Chart-topping fake Threads app taken down by Apple

Apple has taken down a fake Threads app in Europe, which was topping the charts of the most downloaded apps.

According to the cybersecurity firm and iOS developer Mysk, Apple has suspended the account of fake app developer completely.

All apps by SocialKit LTD have been removed. Among those were apps called ChatGP, SelfMe: Selfie AI Face Editor, Remove Background Eraser, and more.

Threads has more than 100 million downloads since Meta launched the rival app to Twitter earlier this month. However, Meta hasn’t released Threads in the European Union, a 27-country bloc of 448 million people, over its strict privacy laws.

“Statistically, exactly 0% of iOS users looking for Threads in the EU have downloaded the right app. If app sideloading was possible, the percentage of EU users downloading the right app would certainly be greater than 0%,” Mysk tweeted earlier.

The fake Threads app was dominating App Stores in EU and other European states. It took the number one position in Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Currently, the original Threads app from Instagram takes second place among the top free apps in the US, beaten only by Remini-AI Photo Enhancer.

Cybercriminals are busy trying to cash in by mimicking the new social media app with over 700 phony domain names emerging in a single day, Cybernews reported.

“As the popularity of Meta’s Threads app continues to rise, attackers are capitalizing on the excitement to carry out malicious activities,” said cybersecurity analyst Veriti. “By creating a large number of suspicious domains, they aim to deceive users and distribute malware.”

Users, especially Europeans, should beware of knock-off Threads downloads, as they’re often used for installing malware or phishing attacks. Veriti urges early adopters of Threads to exercise due caution at all times and to only download the app from trusted sources.

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