Russia mulls protected list of high-tech firms in response to global sanctions

Russia is mulling a bill that would put many of its high-tech manufacturers on a “counter-sanctions” list that would effectively allow them to keep doing business without incurring the wrath of the global community, according to a nongovernmental organization.

The mooted new law comes as a response to the year’s raft of international sanctions imposed on Russian businesses in the wake of the Kremlin’s decision to invade Ukraine in February. It would effectively create a 'white list' of companies that would not have to disclose business data, to help prevent them being identified and sanctioned.

Roskomsvoboda, a Russian-focused free-speech group that takes its name partly in opposition to the country’s censor Roskomnadzor, said the list would include financial statements from Russian companies that develop and manufacture radio-electronic goods.

It added: “The Computing Technology Consortium, which includes leading Russian manufacturers of computer equipment, has submitted to the State Duma’s expert council [...] a bill on including financial and other reporting of manufacturers and developers of radio-electronic products in the list of counter-sanctions information.”

An explanatory note appended to the submitted bill said it proposed “to include in the list of counter-sanction information accounting and other statements of Russian companies engaged in the development of radio-electronic products [...] or the register of organizations operating in the field of radio-electronic industry, as well as data on their founders and governing bodies.”

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