Linux-friendly email program hit by zero-day bug

Zimbra has issued a warning that its email platform and supporting software are prone to a security glitch that’s being actively exploited by threat actors, a cyber watchdog warned today.

CybersecurityHelp quoted the email services provider on July 17th as saying: “A security vulnerability in Zimbra Collaboration Suite Version 8.8.15 that could potentially impact the confidentiality and integrity of your data has surfaced.”

The bug is fresh enough that it has yet to be assigned a CVE docket number, although Zimbra claims it has patched the system flaw.

“We have also performed rigorous testing to ensure the effectiveness and stability of the system,” it said, adding that its fix is scheduled to be included in its patch release later this month.

In the meantime, Zimbra has issued a four-step guide to apply the fix manually on all affected mailbox nodes.

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