New York launches cybersecurity coordination hub

New York unveiled the new state-wide Joint Security Operations Center (JSOC) to bolster the state's ability to defend against the growing cyber threats.

JSOC, headquartered in Brooklyn, will function as the hub for coordinating cybersecurity efforts across New York State, helping to foster collaboration among city, state, and federal entities.

"Technology runs our water, controls our electricity, and notifies us during an emergency, so cyberattacks have the ability to bring our entire city to a halt if we are not prepared. Our city is a prime target for those who want to cause destruction," New York City Mayor Eric Adams is quoted in a press release.

The JSOC will be staffed by the New York City Cyber Command (NYC3), federal and state law enforcement entities, and local and county governments representatives. It will centralize the telemetry data to help access and monitor potential business in real-time and streamline threat intelligence and responses in case of a significant cyberattack.

"Cybersecurity threats pose a risk to every facet of our lives. That's why I put improving our cyber infrastructure at the forefront of my administration as we chart a course to better protect our state and our citizens," New York Governor Kathy Hochul is quoted in a press release.

In 2017, New York City created NYC3. It coordinates the city's cyber defenses across more than 100 agencies and offices — helping monitor, deter, and respond to potential cyber threats.

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