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InvestDEFY launches Equal Weighted Metaverse + Web 3.0 NFT index for investors

Decentralized finance (DeFi), Web 3.0 projects, and non-fungible tokens (NFT) might be an excellent investment opportunity if you know where to start.

Investment opportunities reach beyond traditional stocks, such as bonds, cash, equity shares, and real estate. Investors have also been betting on various crypto assets for quite some time. Crypto might be a high-yield investment, but it is volatile and risky as well. Many investors also want to have a stake in Web 3.0, dubbed the next internet revolution, and NFTs.

There’s plenty of information on the web about what projects to watch out for in 2022, such as which metaverse tokens are worth your attention in the near future. But the amount of information can simply overwhelm a crypto rookie.

Companies have been introducing different indexes to help investors looking for higher returns and unorthodox assets to address the increasingly complex investment realm.

On Tuesday, InvestDEFY launched two indexes: Equal Weighted Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Equal Weighted Metaverse + Web 3.0 NFT.

The Equal Weighted DeFi Index replicates the top 10 smart contract-enabled blockchains powering DeFi and the top 10 DeFi projects built with blockchain technology. The company claims that since the index was soft-launched on July 9, 2021, it boasted an 88.5% return to December 31, 2021, versus Ethereum with a 72.7% return over the same period.

The Equal Weighted Metaverse + Web 3.0 NFT Index replicates the top 10 Metaverse projects and the top 10 Web 3.0 & NFT platforms powering digital asset ownership. Among the 10 metaverse projects included in the index are SAND (Sandbox token), MANA (Decentraland), GALA (Gala Games), AXS (Axie Infinity game), and others.

As for Web 3.0, projects like CHZ (Chiliz), THETA, and ENS (Ethereum Name Service) are included in the index.

“There is a ton of money on the sidelines waiting to successfully get into the market, but individual investors and institutions are overwhelmed with where to start,” Aaron Samsonoff, CSO and Co-Founder at InvestDEFY, is quoted in a press release. “The complexities of allocation, execution and custody of funds is daunting, and that’s where InvestDEFY comes in – to make exposure simple and effective. Our key differentiator is the ability to engineer unique, sophisticated structured products, powered by custom-designed tech that has been built over the last four years.”

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