UK engineering company Vesuvius hit by cyberattack

British molten metal flow engineering company Vesuvius is currently managing a cyberattack following unauthorized access to its systems.

According to the company’s statement, after learning about unauthorized activity on its networks, Vesuvius “has taken the necessary steps to investigate and respond to the incident, including shutting down affected systems.”

Vesuvius is working with various cyber experts to identify the scope and potential impact of the incident. This includes the impact on production and contract fulfillment.

“We are taking steps to comply with all relevant regulatory obligations in light of the information that emerges from our ongoing investigations,” the company announced.

It yet remains unclear who stands behind the attack and whether any data was stolen or encrypted.

Lately, major British corporations and firms have been hit by cyberattacks. As such, earlier this year, Royal Mail Group was crippled by a cyber incident, leaving it temporarily unable to dispatch items overseas.

In February, another attack on a key software supplier Ion caused severe disruption for trading in the City of London. The incident is believed to be associated with LockBit – a hacking group with Russian ties.

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