Microsoft pushes for Copilot with a new dedicated keyboard key

Windows 11 laptops and PCs are about to get a new keyboard layout, which includes a dedicated key for Copilot, an app that Microsoft describes as an AI companion integrated into its other apps. This change will be the biggest on Windows for almost 30 years.

New devices that include the updated keyboards are expected to appear in late February through Spring, including the upcoming Microsoft Surface devices. Microsoft expects its ecosystem partners to demonstrate many new PCs over the coming days leading up to and at CES, an annual trade show.

“We believe it will empower people to participate in the AI transformation more easily. The Copilot key joins the Windows key as a core part of the PC keyboard and when pressed, the new key will invoke the Copilot in Windows experience to make it seamless to engage Copilot in your day to day,” Microsoft writes in a blog post.

The last big update of the standard PC keyboard was nearly 30 years ago when Microsoft introduced the Windows key.

Microsoft expects Copilot to be at the center of its products, “reinventing the way people search” in Bing, which has a 3.2% market share, “unlocking productivity” for Microsoft 365, which is a product family for office and productivity, and unlocking other personalized AI experiences.

“We’ve listened to feedback and doubled down to create an experience that helps people every day,” Microsoft said.

The tech giant also noted that the availability of the Copilot feature varies by market and device, and it requires a Microsoft account to log in. If the feature is not available for Windows or not enabled, the dedicated key will launch Search instead.

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