We helped a retiree win back her money from a PayPal-UPS scam - and uncovered a network of 39 scam sites

Retiree Isabelle Taylor, who is on a fixed income, unknowingly fell for a scam when she tried to buy vitamins online. When she went to PayPal to report the fraud and get her money back, they denied the claim. Luckily, after she contacted CyberNews, PayPal returned her money as a “goodwill refund.”

However, when we began to dig into the scam site that stole her money in the first place, we found that it’s actually just one member of a network of scam sites all purporting to sell vitamins and other nutritional supplements. This CyberNews investigation looks into the aspects of this group and what we can learn from them.

Watch the video below to get a quick version of the story, or read further for all the details:

PayPal-UPS Tracking Number Scam: 39 Scam Sites Uncovered
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Falling for the scam

On April 1, 2020, Isabelle Taylor was intrigued by three products from the nutrition supplement company Garden of Life on a website called gardenoflifego.com. They were discounted at a great price – while normally she’d have to pay about $125, this store was selling them for less than $80.

Isabelle Taylor fell for the PayPal-UPS scam in early April.

She didn’t consider anything strange about the transaction. “Nothing on this website stood out as suspicious to me,” Taylor told CyberNews. “However, I remember thinking that Garden of Life is owned by Nestlé, so there must be an agreement between the two of them, to allow the website owner’s use of the ‘Garden of Life’ name.”

Within minutes of paying with PayPal, the seller provided her with a UPS tracking number for her package. The only problem? The UPS tracking number was for a product that had already been delivered days earlier.

The UPS tracking number was for a product that had already been delivered five days earlier.

When Taylor received the tracking number, she checked it on UPS’ website. She discovered something odd: the tracking number was for an item that had been sent ten days earlier, and delivered five days before Taylor even ordered the Garden of Life products.

Immediately, she tried calling the seller, but the number didn’t work. Next, she tried emailing them but never received a response. She went to file a fraud case on PayPal, but discovered there was no fraud filing at all, so instead she filed an unauthorized use case, and waited for help that never came.

When she went to check back on the seller’s website, it was no longer working. Even worse, PayPal refused to refund her because the seller had provided them with a tracking number – the one that was for an older item – and they sided with the seller.

A few months later, Taylor contacted us after reading our article on how the 73-year-old former technician John Richards was able to beat scammers from stealing his money in a complex PayPal-Facebook scam.

“Being a grandmother, a volunteer and a young retiree on a fixed income,” Taylor told CyberNews, “I have to be wise in my monthly purchases.”

When we contacted PayPal, a spokesperson told CyberNews:

“In this case, Ms Taylor opened a Buyer Protection claim when her purchase didn’t arrive. When we consulted the seller, they were able to provide tracking information, and as a result we rejected her claim. Given the time that has passed, we are no longer able to verify Ms Taylor’s claims in relation to this tracking information being suspicious. However, we have issued a goodwill refund to bring the dispute to a positive resolution.”

While Taylor is happy to have her money back, she is disappointed in how PayPal dealt with the entire affair. “Through every step of my claim process, I felt PayPal failed me as a customer.”

"Through every step of my claim process, I felt PayPal failed me as a customer.”

Isabelle Taylor

Following the scammers

The original scam site that stole Taylor’s money, gardenoflifego.com, had already been taken down by the time she approached CyberNews. However, there was an archived version of the site available on the Wayback Machine.

Unfortunately, the archived version of the site did not include the address and phone number Taylor claimed did not work when she tried to call them. A search on our side for those contact details proved fruitless.

But when we analyzed the site, we noticed there were a few aspects that could lead us to find more information about the scammer or their operation. The archived Terms of Service page led us to a very specific address in Atlanta, Georgia:

When we searched for this address, we came across another site – colovitamins.com – that had the same address in its Terms of Service page. This live site also sold Garden of Life and other nutritional supplement products. However, it did not appear to be officially connected to the nutritional supplement company at all, even though it had the Garden of Life logo and details in the site’s footer.

Beyond that, colovitamins.com seemed to be a duplicate site of gardenoflifego.com. We ran its IP address through the VirusTotal Graph and discovered that there were 37 websites on the same server that appear to be connected to this cluster of scam sites. There also seem to be related malicious files (seen on the right side of the graph below, in red).

VirusTotal Graph visualization of the apparent scam cluster

We then noticed that a lot of the sites were connected to a site called “vitamincheapest.com”. Many of the sites either still have the logo for VitaminCheapest, or contain the email address “[email protected]”. When we searched for these keywords, we were able to add another 16 sites to the 37 discovered through the VirusTotal tool, for a total of 53 sites.

While some of these don’t seem to be directly related to fake online shops, we’ve identified 39 fraudulent sites claiming to sell Garden of Life products, as well as some dog food and book resellers, that we believe are also scam sites.

After analyzing all the live sites from the scam cluster, we noticed that these fake Garden of Life/supplement sites have a few standard features. Design-wise, they have footers that explicitly show the Garden of Life logo, and their site logos use a similar style of “vitamin” or health-related blue and green icons.

The scam site that stole Taylor’s money, gardenoflifego.com, had the following logo:

Two other sites within the scam cluster followed the same blue and green design idea, although they simply used the same logo:



Much like with the gardenoflifego.com site, the contact information included in the footer of these sites appear fraudulent – the phone number was invalid and the email went undelivered:

Beyond that, these sites share the same text. They have the same legal documents – the privacy policies, terms of use, and even FAQs are copy-paste versions of each other. The only change is the name of the store that the legal documents are on.

The duplicate Terms of Service pages on the other sites also have the same Atlanta, Georgia address:



The Atlanta address appears to belong to a multi-unit home, which likely does not have any connection to the scammers.

We notified the scam site’s hosting provider, Leaseweb USA, of their phishing activities but haven’t received any response from the hosting provider yet. Nonetheless, it seems that Leaseweb has now taken one of the remaining live scam sites offline.

Unfortunately, the majority of the domains that had initially been taken down seem to have found different hosting providers and are back online. The scam group has now redesigned their websites from being vitamin and supplement-related online stores to default, unedited website templates:

This appears to be a lightly modified version of the free Start Bootstrap theme named ‘Creative’.

We will continue to monitor this scam cluster to see how they update their websites. A full list of the confirmed or suspicious scam domains is included in the table at the end of the article.

How does the PayPal-UPS scam work?

This scam is less complicated than the PayPal-Facebook scam we wrote about earlier.

In this scam, the victim first has to buy an item from a fake website. (Of course, the victim believes they’re buying their favorite product from a legitimate seller.) They are forced to buy the item with PayPal, but because the price is so low, they ignore this red flag.

The payment isn’t immediately credited to the seller’s PayPal account. Because the scam seller is using a suspicious or new account, PayPal puts a hold on the money until they can prove that they’re sending the item to the buyer. The scam seller then submits a (fake) UPS tracking number to PayPal, and PayPal accepts this as proof that the item has been shipped.

The victim gets this tracking number and waits for the package. When the package doesn’t arrive, she realizes that it’s a scam but by then, the scammer is long gone.

The victim gets this fake UPS tracking number and waits for the package. When the package doesn’t arrive, she realizes that it’s a scam but by then, the scammer is long gone.

This particular scam has likely hit thousands of victims since it was first reported as early as June 2019. According to this PayPal Community forum complaint, the fraudulent Garden of Life scammer at gardenoflifego.com has affected at least 8 people, while zalosupplements.com has one complaint and cozgarden.com has another 8 complaints.

On UPS’ side, it is uncertain how scammers are getting a hold of genuine, but “used” tracking numbers. On blackhat forums, various tracking numbers are sold online. However, we are not sure how scammers are able to sort these tracking numbers by city, as Taylor’s fake tracking number was actually valid for her city.

One thread on a related PayPal scam does shed some light on how tracking numbers work though. In offering their scam services, a blackhat seller mentions that they can deliver tracking numbers within 7 minutes if the blackhat buyer sends the victim’s name, address, city, state and zip code:

This implies that these fraudsters are somehow able to access zip code-specific fraudulent tracking numbers and provide that within minutes.

When we asked UPS for comment on the scam, Glenn Zaccara, Director of Media Relations at UPS told CyberNews:

“This situation has been correctly labeled as a “scam” and a result of fraudulent behavior by bad actors. UPS has resources dedicated to preventing, identifying and stopping fraudulent activity. We do not disclose those methods to maintain their effectiveness.”

When we asked specifically about Isabelle’s case, or if it’s possible that someone inside UPS is potentially working with the scammers, Mr. Zaccara told CyberNews, “We have investigated and have not found any evidence suggesting an internal UPS source.

In other versions of this scam, the cybercriminals may also ship empty boxes or envelopes to the victim’s real address. This would cost them a little extra effort and time, but it would provide them with a real tracking number for the item delivered to the real address.

Why PayPal tends to side with the sellers

In all of these complaints, and especially in Taylor’s case, PayPal has tended to side with the seller – even when the evidence clearly indicates that the sale was fraudulent.

In fact, one FAQ about a related PayPal scam from a blackhat forum helps shed light on why it is so successful:

According to this service offering, one way to avoid holds and limitations is to use tracking numbers, which PayPal will broadly accept as proof of sale and allow the scammer to win the disputes.

You see, when a seller provides “digital or physical proof that the item was sent by the seller, and proof that the item was delivered by the delivery company,” PayPal’s Seller Protection program kicks in and protects the seller, who in this case is the scammer.

Based on the wording, it appears that PayPal’s Seller Protection program is loose enough that a fraudulent UPS tracking code would be “digital proof” that the item was sent and “delivered by the delivery company” – even if it was sent to the wrong address and delivered five days before the victim bought the item.

In Taylor’s case, she had proof that the UPS tracking number was fraudulent, which in common sense terms should be a clear-cut case of fraudulent activity. However, in a copy Taylor shared with CyberNews, PayPal’s final email to her simply stated:

“We have reviewed this transaction(s) and are denying your case(s). This decision was made because we received shipment tracking from the merchant confirming that the merchandise was delivered.”

PayPal's initial response to Isabelle Taylor

While PayPal have refunded the money to Taylor, they have done so as a gesture of “goodwill,” rather than as a correction for an error on their side. In an email to CyberNews, a PayPal spokesperson seemed to imply that the presence of a tracking number is cause enough to reject any Buyer Protection claims:

“When we consulted the seller, they were able to provide tracking information, and as a result we rejected her claim.”

A PayPal spokesperson to CyberNews

This comment does not address the logical issue of how a tracking number, for an item shipped 10 days earlier and received 5 days before the item was ordered, was allowed to be used as proof of sale.

This presents a significant loophole for scammers to use PayPal as a gateway for stealing money from more people. Unfortunately, UPS tracking numbers can easily be bought on blackhat hacking forums. Furthermore, as these sites can be easily duplicated when one site shuts down, fraudsters involved in this particular PayPal-UPS scam seem to have no reason to stop.

Full list of scam websites

Below you will find the full list of the 39 confirmed or extremely suspicious sites we uncovered as part of the Vitamin scam cluster.

You will find the Domain, the Current status, and the Type of site. The Current status describes the status of the site based on our most recent checks. There are generally four types:

  1. Live scamming site – this site is currently an active site claiming to sell vitamin or nutritional supplements. Here is an archived example.
  2. Template site – this site has a default template that has been very lightly edited. An archived example of such a site can be found here.
  3. Previously live, now Template – this site was previously a Live scamming site, was taken down at some point, and has now been resurrected as a Template site.
  4. Currently down – this site is currently down.

When it comes to the Type of site, most of these sites are involved in selling vitamins or nutritional supplements. However, three sites are of an unknown nature, one is a bookseller, and two remaining ones seem to sell dog food.

Due to the nature of this network, these sites are constantly going down, returning, and changing statuses.

DomainCurrent statusType of site
healthzolo.comLive scamming siteVitamin
gardennewchapter.comLive scamming siteVitamin
zalosupplements.comLive scamming siteVitamin
gardenoflifego.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
colovitamins.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
ongardenlife.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
saxgarden.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
laxvitamin.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
susgardenlife.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
lipvitamin.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
hexsupplements.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
vitaminchapter.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
zoigardenvitamin.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
helgardenlife.comCurrently downVitamin
mochasupplements.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
omegarvitamin.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
zilcollagen.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
mixcollagen.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
zolvitamins.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
olagarden.comCurrently downVitamin
vitaminmecola.compreviously Live, now TemplateVitamin
gardenlifehealth.comCurrently downVitamin
newgardenlife.comCurrently downVitamin
linhstore88.xyzCurrently downVitamin
supplementson.comCurrently downVitamin
gardenlifehealth.comCurrently downVitamin
nixgardenlife.comTemplate siteVitamin
hilavitamin.comTemplate siteVitamin
cozgarden.comCurrently downVitamin
huxgardenvitamin.comTemplate siteVitamin
codegardenlife.comCurrently downVitamin
tribepcatshop.comCurrently downVitamin
mexvitamin.comTemplate siteVitamin
artdesigntb.tech*Site that needs to be configuredVitamin
chloewilliams.comTemplate siteOther - Unknown
kianawilliams.co.ukTemplate siteOther - Unknown
bookdepositori.comTemplate siteOther - Books
dryadultdogs.comTemplate siteOther - Dog Food
dogfooddry.comTemplate siteOther - Dog Food

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prefix 3 years ago
Same thing happened to me. I’ve been going back and forth with Paypal since November 2020. They have done nothing to mediate the problem, but side with the scammers! I’ve never dealt with a company that cares more about the scammers then their customers! Even sent them all the evidence and contacted UPS who sided with me as well to no avail. Terrible service, customer service is also a nightmare as most the people working there only care about themselves. They’ll listen to what you have to say, but not do anything about it. Be weary of Dysonbestdeals[.]com. It’s a fake website and you will never hear back from saniya mckinney!
Mary Alice Garza
prefix 3 years ago
It happened to me in June 2020. PayPal kept $249.99 for a Nintendo switch i had ordered for my 9 yr old son. My son saved his money for this and PayPal sided with Best Online Shop saying that “the item ordered was shipped” in which we never received anything. We went through the whole claim process for a refund and ended up with no help from PayPal. Pretty sorry!
Donna R
prefix 3 years ago
Pay pal did same to me. I ordered items; never received.
The company was a scam. Sent all the info to PayPal.
Requested refund from PayPal several times w/NO response. I thought PayPal had a buyer protection ….Obviously NOT. Suppose it’s a good idea to switch to Apple Pay. Fortunately; I only lost $15. Scammers r stooping rather low …just to get $15. But, one day, karma is gonna get them.
Luis Rodriguez
prefix 3 years ago
My sister who has multiple sclerosis was scammed by a company that was supposed to sell her an air conditioning unit, a portable one. She was taken for $175. they had a tracking number with the post office which the post office did not acknowledge and said that it did not exist but PayPal agreed to it and said that because we received it supposedly that there was nothing they could do meanwhile they were Scott free to go. I reported them to a number of different places including Facebook where I found a string of people that had been affected by this company the name of the company which they go by two names is Vookap and Blaux they make up these fictitious reviews to make you think that these crappy plastic air conditioners are actually something worth buying immediately there’s an urgency to buy them. and although this company does not have a phone number they had an email which is how you contact them in case there’s any problems and of course they’re very nice enough to charge you for a shipping insurance as well in case there’s a problem with your package and they’re based out of Russia out of London out of a number of different places in China but nobody really knows where they are. Heads up folks!
Joyce Wise
prefix 3 years ago
I’ve had the same problem and they never got back to me. I wrote them 10 times and called over 30 times no reply. I gave them the transaction number and tracking number this was May just now got a email back saying that I received the item in which I haven’t. I’m out of $255.00. I’m very upset. I’m taking the little money that I’ve got left on the card and running. My son told me to close it off and that’s what I’m going to do.
Rosa C
prefix 3 years ago
Maybe a class action suit is needed or mass exit against PayPal. They willing allow scammers to use their site. The purpose of using PayPal is for buyer protection which they refuse to address.
Sally Schumpert
prefix 3 years ago
I am a retiree and have been scammed by a “free GRANT MONEY” I should have known better, but after talking to their rep, and sent the delivery money. Alive gotten is send this much money on certain gift cards. I did that. He was supposed to delivery to me Thursday. No more money, he was on his way. Then he says thursday that they could not make it because the FedEx van had a wreck on the way and I must send $5000 dollars more to him for the FedEx employees who were in the hospital. I called bs and told him that was not my responsibility. He texts me every day all day wanting the 5000 so he can deliver what’s loo left to me. I am not and will not send that money. Plus they want it in gift cards worth 50 or 100 each and only certain gift cards. I will find someone to help me ruin him. Any one who might know this man can email me. Thanks!
A Person who uses PayPal and eBay
prefix 3 years ago
I use PayPal to pay bills and to buy from reputable sellers on eBay. I check the sellers: I read to see what their transaction history is with buyers. Recently, an eBay seller put two of three expensive items in a package. Put me in a situation where it was my word on the line. Fortunately, the seller sent the missing item. I’m amazed by all these horror stories. One has to be very careful doing business on the internet.
prefix 2 years ago
Bath and body works twivce charged me for an order paid for months before but because there was a tracking number paypal allowed them to steal a disabled womans last $55. Stop with your condescending bs tramp
Ashley Carson
prefix 3 years ago
This happened to me, go to Fairshake, they can get your money back from paypal as well as other companies. They are lawyers who will sie paypal in small claims court and it forces Paypal to send you the money so they dont have to show up in court. They are awesome!!
Charmaine jackson
prefix 3 years ago
Paypal got me and my boyfriend for $820 of 10/2020. We have call and talk to the agent they we’re no help at all. Keep giving me the ran around for 3 hours
prefix 3 years ago
I had a different issue with seller and PayPal.
Seller took 2 months to deliver despite messages to seller. Took up issue with PayPal they came with with digital replies and dispute process protocols. No human to interface. When products came they were faulty and unusable. PayPal interface is hopeless as they switch me between ongoing chat and dispute centre. My god it was a never ending cycle of replication of explanations as I interacted with different intervention staff who do not read the ongoing dispute and situation conversation. PayPal dispute center took 6-8 weeks to come back to give each feedback and the waiting continued. all is quiet on the dispute as though nothing is happening. I finally give up as the process is exhausting. The process lasted 6 months. I give up on PayPal and don’t use the payment platform again as they failed me as a customer. The products are still with me wrapped up and unused! Waste of money and my time !!!!. The products are earpods and no courier will carry/transport them as they contain ion batteries that is prohibited on airlines and I lost usd $67.00.
Be careful as the supplier understood the system. Deliver product late end of 2 months…send unusable merchandise…no recourse for customer to return ion battery electronic products and even if you could return them, courier fees is close to price paid for the product.
prefix 3 years ago
PayPal is criminal.
Janet M Nord
prefix 3 years ago
I also was cheated out of a purchase I made with KissKatie. I was not satisfied with the purchase and asked to return it. I got no response from the seller and PayPal was no help and denied my claim. I feel that PayPal acts on behalf of the seller and not the buyer. I would like to find another pay reference that is reliable. Can you help me?
prefix 3 years ago
I read your article on the Scam and was happy to hear the case was resolved in the Customer’s Favor. I myself was wondering why Paypal was brought into it. I’ve had some problems in the past also, but I must say Paypal is GREAT helping with problems like this. It has been very thorough in tracking down and Resolving Issues, that otherwise wouldn’t come to the same end as this person. Yes there are sometimes problems when ordering online. But Paypal doesn’t take them light, they go that extra mile to help their Customers. So I have to say anyone who is thinking of Scamming under the guise of PayPal, will be caught. Thank Goodness they Resolved any problem I could have had without their help. Thank You
Barb Ballard
prefix 3 years ago
Buying stuff from Facebook product ads is like playing russian roulette 🙁 It’s worked out a couple times but often it’s a total scam! Using PayPal is zero protection and I’ve been extremely disappointed and disgusted by their complaint resolution process and customer service.
Last winter I ordered what was advertised as super cute Hi-Tech waterproof purple snowboots. It took over 3 months for them to arrive and besides them being purple footwear nothing else matched the description or the pictures. The ad that I purchased from had a US address but when I contacted the company to use the 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee it turned out I would have to ship the item to China at my own expense to get the refund which would cost double what I paid for the boots. Even though it was obvious fraud PayPal sided with the seller since I received a product. It didn’t matter that the actual product didn’t match the seller’s pictures or product description. Makes me furious and warn everyone about not using Facebook ads or PayPal. If you do buy something this way just expect to get ripped off and be pleasantly surprised when you actually get what you ordered.
Linda L Walker
prefix 3 years ago
I too have been scammed, using Paypal. Twice it was a bait and switch situation. Both products were to come from China. When I contacted the seller and PayPal, I was told “I chose the wrong item.” Now this was two different companies; both from China. The first order was a shelving unit that stood about 6ft; what I received was 2 small shelves that could fit in a kitchen cabinet- not a free standing shelving unit as illustrated in the advertised video. The second order was a telescopic, folding ladder. What I received was a small cloth unit that could be used to store screws or jewelry or something of that nature. My intelligence was insulted that I chose the wrong item. Now here’s the problem. I was given instructions to send both items back. However, the cost to send it back to China exceeded the cost of the items. Of course the seller and PayPal knew this. Therefore, I’ve been scammed. China can send their stuff to the US for little or nothing. However, it costs us a lot to send to them. The most obvious solution is to not to buy from China. But you don’t know the product is coming from China until after you’ve completed the sale. Even now, I have a claim in with PayPal for an item I ordered in August of this year. I did not receive confirmation for the order and the vendor is not responding to inquiry. As you can imagine, the item hasn’t been received. Perhaps Paypal should be investigated or a Class Action Suit started.
Brian Wood
prefix 3 years ago
I am basically a Seller on Ebay, have been for 15 years. MY problemn is Ebay and Paypal always decide in favor of the Buyer! I sell low price items so it is not worth using tracking – the tracking fee would exceed cost of the item.
The problem is people with those who claim
never to have received their item. I deal with this by giving them a refund, but immediately ban them for life from ever buying from me again.
South and Central America are the worst. 74% item sold resuited in a refund. Now I exclude anyone from thst area. I had one buyer who claimed the color was not the same as in the listed pic. It was the same. However, I sent him another one he chose. He later told me it had arrived damaged. I told him to return both items
to me. He did so. and the “damaged” one was on great shape, no damage. I suspected a parent stepped in here. Anyhow, he is excluded from ever buying from me again. There are a lot of scammed out there, both Buyers and Sellers.
I would NEVER buy or sell expensive items on the Internet. Too much chance of being scammed. Stay safe, folks

BTW, I have sold more than 6,000 items and have a continuous 100% feedback rating.
Agnes Stokes
prefix 3 years ago
I also have problems with PayPal they have taken over $500 out of my bank account I don’t have a PayPal account but that hasn’t stopped they also told me they aren’t going to return my money and I don’t have anything to show for it. I also keep getting emails that my account is on hold, so what if anything can I do
prefix 3 years ago
I also got scammed buying a hand tool. I thought I was protected by PayPal. Thought wrong. As long as the “so called merchant” provided a fake delivery confirmation number then they won’t do nothing. I feel PayPal is definitely for the seller and not the consumer. Their response to me was go to the post office and ask for forms and have them prove they didn’t deliver the item. I work and don’t have time to take off from work to have the post office prove they didn’t deliver the item from months ago. Paypal made me wait 5 months then said yo have us prove this. Are you kidding. Never will I trust PayPal again. They probably work with the scammers.
Colleen Taylor
prefix 3 years ago
This also happened to me for an ice maker l ordered. $44.00 for a piece of junk jewelry. An ugly fake stone ring was sent from some company named Tommy. I didn’t order it and never knew where it came from until I read an other story about other people getting junk jewelry also. Pay pal also refused my claim because they said I received product from the company. Yeah but not the ice maker. Seemed like pay pal was in on the whole scam now that I am seeing so much about this happening to others. This really should be investigated. Seems pretty shady to me.
Ben Bukkila
prefix 3 years ago
Same but it was for a mattress from a furniture company, website even had top search in Google shopping
Tonja Miller
prefix 3 years ago
I personally think there should be a federal investigation I into PayPal and their business ethics. They don’t stand behind their customers like they claim to and there are thousands of these same or similar stories out there where scamming websites are getting away with our money even though there has been proof and these websites mysteriously disappear.
It makes it very difficult as a customer to verify every little last piece of information prior to making a purchase, and we all use PayPal as a security measure because they claim to have buyer protection- well that’s just bogus information in itself as I am out of luck to the tune of $150, which may be minuscule compared to others. It doesn’t make matters any better that it’s nearly impossible to talk to a live human customer service representative either, you have to proceed with your claim via chat, which may take hours or days to get a response and then a conversation may drag out over the course of days and weeks in which nothing really seems to be accomplished anyways, just for them to deny your claim or close your case. I don’t see the problem going away anytime soon , maybe a class action suit against PayPal might wake them up and smell the coffee ???
– I’m totally frustrated
Richard J Blaine
prefix 3 years ago
I was scammed twice by the same hacker by the same company but PayPal refunded me back the money for both same exact scams.
Both for $249.00 dollars.
Currently i still have ongoing disputes, one that PayPal found to be a scam company and will soon be finishing their investigation on that case.
The other disputes are still in review.!?
Abukar Mohammed sharif
prefix 3 years ago
I win a lot of games I never recover no money and I leave East Africa Somalia
Woodrow Carnes
prefix 3 years ago
Paypal totally did this exact thing to me. i ordered a weed eater and when i hot the tracking number it was earlier than the order. I never got a penny back and no weed eater just told i waited to long by everyone in the company. This is crap someone needs to do something.
Susan Rightnar-Haas
prefix 3 years ago
I too had almost the very same thing happen to me! I ordered a Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub. I received an email from pay-pal that confirmed the purchase along with a “Tracking” number that confirmed delivery. Only thing is the address it was “confirmed delivery” was not even in the City if which I live! Pay-pal will not refund my ,$99.00. Where can I turn to for help with this as well?
prefix 3 years ago
I had exactly the same thing happen to me involving Sundolphinshop.com. I paid for a 10 foot kayak at 80% off. I should have known it was too good to be true. PayPal paid the seller the $79.99 sale price after they received the UPS tracking number. However, it looked suspicious to me because the kayak weight was about 40 lbs but the tracking number listed the weight as 1.5 lbs. I was able to see the PayPal charge on my bank account as pending and called the bank to put a free stop payment on it after explaining that I had been scammed because I never received a email confirmation of the sale and the company phone number was bogus. They agreed to do that if I sent a signed note by email to stop the payment. So now, PayPal is the only one who was scammed by the company. I don’t know why PayPal doesn’t have a fraud division to sniff out these fraudulent sellers like some credit card companies do.
Garry Vaughn
prefix 3 years ago
I too was a victim of this type of scam. Took PayPal to court and they refunded my money so no judgement was made. This was for a trolling motor I had ordered but never recieved their tracking # was for another package sent to my zip code. I Had undeniable proof, Very disappointed with PayPal over the whole deal. Garry Vaughn
Bill Clifford
prefix 3 years ago
I was scammed and I was told buy everyone that there was nothing that can be done, I lost $1400! It would be great if you could get it back!
Vallery Johnson
prefix 3 years ago
Vallery Johnson
prefix 3 years ago
I was also scammed by PayPal, Sparkles and Jinkhou Network Technology. I paid $65 and never received 2 coats ordered from Sparleis. I have no ideas who Jinkhou fits in this scam. I hope revealing this companies will help the public know about this scamm companies.
prefix 3 years ago
I had a similar problem with PayPal. I didn’t receive the product. Every time I tracked it all it showed me was label created. When PayPal tracked it. Tracking through USPS showed it was delivered. Problem was that the product came from China and was delivered to me 3 weeks later. That just doesn’t happen. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. Because the shipper didn’t insure it I am out my money. PayPal is very hard to deal with when you file a claim. I don’t use it if I don’t have to.
Philip Vail
prefix 3 years ago
I had the same issue with a playstation 4 I purchased through a website called consolestop it was exactly the same method used I had some difficulty in proving my case with paypal I had to do all the work to prove it so as I desperately tried to talk with a person at UPS and paypal I finally got the proof from UPS that this was a illegitimate tracking number for the package that was supposedly delivered to my grandson but at first paypal sided with the seller it was a good thing I had paypal protection anyway to make a long story short thanks to the wonderful customer service representative for ups I was able to get the verdict reversed and my $300 back quickly
Kristin Sowder
prefix 3 years ago
I have recently been a victim of a scam purchase and dont know what to do to try and get my money back.. the site is CHARMOPEN.com. Plz at least list this in the scammers list. The site claims to sell stackable shoe boxes with fold down doors in the front in multiple colors.. i ordered for my daughter and im still waiting.. i recieved emails with usps tracking # and also have recieved 2 emails back in response to my complaints on me not recieving my order.. but website is now shut down and no longer existent! And the support email also says it isnt a valid email anymore..
Nadine Ankney
prefix 3 years ago
I was also scammed buying an item on Facebook using PayPal. I was told my money would be refunded once I returned the item to the shipper in China. It cost the same to return the item as it did to buy it. There were three shipping labels on the package, and the item was nothing as pictured. The address on the third shipper package was from Alabama with a false name but a legitimate address who knew nothing about the scam. No refund. Sol, as they say. I’ll never use PayPal or buy anything on Facebook again. It’s impossible to be connected to a human to get help from either Facebook or PayPal.
prefix 3 years ago
I just went through something similar….twice.
The web site was perfect. I ordered and 30 seconds later I got a notification from PayPal that the seller was a actually some Chinese…….Network Technology LLC. I immediately told both PayPal and the scam
outfit I wanted to cancel. TOO LATE, I was told the order was placed. The item never came.

Long story short, PayPal denied my claim because they got a International tracking number and a USPS tracking number.
I had to get 2 INTRANET FORMS from USPS, send them to the elusive PayPal customer service. They eventually returned my money.
No more PayPal for me. They don’t believe a thing you tell them.
prefix 3 years ago
Same here, they told me to contact Usps and obtain intranet forms, which the Usps does not keep track of said forms over 30 days – so it’s impossible to obtain these forms now
Jeniffer Troccoli
prefix 3 years ago
I had a similar experience of a scam but this was more for buying household items from a site called Lazylullaby.com. It had good reviews in FB. It had a contact info in HK but the items were from China. I paid with a credit card and had a receipt. They said some items will be delayed due to high demand. Two, then 3 agonizing weeks came by and items never arrived. I checked the tracking in China Post and it said items not found. I contacted them thru email and Zendesk replied that they are looking into it. I pestered them non stop then 2 small items arrived out of 19. I then contacted my CC to refund me the money minus the 2 items. There must be a group of people who got scammed this way. I wish there would be an investigation on this too.
Yvonne hernandez
prefix 3 years ago
Will my unemployment of 1,246 has been locked up in paypal until dec 29 i have teied to contact them never get response from them i also tried to contact them to give them a change of email and cell number and i was told by them that i have to until dec29 to make changes and well tell me how with draw my money i begin to think im never going to get my deposite
prefix 3 years ago
I’m a seller and I always loose PayPal claim. With tracking. Signature confirmation tracking. Don’t matter. Haven’t won a single one.

And if u read PayPal’s terms. It says we cannot guarantee a refund or ur item back even if u provide tracking. In other words. The scam buyer keeps the item files a claim and gets the money back.

PayPal sucks asssss

U gotta story how a buyer got ripped off I’m a seller and get ripped off by scam buyers all the time.
Julius Rosen
prefix 3 years ago
You need to do an article on all the fake websites selling major appliances like refrigerators and bicycles add half the price of legitimate retailers. I see these pop-up on Google shopping all the time and I found that most addresses are residential homes and I had researched this to see that wall people will place orders and give charge cards it simply does not go through with the delivery. It seems they are collecting the charge numbers but I don’t know what happens afterwards
Alicia Saccoccia
prefix 3 years ago
I have had myltiple bad purchase experiences with PayPal that made me fighting hard for the return of my money. PayPal do take the sellers’ side and di not offer any kind of support to buyers/customers. PayPal should create a plan to mitigate this unfortunate situations. Come up with a plan to at least hold all payments until buyers confirmed receipt of the items. I recently purchased a sofa from marketplace. The seller required a $200 deposit and asked to send via PayPal using PayPal username. The delivery was set for the following day but seller never showed up. My messages were returned, seller stopped receiving messages and Facebook profile was shut down. Neither Facebook and PayPal would offer any help. They shut down my claims saying I authorized the PayPal payment. Facebook said I did not choose the goods and services option instead paid as personal payment. No other help was given to me. They pointed the finger to my bank and said they can help me get the refund as “item not received “. Until now no one is held accountable for this scam. I lost $206.10. PayPal charged processing fee of $6.10 and the scammer got $200. If any one is reading this and can help me..please…I’m disabled with no income. That money is a lot to me.
prefix 3 years ago
PayPal is a scan in itself! They have robbed my husband of hundreds of dollars. We have proof . As in screenshots of 1 day and then all of a sudden his transactions disappear . Of course PayPal conveniently always gets there money, weather their customer is in the right or not. What’s. Crock. I refuse to use PayPal beciaee if this. Especially since it’s almost impossinle to actually speakntona human. And when you do , tell them u have proof and send it to them.. they mysteriously don’t respond . Beware of PAYPAL. DO NOT USE!
Terry Lemon
prefix 3 years ago
I too have been scammed for a color weather station. I ordered through Shopify which PayPal paid zzraysCo.ltd. I have been trying to get my money back through PayPal since September. I received a small panel mount black display temperature device that was used and had scratches and parts of tabs from the panel they pulled it from. It was no where near what the picture showed when I ordered it.
Jesse Yu
prefix 3 years ago
PayPal is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I was the victim of an eBay account hack that resulted in my PayPal account being permanently banned. Despite having proved my innocence with eBay, who verified the hack and reinstated my account fully/refunding me lost funds, PayPal has been unwilling to do the same. I even had eBay and PayPal customer service on a three way conference call together where both CSR’s fully acknowledged that I was the victim in situation. To make matters even worse, I had to wait 180 days before I could even make a final withdrawal of my PayPal balance to my bank account. Lastly, even if I wanted to disconnect my bank account to Paypal, I cannot as my account access is limited and there is no option to disable and remove any of my personal or banking info from my PayPal account – the could still technically withdraw money if they wanted to.

To this day, PayPal will not give me a definitive reason why my account was terminated and refuses to answer my emails, despite having zero infractions during my almost 20 year history as a customer with the company.

Worst. Company. Ever.
Victor Pereyra
prefix 3 years ago
How did u get your money from paypal my account is lumited an i need help to get my money from tgem
prefix 3 years ago
The same thing happened to me and PayPal has not helped me! EBay refunded the scammers the money and they walked away with thousands and thousands leaving my PayPal in the negative!
Rafael A Jimenez
prefix 3 years ago
Same thing happened to me back in July. Lost the claim and scammer took my money. All they had to do was provide a tracking number that had the same zip code and PayPal sided with them.
Samuel Holland
prefix 3 years ago
Very nice article & thanks for sharing.
prefix 3 years ago
Same. Fool tried to jack me, then PayPal sided with scammer. I called Capital One and they said hell naw mane here yo cheese back
Ulrich Romahn
prefix 3 years ago
I fell for a similar scam back in June when certain electronics from China and were on short supply. That particular site sold it for slightly less than the MSRP so it wasn’t really suspicious.
They used fake shipping numbers from USPS. I got lucky that I caught it early enough and could convince PayPal that this was a fraud, since the item with the tracking number was delivered before my order.
PayPal completely refunded my money.
I can only emphasize to stay vigilant and check everything as soon as possible. Then actively follow up with PayPal.
John D
prefix 3 years ago
I lost my dispute as well, PayPal sided with the seller due to fake tracking numbers. I lost almost two thousand dollars 😭. I am gonna fight every day, all day until I get two thousand dollars worth. This BS has to stop. I want my PayPal account closed. But they won’t close it, it’s all run by computers. I’m coming for you PP. 👹
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