Apple TV+ might soon be officially available in China

The internet in China might be an entirely separate ecosystem compared to the American version, but Apple TV+ could soon become the first US streamer officially available in the country.

Apple is getting ready to launch Apple TV+ in China and has already held talks with China Mobile to offer subscriptions through the latter telecom giant’s set-top boxes, The Information first reported.

Most major streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, or Max have global ambitions but China’s tight content regulations make it almost impossible to operate as a foreign media company in the country.

All these streamers are blocked in China and cannot distribute their content directly. However, this might soon not be a problem for Apple TV+ – as The Information reports, the platform’s content can soon be available in China, and Apple and China Mobile would split the revenue from the arrangement.

To be fair, a deal, even if reached, would likely not allow for the iPhone TV app to include Apple TV+ content in the region. Still, Apple TV+ would become the first major US streaming platform available in China.

The tech giant reportedly wanted to announce the partnership in 2023 but the negotiations took their time – in fact, they’re probably ongoing as there’s no official announcement yet.

The monthly subscription fee would probably be far cheaper than in the US or any other Western country. For instance, Apple Music costs less than $2 per month compared to the $10.99 price in America.

The Information’s report says the prices would be lower due to weaker consumer pricing power and the fact that most of Apple’s content is English-centric. The most popular streamer in China is iQyi, often dubbed the Netflix of China, but it mainly shows Asian shows and movies.

However, even though the subscription price would be lower, the potential economic rewards are surely tempting. China Mobile has more than 200 million paying broadband customers.