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Meta files a first joint lawsuit against a Facebook phishing scam

Facebook and Instagram owner filed a joint lawsuit over phishing attacks on its social media networks. The lawsuit is the first joint complaint between Meta and a financial services company.

Meta announced it was filing a complaint against two Nigerian-based individuals who engaged in phishing attacks to deceive people online and gain access to their online financial accounts.

Chime is a San Francisco-based fintech company focusing on mobile banking services.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants used Facebook and Instagram to impersonate Chime, a US-based financial services provider.

Cybercriminals allegedly set up fake Chime-branded websites with the aim to phish for victims’ financial data. Once the victims entered their credentials on phishing sites, threat actors would use the information to steal their funds.

“To conceal their activities, the defendants used a network of computers to control over 800 impersonating Facebook and Instagram accounts and evade technical enforcement measures,” Jessica Romero, Meta’s Director of Platform Enforcement and Litigation, said in a blog post.

The company claims that since June 2020, it has taken several prior enforcement actions against the defendants, including disabling Facebook and Instagram accounts, blocking impersonating domains on its services, and sending cease and desist letters.

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