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Attacker claims Volvo suffered a data breach

A threat actor is allegedly selling sensitive data, including information on vehicles the company sells to law enforcement.

Somebody has posted an ad on a popular hacking forum, claiming they are selling sensitive data of the Swedish manufacturing giant Volvo.

The threat actor behind the ad insists that the company fell victim to a ransomware attack in late December. However, the attacker decided to sell the data instead, being convinced that Volvo would not pay the ransom.

Volvo breach
Announcement on the hacker forum. Image by Cybernews.

The company said it was aware of an alleged breach and is conducting internal investigation.

"The company has not been approached with a ransom demand. Based on information available, the company does not currently see an impact on its business or operations," Volvo's representative told Cybernews.

The leak supposedly includes sensitive data, such as access to several of the company’s databases, WiFi points and logins, employee lists, software keys, and other sensitive information.

Interestingly, the attacker included screenshots of supposedly stolen information that show information about vehicles the company sells to law enforcement agencies, primarily in Europe.

Threat actors have set a relatively modest price of $2,500 for the dataset, signaling the information might not be as sensitive as the seller would like it to be.

If confirmed, the breach would be the second Volvo has experienced in less than 18 months. In late 2021, the company said a “limited amount” of the company’s R&D property had been stolen during the intrusion.

Earlier this week, Toyota Motor's Indian business said it might have exposed some customers' personal information.

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