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Best website builders for graphic designers – top choices for a perfect portfolio

In this article, I introduce you to the best website builders for graphic designers in terms of their template array, editors, features, and more. Additionally, you’ll also find some key principles to note when looking for the right builder.

When you’re a graphic designer creating your own website, online presence is exceptionally important. That’s because your site’s end result says a lot about your skills.

But, of course, looks aren't everything. In addition, you definitely want plenty of customization options for artistic expression, too. And, maybe even speed and ease of use to get the site up and running quickly.

Your best bet? A website builder for designers. No coding, no groundwork, and no fuss necessary. Instead, it’s just go-time for creativity.

But, not all website builders will show your work and skills in the best light.

So, after comparing and testing dozens of builders, I’ve shortlisted the top 5 options for when you need a website builder for graphic designers.

Best website builders for graphic designers: ranked

  1. Zyro – best website builder for graphic designers overall
  2. Squarespace – best website builder with rich built-in features
  3. SITE123 – easy to use graphical website builder
  4. Wix – flexible and feature-packed designer website builder
  5. GoDaddy website builder – business-focused website builder for designers

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And, if you feel like you don’t know where to start and what to look for, you can jump straight to the key principles to bear in mind at the end of this post.

1. Zyro

Zyro user interface
Features:Contact forms, consultation booking, SEO and marketing tools
Best for:Affordable website building for graphic designers
Free plan:Free trial
Current deal:Get up to 81% OFF Zyro + 3 months FREE!

Zyro swiped one of the top spots because of its cheap prices and an ability to quickly build a professional-looking graphic designer website. It has 130+ gorgeous templates and useful marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) tools for gaining visibility online.

Here are some of Zyro’s main appeals for websites of graphic designers:

  • Over 130 professional-looking templates – simple yet sleek templates with a number of them dedicated to designers. They are modern-looking but unobtrusive enough to keep the spotlight on your work,
  • Easy to integrate contact forms and live chat for improved customer experience,
  • Marketing, SEO, and analytics tools to make it easier to rank on search engines, drive traffic, and lead conversions,
  • Very simple to implement stunning gallery layouts for people to navigate through your work. You can pick between grid or masonry layouts and, on top of that, you can adjust gaps between images, items per row, and more.

To put it simply, Zyro provides graphic designers with simple to use features.

Building a graphic designer website with Zyro

Zyro is an excellent choice for quick and steady website building. You can get your website made for you by Zyro’s AI or you can choose a template and do it yourself using the drag-and-drop editor.

Getting started with this website builder is easy as you have 2 options to choose from answering a few questions and letting Zyro’s AI generate a website for you, or picking one of the templates from the gallery.

When it comes to template selection, Zyro might not pave the way. However, it certainly doesn’t skimp with the selection and has over 130 template choices available. The themes are clean, minimalistic, and very easy on the eye. While there’s no category dedicated to graphic design or designers, dozens of them are ideal for such websites or could easily be customized to fit. There are also 8 templates in the Portfolio category that can be a great alternative to showcase your work.

Zyro portfolio templates

After you click on “Start Building”, you’ll be taken straight to Zyro's editor, which is exactly what you’d expect from a top-tier visual website builder. Being a simple drag-and-drop editor, it uses a grid system and you can add or adjust pre-designed sections and elements. This includes uploading images, creating photo galleries, or contact forms.

Zyro editor

In any case, the editor is intuitive and foolproof since there’s only so much you can customize. So, graphic designers who want more space for creative freedom might find it slightly restrictive, but you can’t really fault Zyro for basically guaranteeing that all of its sites will look good and professional.

Overall, building a professional-looking site with Zyro is a joy. The process is as easy as it gets with its contemporary templates and beginner-friendly editor. For more information about this builder, read our full Zyro review.

Zyro pricing

Zyro has 3 very affordable plans – 1 regular and 2 eCommerce ones – priced between $2.33/mo and $14.39/mo. While a free trial is available, you’ll need to invest a few bucks to publish a professional site.

All 4 plans let you connect a custom domain and come with a free email for 3 months, SSL certificate as well as access to basic SEO, blogging, and artificial intelligence tools.

While Zyro has 3 plans available, the entry plan is very limited for designer work and the most expensive plan can be an overkill. So, picking the right plan depends on whether you want to build a portfolio or open an online store.

Here are the 2 plans I’d recommend for graphic designers:

  • Website ($2.33/mo) – unmetered bandwidth and storage, free domain for 1 year, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. For graphic designers who want to create simple portfolios, this subscription is a great fit.
  • Business ($/mo) – everything in the Website plan, plus 100 products, and shipping and tax management. There’s also a just a 1% commission fee, so this plan should be your pick if you wish to try out selling online.
Best Value

For graphic designers, the Website plan is an excellent choice. If you commit to the 4-year subscription, you get unlimited storage and bandwidth resources to build an extensive designer’s website for only $2.33per month.

2. Squarespace

squarespace for affiliate sites
Features:Scheduling, Google My Business, SEO and marketing tools
Best for:Professional-looking graphic designer websites
Free plan:Free trial
Current deal:Get up to 30% OFF Squarespace!

For a solid website building experience, there’s no better candidate for gorgeous graphic designer websites than Squarespace. Having the most creative and stunning templates out there, many have fallen for this online website builder. Plus, Squarespace also charms with its abundant built-in features as well as advanced marketing and SEO tools.

Here’s how Squarespace stands out:

  • Over 110 outstanding and professional-looking templates to cater to different needs and styles,
  • Possibility to implement live chat and contact forms for customers to get in touch with you easier,
  • Easy to use built-in SEO tools as well as advanced marketing tools for boosting traffic and engagement. This includes promotional pop-ups, banners, and website analytics,
  • Complete customization capabilities via CSS and Javascript for creating a more personalized website.

Not only using Squarespace brings only satisfaction, the builder has all of the fundamental features that a website needs.

Building a graphic designer website with Squarespace

With Squarespace, you can be sure of an easy building process for graphic design websites. Squarespace’s drag-and-drop editor is a breeze to navigate with its sections and blocks building system. Plus, its stunning template selection is a must-mention, too. With the 2 combined, you can create an impressive and professional-looking graphic designer website in no time.

For starters, Squarespace has some of the best templates in the industry. Its selection might not be the most extensive at a bit over 110 templates, but it’s always better to offer quality over quantity. The Art & Design category offers over 40 designer-crafted templates.

Squarespace art and design templates

The templates that are offered are absolutely beautiful. Minimalistic, contemporary, and sophisticated, your work will be displayed in the best light. Alternatively, you can also start with a blank canvas if you want to flex your design muscle.

Squarespace’s editor is no slacker, either. Here, you can effortlessly add, remove, and rearrange dozens of blocks as well as sections to suit your fancy. Everything is straightforward and intuitive.

Squarespace editor

The only small red flag is that you can only putter around within the provided grid. Sure, more free-spirited designers might find that a hindrance to creativity. But, on the flip side, it’s a good way for Squarespace to stop some inexperienced users from completely screwing up the design.

With its knockout templates and responsive yet easy editor, Squarespace is a tough one to beat. For more details about Squarespace, check out our full review.

Squarespace pricing

Squarespace offers 4 plans, ranging from $16.00/mo to $49.00/mo if you opt for its annual subscription. The provider doesn’t have a free option but does offer a 14-day trial.

All the plans come with a free custom domain and SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth and storage, SEO features, and basic website metrics.

While more expensive eCommerce plans might be overkill for most, there are 2 plans perfect for graphic designers:

  • Personal ($16.00/mo) – the plan is a good starting point if you just need a simple portfolio website. It comes with basic features but doesn’t offer eCommerce capabilities or advanced marketing tools.
  • Business ($23.00/mo) – it’s a better option if you want to sell things like prints or merchandise online. A business-focused plan, it comes with advanced marketing and analytics tools as well as some basic eCommerce functionalities. One thing to note is that it charges a 3% transaction fee for sales.
Best Value

For the best offer, the Personal plan is the way to go when building an extensive portfolio. With unlimited bandwidth and storage as well as a free domain, all you have to pay is $16.00/mo, which makes up to a total of $144 per year.

3. SITE123

site123 builder for affiliate website
Features:Testimonial sections, consultation booking, SEO tools
Best for:Quick website building experience
Free plan:Yes
Current deal:SITE123 coupon 40% OFF!

SITE123 elbows its way on to this list by offering quick and simple website creation plus lavish functionalities. The setup process is swift and super straightforward. Additionally, SITE123 also spoils its users with great SEO and solid marketing tools.

Here are the highlights of SITE123:

  • 160+ responsive and mobile-friendly templates,
  • Live chat functionality for easier communication with your site’s visitors.
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations for sites on the Professional and more expensive plans. Meanwhile, other subscriptions offer PayPal only. Great for selling your works or services online.
  • SEO Adviser tool that analyzes your site and provides improvement tips to help your site rank higher on search engines. Plus, its marketing integrations are also helpful for increasing brand awareness.

Creating a functional website with SITE123 is simple because it provides you with all the necessary tools.

Building a graphic designer website with SITE123

Mixing and matching pre-made templates is the fastest way you can launch your mobile-friendly SITE123 website. Plus, it helps that the builder’s editor is very straightforward.

SITE123 has over 160 templates. But, they’re actually just different arrangements of dozens of content blocks. So, they do look rather similar to each other. Although, you’ll see variations in terms of layouts, fonts, color schemes, and more.

SITE123 doesn’t have dedicated templates for design, but the Creative Arts category features over 10 templates that you can customize for your portfolio or services.

SITE123 Creative Arts templates

Opting for one of these templates is the easiest and fastest way you can get your graphic design site online. Then, add, remove, or rearrange the blocks to reflect your artistic style.

Sure, you won’t see anything earth-shattering but your site will still look good. Plus, the templates are mobile-friendly and you can even edit how your site looks on mobile devices.

Speaking of editing, SITE123’s editor is very simplistic. It shouldn’t pose any problem even to a complete rookie. And, while the builder doesn’t allow many editing options, you can still absolutely change the basics.

SITE123 website builder editor

Things like images, alignments, colors, fonts and all other small elements can be easily modified. Just click on the edit button and you can get to work.

In a nutshell, SITE123 has gone all-out to simplify and accelerate the website-creation process. Everything is as easy as it could be with this code free website builder. And, if you want an in-depth review about this provider, check out our post about SITE123.

SITE123 pricing

SITE123 offers a free plan in addition to 5 premium plans that cost between $12.80/mo and $45.00/mo. The free plan is severely limited and is a no-go if you want anyone to take your graphic design site seriously.

Investing into any one of the paid plans of SITE123 is a better option. All 5 include the ability to use custom domain names, free domain for a year, and removal of SITE123’s floating tag.

Here’s which plans of SITE123 I’d recommend:

  • Basic ($12.80/mo) – excellent choice for general needs like displaying your portfolio. It comes with 10GB of storage and 5GB of bandwidth as well as basic eCommerce functionality.
  • Professional ($17.28/mo) – great for full-blown business and eCommerce tools. It comes with 90GB of storage, 45GB bandwidth, 5 mailboxes, and the ability to accept 500 orders per month.

A longer buying term will yield cheaper prices. And, if you’re in for the long run, SITE123 even has a 120-month subscription, which offers the cheapest prices.

Best Value

For the best value for money, consider getting the Basic plan. For $12.80/mo, you’ll get enough resources to build a professional website with an organized portfolio.

4. Wix

wix for creating affiliate website
Features:Google My Business, online scheduling, SEO and marketing tools
Best for:100% customizable website building
Free plan:Yes
Current deal:Get an additional 10% OFF Premium Wix plans using code 'CyberNews10!'

Often referred to as the best creative website builder, Wix provides complete freedom to create a truly unique graphic design website. Additionally, it also comes with ample functionalities as well as hundreds of sleek and modern template options.

This is where Wix truly shines:

  • Over 800 designer-crafted templates that are responsive and stunning-looking,
  • Strong marketing and SEO functionalities, featuring everything from branded email campaigns, ad campaigns, and social media integration to SEO Wiz app,
  • Hundreds of built-in/third-party functionalities and apps that cover extensive ground and include live chat, bookings, animations, 3D effects, and more,
  • Wix Pro Gallery lets you showcase your work in a variety of ways. Advanced gallery settings are available to better reflect your vision.

While Wix stands out with its template assortment, the builder’s versatility also makes it a great choice for anyone.

Building a graphic designer website with Wix

With Wix, you are free to design your graphic designer website however you like. You can choose between a template or the Wix AI tool which can build a website for you. Both options are extremely easy and intuitive, but the latter offers an even easier route.

To start, you can build a sleek and simple website in minutes with Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). Just answer a few questions and the builder will generate a website. Of course, you’re free to make any edits to the outcome to achieve the best possible final result.

Alternatively, you can also go the template route. Here, you first select a template from Wix’s 800+ options. Speaking of which, the templates are quite a sight. Modern, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing, they cater to multiple purposes, including creative arts and portfolios. Wix even has a Graphic & Web category with over 10 templates available.

Wix Graphic & Web templates

Once done, you can then customize the site with Wix’s drag-and-drop editor. You can easily insert elements like images, galleries, interactive videos, and more. Design-wise, color palettes, background images, effects, and more can easily be changed, too.

Wix website builder editor

I must say, the editor is unparalleled. It’s intuitive yet allows so much freedom and flexibility. In fact, the editing possibilities are endless and you can easily transform your website into a truly unique one.

Offering 2 easy setup options, beautiful templates, and a powerful editor, Wix underscores the very best benefits of creating a site with a builder. If you want to find out more, check out our in-depth Wix review.

Wix pricing

Wix offers 8 plans — from free to $59.00/mo. 5 of them are for regular websites while the remaining ones are eCommerce plans.

You get a free domain, SSL certificate, and can connect a custom domain and remove ads with all the paid plans.

Here are my recommendations for designers:

  • Combo ($16.00/mo) – includes 3GB of storage and 2GB of bandwidth. Its storage limit is a bit limited but still sufficient for a small personal portfolio.
  • VIP ($45.00/mo) – 35GB storage and unlimited bandwidth, making it a good alternative to the Combo plan. Plus, you get business-related features like free booster and visitor analytics apps for a year.
  • Business Unlimited ($32.00/mo) – 35GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. This subscription fits best for selling works or services online. It offers all sorts of eCommerce features, including product reviews.

Ultimately, it all comes down to whether you plan to grow a business or just want a place to showcase work samples.

Best Value

The Combo plan is a great choice for graphic design-related projects. At $16.00/mo, you get enough storage and bandwidth for a small website to display your artwork.

5. GoDaddy website builder

Features:Testimonials pages, contact forms, online appointments, SEO tools
Best for:marketing graphic designer websites
Free plan:Free 14-day trial
Current deal:Get up to 33% OFF GoDaddy website builder!

If you want a no-frills business-focused website builder for designers, hit up GoDaddy website builder. To appeal to the business crowd, the builder offers ease of use, clean modern designer templates, and a slew of marketing, SEO, and eCommerce tools.

Below are GoDaddy’s key features:

  • 19 Art & Design focused and responsive templates,
  • Built-in marketing solution with GoDaddy Websites + Marketing, which includes email marketing, social media tools, and GoDaddy Insight for more effective website optimization.
  • Excellent SEO tools, including SEO Wizard for keyword assistance, alt and meta tags editing options, and more.
  • Online appointment feature for Premium and more expensive plans. With it, you can provide your site’s visitors and customers access to your calendar to share when you’re available. Great if you do gigs like tattoo designs – you can chat about the expectations over a call.

Even though the template array of GoDaddy is quite limited, it has all the built-in necessities a site requires.

Building a graphic designer website with GoDaddy

Just like other top-tier website builders, creating a graphic designer site with GoDaddy website builder is an absolute breeze. It offers dozens of templates that can be customized to match your selected color scheme and style. Plus, the builder’s section-based building process also serves to increase its beginner-friendliness.

GoDaddy offers tens of templates covering various niches, including art and design as well as personal and blog. The builder templates themselves are stripped-back, clean, and very minimalistic. No award for groundbreaking design but certainly attractive enough even for a graphic designer.

Even though there are templates for personal use or photography that you can check out, I found that the Art & Design category features 19 templates that would work best for designers.

GoDaddy's Art and Design templates

Once you have selected a template, you’ll be directed to GoDaddy’s editor for whatever customizations that you have in mind.

The editor is section-based and quite clearly made with beginners in mind. All you need to do is point and click to select and edit content boxes with elements.

GoDaddy website builder's editor

The customization options are a bit limited, which makes the editor a two-edged sword. Its restrictions and limitations can be frustrating to advanced designers that want full control over all design decisions. But, if you’re business-focused and just want a good-looking site up as soon as possible, this is the most effortless way to customize the site.

In any case, GoDaddy ticks all the right boxes with its beautiful templates, beginner-friendly editor, and overall ease of use. For more details about this builder, read our GoDaddy website builder review.

GoDaddy pricing

GoDaddy has 4 plans that cost between $9.99/mo and $16.99/mo. There’s no free plan but you can give the premium plans a whirl for 14 days for free.

All 4 plans come with unlimited bandwidth and storage, a free SSL certificate, basic marketing and social media tools, and a professional Microsoft email for a year.

If you want some suggestions, I’d recommend:

  • Standard ($9.99/mo) – with its appointment scheduling features and plenty of built-in SEO tools, it's a catch for graphic designers who are looking to build an online portfolio.
  • Ecommerce ($16.99/mo) – excellent pick for when you want to diversify your website and sell online, accept orders, and more. It comes with advanced analytics, a bunch of eCommerce features, and marketing tools.

Standard and Ecommerce are your best bet as they’re packed with features and tools for all purposes.

Best value

If you want to get the most out of your money, consider the Standard plan. You get plenty of generous resources for your graphic design website at $9.99/mo.

Best website builder for graphic designers: final recommendations

Even though there are plenty of website builders out there, ranging from low quality to incredibly outstanding ones, we reviewed, tested, and selected the top 5 website builders for graphic designers. All of them validated their place on this list in terms of ease of use as well as features, template assortments, and additional tools.

To make your search for the best website builder for designers a little easier, here’s a recap of all of the above builders’ biggest strengths:

  • Zyro is one of the cheapest website builders for designers and their design-focused websites.
  • Squarespace offers a website builder for designers with some of the most gorgeous templates.
  • SITE123 is a good choice for beginners as it greatly simplifies the website-building process.
  • Wix is an extremely flexible website builder for designers and offers hundreds of templates.
  • GoDaddy website builder provides a beginner-friendly designer website builder ideal for businesses.

Key principles for graphic designer websites

Considering the hours you spend on your design work, it’s only right and natural that it should be displayed in the best possible light that reflects your style, preferences, and goals. So, here are some key principles to keep in mind before you jump right into building your site:

Multiple ways to showcase your portfolio

Ideally, a website builder for designers should provide plenty of ways to display your work. This will help show the item exactly as you – the designer – have visualized it.

A provider that nailed this aspect is Squarespace, which offers slideshow, slider (carousel), grid, stacked designs, and even more – depending on the layout that you’ve picked.

Focus on quality

It’s tempting to put up every piece of your work to share with the world. But, that’s far from practical.

So, instead, narrow it down to only the ones that make you very proud. Ensure that each piece reflects your strengths and shows off your style.

But, to make things easier for yourself, look for a provider that offers unlimited storage with its plans.

For instance, Zyro’s Website plan offers unlimited storage and bandwidth. This shouldn’t feed into the obsession to upload as many pieces of design work as possible. Instead, it helps to upload the selected pieces in the highest quality without sacrificing speed.

Make full use of SEO tools

If you want your website to be seen, you need to take advantage of all the available SEO tools.

Things like keyword assistance, meta tags, and more will help your site to attract more eyeballs and rank better in search engines. For that, creative website builders like SITE123, Zyro, and GoDaddy all offer great SEO tools.

Customization and style

When it comes to design, it’s vital that the website represents and reflects your own artistic style. Some website builders might be too restrictive to accommodate your flair while others can let you customize even the smallest details of your website.

For instance, Wix’s flexibility allows you to customize and tweak to your fancy. Meanwhile, Squarespace could also work because its stunning templates appeal to the majority and it allows customizations via CSS and JavaScript.

4.4 /5
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4.2 /5
Special deal
-40% OFF

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