Insurance giant AON hacked

A multinational company that offers cybersecurity services has itself fallen victim to a hacking attack over the weekend. It is not yet known who was responsible.

Professional services and insurance giant AON said the February 25 attack had affected a “limited” number of systems, declining to provide further details.

It added that it had launched an inquiry into the incident, which “has not had a significant impact on the company’s operations.” Its investigation would involve “third-party advisors.”

On the cybersecurity solutions page of its website, AON offers “a comprehensive enterprise security plan” to help clients “protect critical assets.” The company is also involved in business and healthcare insurance, reinsurance, risk solutions, and wealth management.

Reporting on the incident, Bleeping Computer cited an industry source, saying: “In reinsurance, it is common to receive data dumps of other insurers' clients when underwriting a policy. This makes AON an attractive target for threat actors who commonly steal corporate data during cyberattacks.”

With a turnover valued at $12.2billion last year, the British-American firm employs 5,000 people worldwide, any of whom could potentially have been affected by the cyberattack.

Another insurance giant CNA was forced to pay a $40m ransom to cybercrime syndicate Evil Corp last year after it exfiltrated company data and threatened to leak it.

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Peter Kühnel
prefix 2 years ago
Aon employs 50,000 people!
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