, and block it. This is because specific VPN protocols and ports are commonly known, contributing to restrictions by streaming providers. Moreover, certain streaming services utilize Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), a technique to examine data packets that are transmitted on the network.
  • IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks. Your VPN provider encrypts all data associated with your actual location, such as your IP address and DNS. However, VPN interruptions may lead to revealing your true IP address, DNS, or WebRTC information to Hulu. Therefore, the streaming platform can identify and examine such leaks and block your access.


Hulu is geo-restricted only to the US and Japan, so many users outside these regions use a VPN to unblock it. Unfortunately, even VPNs sometimes struggle to bypass geo-blocks. This is because Hulu effectively detects and blocks VPN usage.

However, there are a few possible fixes for the issue of Hulu not working with a VPN. But the best and most effective one is getting a reliable Hulu VPN, such as NordVPN. It has multiple servers in the US and allows you to get a dedicated IP address that Hulu won’t perceive as suspicious. Besides, it adds an additional layer of security to your online activities.

Alternatively, you can clear the browser’s cookies, update your software, turn off your ad blocker, or try other methods that we've provided in this article.


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