Space X may soon release a portable Starlink version

A smaller version of Starlink dish called Starlink Mini is ready for production and should soon be released, according to Oleg Kutkov, an engineer from Ukraine. The device would be able to fit into a backpack.

Kutkov, who repairs Starlink equipment, noticed a change in a new firmware release and posted his findings on X, formerly Twitter.

He spotted that previous versions of the printed circuit board (PCB) were called _proto0, _proto1, which is short for prototype. It is now called mini1_prod1. According to Kutkov, this means that the dish is ready for production and may soon be released.

Later, he published another post comparing the antenna arrays of the Starlink REV mini and the most popular Starlink V2. He said that while the actual mechanical size of the Mini is unknown, it incorporates a much more compact design.

There are still no official details from SpaceX about the release of the dish. Last year, the new design was approved by the Federal Trade Commission.

Elon Musk first announced the launch of the new version of Starlink last year in a company update without providing details.

He only said that the new version would be available later this year and that it could fit in a backpack.

Starlink offers internet transmitting data from satellites orbiting Earth. Right now around 6,000 Starlink satellites are in orbit.

Users can access the satellite internet using SpaceX kits, which contain a satellite dish, power supply, wifi router, cables, and tripod.

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