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Russian streaming giant suffers a massive data leak affecting 44m users

Russia's major streaming platform START suffered a major data leak, impacting its 44 million users.

A Telegram channel known as Information Leaks first disclosed the breach, saying that a 72 GB database containing information on 43,937,127 users worldwide can now be found in open access.

The streaming company said on Telegram that the leaked information in the database is not completely up to date, with the data in it dating back to 2021.

Although START claimed that “the database is not of great interest to attackers,” it includes emails and phone numbers used for logging in.

“There are no open passwords, browsing history, and most importantly, there are no bank card data and other financial information in the database,” START said. It also notified users that there is no need to change passwords on this occasion.

However, Information Leaks said that stolen data is much more varied in nature and includes first/last name, email address, hashed password, IP address, country, start/end date of subscription, or last login.

START is a subscription-based international streaming service with subscribers in 174 countries co-owned by MegaFon, Russia’s second-largest mobile phone operator.

It currently remains unclear who is responsible for the attack.

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