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UK water supplier with over a million customers hit by cyberattack

The UK water supplier South Staffordshire PLC (the parent company of South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water) with over a million customers was hit by a “criminal cyberattack.”

According to South Staffordshire PLC’s statement, the incident did not affect its ability to supply safe water, and the supplier continues to serve its Cambridge Water and South Staffs Water customers.

However, the company is still experiencing disruptions across its networks.

“We are experiencing disruption to our corporate IT network and our teams are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. It is important to stress that our customer service teams are operating as usual,” the company’s statement reads.

South Staffordshire PLC continues working with the authorities.

“We are working closely with the relevant government and regulatory authorities and will keep them, as well as our customers, updated as our investigations continue,” the statement concludes.

The news comes shortly after a ransomware group Clop announced that it had hacked one of the largest utility companies in the UK (serving over 15 million customers) known as Thames Water. Cybercriminals claimed that they gained access to 5TB of data and could potentially change the chemical composition of the company’s water supply. They also criticized the company’s security posture, saying that other threat actors could do even more harm.

Thames Water denied these claims in a public statement: “We are aware of reports in the media that Thames Water is facing a cyber attack. We want to reassure you that this is not the case and we are sorry if the reports have caused distress.”

Some speculate that Clop used data it retrieved from South Staffordshire PLC to extort Thames Water, but no confirmations have yet been received.

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