Samsung unveils 114-inch TV for $130,000 and also comes with a smaller TV

The South Korean company Samsung has unveiled a 114-inch microLED TV that will be available in its home market.

Up until now, the biggest Samsung TV screen lines in Korea measured 89 and 101 inches. Now, it has announced that it’s expanding its premium TV lane with the bigger 114-inch version that costs about 180 million Korean won (over $130,000).

For those who buy the 114-inch TV, the company also offers a gift – an 85-inch Neo QLED 8K (QND900) and a discount on JBL L100 MK2 speakers. Those who purchase the TV this month will also receive an accommodation voucher from a hotel worth 3 million won (around $2200).

Kang Jin-seon, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics Korea, said in a press release that the Micro LED is the ultimate display that combines all the advantages of existing TVs in the market.

"It will expand the choices of consumers recognizing the value of ultra-high-definition displays with the highest technology and lead the ultra-premium TV market,” he said.

MicroLED is a relatively new and expensive display technology that is not yet widely used in consumer devices. Like OLED, each microLED pixel can create its own light, eliminating the need for a separate black light source, which results in better brightness and deeper blacks than in LCD displays.

One advantage of microLED displays over OLED TVs is that since microLED screens are not created from organic materials, they aren’t susceptible to burn-out issues. MicroLED also offers great viewing angles, and the modular nature of MicroLED panels enables the creation of large displays.

The 114-inch micro-LED TV offered by Samsung is far from the biggest. In 2018, Samsung unveiled a microLED modular TV measuring 146 inches. Later, the company announced bigger models, the biggest of which measured 600 inches and came in 8K resolution.

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