Apple lays off 600+ employees after autonomous car cancellation – media

Apple has axed over 600 jobs after the company canceled its self-driving car project.

After a 10-year effort, Apple has closed Project Titan, which was dedicated to developing Apple’s own autonomous vehicle. Along with the project, many jobs have been lost during the transition.

The tech giant will supposedly axe more than 600 jobs in California after the car and smartwatch display projects were ended, Bloomberg reports.

The state was notified, and several reports were filed with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) program, which is mandatory in California.

According to Bloomberg, a company must file a report documenting each Californian address that involves employees affected by the termination.

The news outlet reports that roughly 87 individuals worked at a covert facility that involved screen development. The other employees were affiliated with addresses related to the autonomous car project, otherwise known as Project Titan.

The termination of this project marks the end of Apple’s multibillion-dollar effort to create its first autonomous vehicle, an exploit that could have launched the company into an entirely new industry.

As previously reported, the company was unsure how many of the 2,000 secret project employees would be affected by the change.

Many were thought to be transferred to the Artificial Intelligence division, whereas others may be expected to apply for alternative roles inside the company.

Before the announcement, there were talks of Apple potentially entering the robotics industry, specifically looking into a robot that follows an individual around their home, Bloomberg reports.

Many employees from various big tech companies have experienced layoffs this year.

Sony cut 900 PlayStation employees in February 2024, and various other companies have followed suit.

Twitch, Amazon Prime Video, and Google all started the year with mass cuts. So far this year, more than 30 companies have reported a reduction in their workforce

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