German fuel supplier declares force majeure after a cyberattack

A major German fuel supplier has declared force majeure following a cyber incident that affected its IT systems.

The attack targeted Oiltanking GmbH Group and Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG (Mabanaft) Group. The companies are two subsidiaries of the Hamburg group Marquard & Bahls. Oiltanking operates a total of 13 tank farms and includes a variety of medium-size customers, as well as larger companies, such as Shell.

A German news outlet Handelsblatt that first broke the news, suggested that “all of Oiltanking's loading and unloading systems are paralyzed.” The attack seems to have affected the automated systems used for filling and emptying fuel storage tanks across 13 German facilities, according to Computer Weekly.

Oiltanking has released a statement, stating that they continue their global operations, but German terminals are operating with limited capacity.

“Oiltanking Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG terminals are operating with limited capacity and have declared force majeure. Mabanaft Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG has also declared force majeure for the majority of its inland supply activities in Germany.”

According to another German newspaper, Der Spiegel, there is currently no risk of supply interruptions in the fuel industry in Germany, as 26 companies occupy the market.

Shell, one of the company’s biggest customers, has furtherly stated it will be re-routing oil supplies to alternative depots while they are working to resolve the issue.

“We are committed to resolving the issue and minimizing the impact as quickly and effectively as possible. We will be keeping our customers and partners informed and provide updates as soon more information becomes available,” the official statement says.

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