High-tech bomb disposal robots to the rescue in the UK

The British Army is buying high-tech bomb disposal robots for £21 million ($26.25 million) to provide “greater protection for soldiers and the public.”

The army is buying 50 T4 bomb disposal robots from Tewkesbury-based L3 Harris Technologies, which will help in bomb and hazardous material disposal operations.

T4 is said to be adept at navigating narrow urban spaces, trains, buses, and climbing stairs.

“Advanced controls, high-definition cameras, and lightning-fast datalinks will enable the operator of the T4 to perform complex tasks like unzipping bags and opening glove boxes from a safe distance,” the British government said.

The UK plans to increase defense spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2030.

T4 weighs approximately 100 kg – three times less than its bigger brother T7 UGV, meaning that it will be possible to transport it in a standard vehicle.

Both the T4 and T7 UGV use ‘advanced haptic feedback,’ essentially meaning that their operators can disarm devices from a safe distance.

“The T4 EOD robots are the world’s most capable robot for operations in crowded and difficult environments like subways, airports, and even hospitals,” Ed Zoiss, L3 Harris president, said.

“These highly advanced, durable robots provide best-in-class mobility and uncompromised performance to protect human lives.”

The first T4 units are expected to be delivered by the end of 2024.