Emotional LED mask helps you customize your facial expressions

The creators of Qudi Mask 1 have presented their latest range of weird LED masks, which can capture your emotions by simply gesturing.

The Qudi Mask 2 is an advanced version of Qudi’s previous LED emotive masks. They are marketed to make communication between people “brighter and easier” while providing people with a new way of expressing themselves and their emotions.

The mask aims to represent your feelings without compromising privacy, and it is regarded as the world's first interactive mask. The Qudi Mask 2 has additional features, including more emotions and the ability to customize and create different facial expressions.

Of course, the mask has a companion app that allows users to control their unique character. According to Qudi’s Kickstarter campaign, there are millions of faces to explore, “from ridiculously cringe to unexpectedly cool.”

Some features included are motion triggers that prompt certain emotions with a short movement. For example, if you want to say no, just shake your head, and the mask will turn red and display “No” in the mouth area.

In dynamic mode, the mask can supposedly read your behavior and decide which emotion to display based on your behavior and surroundings.

With these new masks, you can add customized cases that resemble a cat or a beloved Scottish cartoon ogre.

There are also three new models, including Kawaii, inspired by Anime and featuring Qudi’s most advanced algorithm and exclusive Emote Glyphs System.

There’s also the ‘XX’ model, the wild one with X-shaped eyes, and the original Robot model.

A special Kickstarter deal allows you to get the upgraded Qudi Mask 2 for only $129.

In Qudi’s promotional video, the mask is supposedly used as an emotional filter to help people escape social pressure but also allows users to express themselves in new, fun ways.