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How to turn off Amazon Prime Video ads in 2024

Amazon has announced that starting in early 2024, Prime Video will introduce advertisements in their TV shows and movies. Although, at the moment, it is ad-free, we’ve noticed that if you watch Prime content through the Amazon website, you might sometimes encounter ads at the beginning of the video. Besides, Amazon has a Freevee service in its Free with ads section, where content is streamed with non-skippable ads. Either way, ads are a burden to your viewing experience.

We are close to the release of the upcoming ad-free option on Prime Video, although it will come with an additional cost. This means, that from then on, the regular Prime Video subscription will include ads. Because of this, Cybernews experts have performed research and tests to deliver the perfect solution to turn off ads on Prime Video and other Amazon streaming services – an ad blocker.

How to turn off ads on Amazon Prime Video with an ad blocker

block ads on Amazon Prime Video with an ad blocker
  1. Subscribe to a reliable ad-blocking service. We recommend Total Adblock, now 80% OFF
  2. Install the ad blocker on your device or add its extension to your browser
  3. Log in with your credentials
  4. Enable the ad blocker
  5. Enjoy Prime Video content ad-free

Why you might want to turn off ads on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video primarily offers ad-free streaming to its subscribers, but there's an exception in Amazon’s Free with ads category, known as Amazon Freevee (formerly IMDB TV).

This service, though part of the Amazon ecosystem, is separate from the Prime Video subscription and features ad-supported content at no additional cost. Ads on Freevee typically occur at the beginning of streaming, however, users have also noticed some ads throughout the videos of various products and services. Either way, these ads are non-skippable.

While the main Prime Video service remains commercial-free for subscribers, occasional ads have been noted when content is accessed via Amazon, though these are typically skippable.

Ads while streaming

So, before we move on to teach you how to block ads on Amazon Prime Video, let’s cover the list of reasons why you might want to block Amazon Prime Video ads:

  • Skip the interruptions. Nobody likes their movie night interrupted by random commercials. By blocking ads, you can ensure a smooth, uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • Save time. Imagine fitting in an extra episode instead of sitting through ads. Amazon Prime without ads will reduce overall viewing time, meaning in the long run, you get to binge more content in less time.
  • Prevent distractions. Amazon Prime Video or Freevee ads might not be relevant to your interests. Users have reported the targeted ads being a mess. For instance, an ad for a drama series might pop up while you are watching anime. Blocking ads means no more jarring jumps.
  • Ensure kid-friendly screen time. Amazon Prime Video without ads can help prevent exposure to inappropriate content or targeted marketing for children.
  • Preserve bandwidth. Streaming eats up data, and ads just add to the appetite. For viewers with limited internet data, Amazon Prime with no commercials helps save bandwidth.
Block ads on Amazon Prime Video with Total Adblock
If Amazon Prime Video and Freevee ads keep interrupting your viewing experience, you can turn them off easily with Total AdBlock. This ad blocker blocks all types of ads, including video ads, on Amazon Prime Video for ad-free streaming.
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How to block Amazon Prime Video ads with an ad blocker: our detailed guide

While you can wait for the upcoming ad-free version to enjoy a smooth experience on Amazon Prime Video without ads, don’t forget it will come at an additional cost. To avoid paying extra, you can take action and use a reliable ad blocker that will remove ads on the regular Prime Video subscription, as well as other Amazon streaming services, like Freevee.

  1. Select a reliable ad blocker and subscribe. Our top recommendation is Total Adblock, now 80% OFF total adblock for amazon prime ads
  2. Click the button to add Total Adblock to your current browser on the official website. For example, if you are using Chrome, you will find Add Total Adblock to Google Chrome Total AdBlock website
  3. You will be taken to the web page of the browser extension. Click Add it to Chrome, assuming you currently use this browser. If you use another browser, you will find another button, similar to this Total AdBlock extension website
  4. Next, toggle on the button to enable the ad blocker in the settings of the browser extension Total AdBlock in the extensions list
  5. You can find the extension in the upper right corner of your browser. For example, if you are using Chrome, you can find it in the Extensions icon Extension icon
  6. Click on Total Adblock and log in with your credentials Total AdBlock log in - Click on it and log in with your credentials
  7. Enjoy Amazon Prime Video and other Amazon streaming services with no ads! Stream Amazon Prime with no ads

Other methods of blocking commercials on Amazon Prime Video

Although the current Prime Video doesn’t show ads, this will change in early 2024. Videos streamed on regular subscription will start showing ads, unfortunately. To avoid this without using an ad blocker, you can try alternative methods to turn off ads on Amazon Prime Video and elevate your experience.

1. Use the ad-free Prime Video

Amazon is significantly enhancing its Prime Video service, already home to popular films, acclaimed Amazon Originals, and live sports. Prime Video's success is evident, considering its 68 Emmy nominations for MGM Studios and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel setting records.

The company has recently announced that starting in 2024, shows and movies will feature ads, but these will be fewer, compared to traditional TV and other streaming services, without changing the current Prime membership cost.

Better yet, Amazon will offer a new ad-free option to turn off ads on Amazon Prime Video. Prime members can expect more details on this upgrade via email closer to its launch. But please keep in mind, this service will cost more.

2. Find other streaming alternatives

One thing is for sure: you can remove ads on Amazon Prime Video. However, you can also turn to services with subscription plans specifically for ads-free content.

For example, Netflix boasts an extensive catalog of original content for an ad-free streaming experience. Likewise, Hulu offers both on-demand titles and live TV, and Disney+ serves as a trove of family-oriented programming. Additionally, Max presents a comprehensive library of cinematic content, while Apple TV+ is notable for its critically acclaimed proprietary series.

Each of these platforms curates a distinct viewing experience, providing quality alternatives to Amazon Prime Video without ad interruptions. Obviously, they all come at a cost, so it’s best to find the optimal option on how to block ads. We believe that it’s best to rely on an ad blocker, such as Total Adblock.

Bottom line: you can enjoy Amazon Prime Video without ads

Amazon Prime Video has been a front-runner in the streaming industry, offering an expansive library of content, including live sports, acclaimed originals, and a vast movie selection. However, with other Amazon streaming services displaying ads and Prime Video introducing ads in early 2024, the viewing experience might not be the most enjoyable.

Learning how to block ads on Amazon Prime Video has become crucial. The good news is you'll have options. You will be able to go for an ad-free subscription, but this will come at a cost. To save, it’s best to turn off Amazon Prime Video ads with an ad blocker, such as Total Adblock. You’ll be able to enjoy your Prime Video shows just the way you like them, besides, the ad blocker will work on other streaming services too!

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