Best internet provider deals in Liverpool (June 2024)

Selecting the best broadband deal in Liverpool can be tricky, as many providers have different packages for various user needs and online activities. Continue reading to find tips on selecting the best broadband provider and securing the most suitable deal for your needs.

Get a lightning-fast internet deal for every home indulging in video streaming, downloading, and even gaming. Kickstart your internet journey with speeds up to 38Mbps for £12 per month.
Blazing-fast internet speeds up to 74Mbps are perfect for immersive gaming and 4K UHD streaming on multiple devices simultaneously in Liverpool. With unlimited downloads and zero upfront costs, it starts at just £26.99 per month.
Enjoy unlimited usage for all your online adventures, powered by a reliable Virgin Media Wi-Fi Hub. With an 18-month contract, this offer adds exclusive perks from Priority O2, making your broadband experience in Liverpool even more special, just for £26.50 per month.
Upgrade your broadband in Liverpool with a 37Mbps speed and an extra 9Mbps upload speed. Enjoy limitless downloads, all without any delivery or equipment costs. Secure this plan for just £31.99 per month.
Experience limitless online activities with uncapped usage and a speedy Wi-Fi Hub Black. Enjoy free calls to other TalkTalk customers, and customize your bundle with additional boosts to your broadband. Grab this offer now for only £26.95/month!
Experience consistent broadband speeds around the clock, boasting an average of 35Mbps download and up to 9Mbps upload speeds, all backed by the Stay Fast guarantee. The package comes with the BT Smart Hub 2. Dive into this offer starting at £31.99 per month.
The 18-month contract features an average download speed of 36Mbps and up to 9Mbps upload speeds. For your convenience, the Stay Fast Guarantee ensures blazing speeds. New customers can grab this deal at just £28 per month with zero setup fees.
With its own pure-fibre network Fibrus delivers up to 159Mbps average speeds with Full Fibre 150 plan. Sign up for an 18-month contract and enjoy 3 months free as a new customer, then pay just £19.99/month.
Enjoy speeds averaging 11Mbps, along with additional perks for top-notch internet security. Snag this fantastic deal with an 18-month contract for just £17.99 per month. No worries about activation fees.
Enjoy speeds averaging 11Mbps, along with additional perks for top-notch internet security. Snag this fantastic deal with an 18-month contract for just £17.99 per month. No worries about activation fees.

How to find the best Liverpool broadband deals?

Finding the best Liverpool broadband deals isn’t just about the cheapest price, the fastest speed, or the best extras. It’s about discovering the offer that perfectly fits you and your household. Here are key points to think about when you're looking for the best Liverpool broadband deal:

  • Availability in Liverpool. Whether you’re looking for ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), fibre, or full fibre broadband in Liverpool, you should check if preferred deals are accessible in your area. Go to your chosen provider and enter your postcode to check service availability. The coverage in your location is crucial to ensure a seamless internet experience.
  • Broadband speed. Considering your online activities, checking the providers' speed is essential. If you frequently connect to the internet, play games, or watch videos online, you should know that choosing broadband with the right speeds is necessary to avoid issues like buffering and slow downloads.
  • Contract terms. Evaluate the terms of the contract, especially if you plan long-term usage. How long does the contract last? Are there penalties for early termination? These questions can influence your final decision.
  • Extras. If you’re using paid TV services like Sky, BT, or Virgin Media, combining your broadband with them might be more cost-effective. If you currently pay different providers, compare your monthly expenses with the TV and broadband bundles these providers offer.

What is the fastest broadband in Liverpool?

Ultrafast full fibre broadband stands out as the speediest broadband available in the UK, as well as in Liverpool. It boasts an average download speed exceeding 300Mbps. The fastest broadband deal in Liverpool is the Gig1 with Virgin Media, offering a download speed of 1130Mbps. Other major providers, such as Vodafone, BT, and Sky, offer Ultrafast broadband services with speeds up to 900Mbps.

In Liverpool, the slowest broadband speed available is around 10Mbps. If you mainly use the internet for emails or casual browsing, it might be okay. However, if you use broadband for gaming, video calls, downloads, streaming, or there are more than two people in your household, it’s better to go for a plan with faster speeds. A slow broadband speed in Liverpool can lead to frequent buffering during streaming, lag in online gaming, poor video call quality, and decreased performance when multiple devices are in use.

Which types of broadband are available in Liverpool?

You can typically find various types of broadband services when looking for the best broadband deals in Liverpool. Just keep in mind that service availability depends on where you live.


The most common form of broadband, ADSL, uses the same copper wires as your landline phone to provide internet access. This is good for people in rural areas who need broadband because telephone lines are widespread throughout the UK. It’s also the most budget-friendly choice but comes with a slower speed, usually around 24Mbps.

Fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC)

When making a broadband comparison in Liverpool, you’ll see that FTTC is a common type of fibre optic broadband. It employs fibre optic cables to link your provider to a nearby telephone cabinet, and then the copper telephone wires connect the cabinet to your home. This form of broadband is widely accessible in Liverpool and the rest of the UK, with speeds up to 330Mbps.

Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP)

Commonly referred to as full fibre broadband, FTTP uses fibre optic cables directly from your provider to your home. It offers faster speeds compared to FTTC, over 1000Mbps. While full fibre isn’t widely accessible and tends to be more expensive, you can check FTTP deals through the website of your preferred provider.

Cable broadband

Cable broadband is a form of fibre broadband, but it differs from traditional setups. It uses coaxial cables instead of copper wiring to link your home to the local cabinet. Although not as widely accessible as ADSL broadband, which depends on copper wiring, cable broadband generally tends to be faster.

Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband provides wireless internet access through a mobile phone network using 3G, 4G, or 5G. You can connect wirelessly using devices like USB modems or Wi-Fi hotspots for your mobile device, tablet, or computer. Mobile broadband offers convenient on-the-go internet access as long as you’re in a covered area.

Satellite broadband

Satellite broadband employs satellites, not the typical cables under streets, to link users to the internet. This allows it to reach areas with limited phone lines and traditional cabling coverage. Despite being more costly than regular broadband, satellite broadband often has data limits.

Which providers offer broadband in Liverpool?

In Liverpool, and across the rest of the UK, your broadband choices depend on where you reside. Numerous providers offer great coverage, from basic fiber plans to the fastest gigabit broadband. You will also find many effective and cheap broadband deals in Liverpool. However, your options might be slightly limited if you find yourself in a more rural area. Nevertheless, getting standard ADSL or speedy fiber broadband is still quite feasible.

Major broadband providers like Vodafone, Virgin Media, Plusnet, and others operate in Liverpool. BT, Sky, and NOW also present various broadband options, including fibre and full fibre. Based on your preferences, you can choose whether you prefer a flexible 12-month contract or a more budget-friendly 24-month commitment. Remember that the deals and services might vary depending on your location.

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