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Best password managers for Windows 10 & 11

Getting a good password manager for Windows is one of the best things you can do for your online security. The tool will automatically fill in your passwords and other credentials so that you wouldn’t need to remember them yourself. This lets you use more difficult passwords, unique to each place you log in, making your online identity a lot more difficult to crack.

On this article, we're offer some advice for both first-time and experienced password manager users – with a comprehensive list of the best Windows password managers along with a few tips on their usage.

Best Windows password managers:

  1. NordPass – best Windows password manager
  2. Keeper – when you need all the features
  3. RoboForm – a reliable tool for the autofill
  4. Dashlane – multi-versatile emphasis on security
  5. 1Password – good inexpensive Windows app

How we selected and tested these password managers

At their core, all password managers offer the same basic service, which is to help you manage your passwords and other credentials. However, the quality of the services can vastly differ. Here are the criteria that helped us pick the best Windows password managers for this list:

  • Security. As the primary function of a password manager is to keep your credentials protected, its security measures are incredibly important. We look for strong encryption (AES-256 or equivalent), the possibility of multi-factor authentication (like touch ID), and, of course, spotless reputation.
  • Features for Windows. A good password manager should offer useful extra features that would help you stay safe online. Luckily, the Windows versions of password managers are usually the most feature-rich of the bunch.
  • Import and export. The process of importing and exporting should be an easy one in case you decide to switch password managers.
  • Price. Even though your security is priceless, it's still nice to find an inexpensive quality service. That's why we look for tools that don't cost more than they are actually worth.
  • Customer support. Good customer support is an important part of any application because even advanced users might run into a problem or two when trying out a new tool.

Best password managers for Windows - our detailed list:

So, you’ve finally decided to get a password manager. The list below displays the best password managers for Windows together with short reviews that will help you pick the right tool.

1. NordPass – best Windows password manager

Cloud storage:3 GB (with NordLocker app)
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, and Edge
Current deal:🔥 Get NordPass, now 52% OFF and 1 month FREE! 🔥

No list of the best Windows password managers would be complete without our best Windows password manager – NordPass. This isn't surprising - after all, the tool comes from the same people behind NordVPN, which has been one of the most popular VPNs for years.

However, the appeal of NordPass doesn't lie in its name alone. Let’s take a look at what makes it so special.

So, what most users like about the service the most is the ease of use. NordPass is the perfect password manager for beginners, as its user interface is made to be as intuitive as possible.

Once you install NordPass onto your Windows 10 or any other device, you’ll discover a bunch of extra features. For example, there’s a Data Breach Scanner that will let you know whether any of your credentials have been leaked online. This even includes credit card details.

You might also appreciate the OCR scanning feature, which is a rare one when it comes to password managers. It allows you to save text from written documents without having to type it in yourself.

The password generator is quite useful, too. It generates strong passwords (including symbols, capital letters, etc.) so that you wouldn’t need to use your pet’s name as a password anymore.

Of course, security is also a top priority for NordPass. The service uses the XChaCha20 encryption, which, in some ways, is superior to AES-256. NordPass is also independently audited and lets you use 2FA on Windows and other operating systems.

Check out our list of the latest NordPass deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

2. Keeper – when you need all the features

Cloud storage:5 GB
Free version:No, 30-day free trial
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer
Current deal:🔥 Get 50% OFF Keeper Unlimited and Family plans! 🔥

Keeper is an amazing password manager for Windows and other platforms. Its main selling point is the abundance of features it offers.

One of them is called BreachWatch, which is basically a Dark Web scanner that will alert you in case any of your credentials get leaked online.

KeeperChat is another great feature of Keeper. It’s a separate messaging application that encrypts your messages and keeps them safe from the eyes of snoopers. The app even lets you permanently delete messages (from both ends) and set self-destruct timers.

This Windows password manager also has a neat little feature called Self Destruct. When activated, it automatically erases all of your passwords after five failed login attempts.

Aside from all of the extra stuff, Keeper does the job of a password manager just fine. It auto-fills your credentials, generates passwords, and offers a bunch of browser extensions.

Finally, Keeper is one of the most secure password managers you can find because it uses layered encryption (AES-256 together with PBKDF2 encryption, to be exact). In addition, the service is independently audited.

The prices start from $1.46 per month, which puts Keeper among the budget-friendly password managers for Windows.

Check out our list of the latest Keeper deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

3. RoboForm – good for form-filling

Cloud storage:No
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera
Current deal:🔥 Get RoboForm, save up to 50% 🔥

As one of the oldest password managers, RoboForm has had a lot of years to improve. Thus, now we have a great password manager for Windows 10 and other popular platforms.

The tool uses banking-grade AES-256 encryption, alerts you about weak passwords, and generates new passwords (which can have up to 512 characters!). It comes without saying that RoboForm supports 2FA authentication, too.

It’s also able to create one-time passwords that you can send via email or phone, fill in all sorts of web forms, and give emergency access to your account.

The creators of RoboForm are kind enough to offer a free version for those who are on a tight budget. On the other hand, the paid version is budget-friendly, too - you’ll pay only $0.99 a month for all the Premium perks of RoboForm.

4. Dashlane – the most comprehensive suite of features

Dashlane banner
Cloud storage:1–5 GB
Free version:Yes
Browser plugin:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge
Current deal:🔥 Get Dashlane, save up to 25%! 🔥

With a versatile suite of security features Dashlane excels in multiple areas, from security to ease of use.

Let’s start with the fact that Dashlane offers more features than the majority of other tools of the same kind. Simply install the Windows app onto your device and you’ll find a password generator, a password changer (that will update weak or old passwords), advanced form filling, Secure Notes, and Dark Web monitoring.

Dashlane also allows you to share your passwords with your friends and family members. All you need to do is enter the person’s email address and they will get an invitation to access the account.

In terms of security, there’s nothing to worry about. Dashlane uses AES-256 encryption, includes 2FA authentication, and applies the zero-trust approach. The data itself is protected by your master password and stored on your device.

Interestingly, this Windows password manager also has a built-in VPN with servers in 30 different countries. However, Dashlane's VPN is inferior to stand-alone tools like NordVPN.

The cost of Dashlane ranges from $3.75 to $8.99 depending on what features you need and how many accounts you want. There’s also a free version with basic password manager functionality, as well as a 30-day free trial of the Premium version.

Check out our list of the latest Dashlane deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

5. 1Password – top-class password manager for less money

Cloud storage:1–5 GB
Free version:No
Browser plugins:Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge
Current deal:🔥 Get 40% OFF 1Password!🔥

There are many aspects that make 1Password one of the best Windows password managers.

First of all, it’s full of features that will allow you to feel at ease when it comes to online security. For example, Watchover will let you know whether any of your passwords are weak, outdated, or even compromised.

I also find it convenient that 1Password offers multiple vaults for different categories of credentials like passwords, secure documents, form fills, and credit card info. In addition, there’s the Travel Mode that lets you select which vaults are travel-safe so that you wouldn’t expose vulnerable information.

In addition to all this, 1Password offers 1Password X, an extension you can install onto your preferred browser: Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

In terms of safety, there are no compromises. The tool uses military-grade AES-256 encryption, implements a zero-knowledge policy, and offers two-factor authentication to secure your password vault.

It’s worth mentioning that 1Password allows for easy password import, which means you can start using it almost immediately even if you had all your passwords stored in another service.

You might also appreciate the fact that 1Password is rather inexpensive, as the prices start from $1.79 a month. There’s also the 30-day money-back guarantee that will let you try out the tool risk-free.

Check out our list of the latest 1Password deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

6. Passwarden – intuitive password manager for new and advanced users

Passwarden banner
Cloud storage:No
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge
Current deal:🔥 Get Passwarden, save up to 50%! 🔥

KeepSolid Passwarden password manager is that program which has everything together. Whether you’re looking for the right amount of security features or a user-friendly application. With it, your passwords become untouchable and unforgettable.

Passwarden is a complementary secure password manager. It uses military-grade encryption, you can enable 2FA authentication (or biometric on Android, iOS, and macOS devices), and the company follows a strict privacy policy.

To ease your passwords’ managing, this password manager offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. You can generate complex passwords by using Passwarden’s password generator. There’s also a security dashboard to regularly check the safety status of your credentials. And you will find much more features to benefit from once you start using the app.

Finally, Passwarden has a free version that allows you to connect up to 2 devices and use rather every feature that it has (except secure sharing). On the contrary, a paid version lets you protect an unlimited number of devices and use every possible feature that this password manager implements. To have a premium plan, you would need to pay from $3.33 per month.

7. LastPass – a popular choice among Windows users

Cloud storage:1 GB
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Edge Legacy

LastPass is one of the most popular password managers for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. And not without reason: it’s not only secure, but also feature-rich and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The service uses AES-256 encryption and allows for two-factor (as well as multi-factor) authentication. It keeps your passwords in an encrypted vault online, which you can also access when you’re offline.

Aside from the usual functions found in any password manager, LastPass also offers a few extra security features. For example, One-Time Password allows you to use a disposable password when connecting from a device that doesn’t belong to you.

There’s also a password evaluation tool, credit monitoring (you get an alert when your credit suddenly changes), and a password generator.

Having in mind all the additional benefits, the tool doesn’t cost that much: you’ll pay $3.00 a month for the Premium plan and $4.00 for the Family plan, which includes 6 licenses.

Alternatively, you can just stick to its free version. However, keep in mind that it’s limited to only one device.

8. Enpass – a straightforward solution

Cloud storage:No
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi
Current deal:🔥 Get up to 25% OFF Enpass! 🔥

Enpass will be the perfect tool for you if you want something simple yet useful. This Windows password manager is extremely secure, works both online and offline, and offers all the necessary features like password and form filling.

However, it’s not as simplistic as it may seem at first glance. The app is also able to evaluate password strength, generate new passwords, and facilitate secure password sharing.

What makes Enpass one of the best password managers for Windows is its free version (which actually works only on desktop devices). It allows you to store up to 25 passwords and even includes some of the features.

However, if you want the full experience, you’ll have to subscribe to one of its paid plans. The price ranges from $1.99 a month (for personal use) to $3.00 a month (for a family subscription). However, keep in mind that these prices are for the first year only - later on, they increase a bit.

Password managers for Windows: video review

How to choose the best Windows 10 password manager

Choosing a password manager for your Windows or any other device shouldn’t be a headache-inducing process. Quite the contrary - if you know your needs, then picking the right tool will be a piece of cake.

For example, how many simultaneous connections do you actually need? If you own only one device (quite a rarity these days), a free password manager might be enough. However, if you want to sync your account info across all your devices, you’ll have to look into paid options.

Then, you should consider what kind of features you want. Does a data breach checker sound important? How about secure password sharing? Will you find use in browser extensions? Check out the list of features each password manager has and make your decision based on your needs.

It also comes without saying that your password manager should offer top-notch security. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about that - picking any of the applications from this list of the best password managers for Windows guarantees that you’re getting a secure tool.

You need a password manager for easier password and credential management. After setting up such a tool, you won’t ever need to store your passwords on a sticky note or a .doc file. In addition, you’ll have the privilege of using only strong (and uncrackable) passwords, as the app will remember them all for you.

It’s also worth noting that password managers are a great way to prevent keyloggers from snatching your passwords, as you won’t need to type in any of them manually.

Yes, using a password manager on Windows 10 is completely safe. In fact, you only increase the safety of your computer and personal information by getting one.

However, some people are wary about the fact that the company behind the tool will get to know all their credentials. Even though this concern is reasonable, there is nothing you should worry about.

All reputable password managers implement the zero-knowledge architecture, which means that the service provider can’t have access to any of your passwords or other data.

One of the best free password managers for Windows 10 is NordPass. It lets you store unlimited passwords and offers next-gen security features, like military-grade encryption, multi-factor authentication, a password generator, and more.

However, NordPass is not the only good free password management tool for Windows devices. Here are some of the other great services:

  • Enpass. The free version of Enpass is best for desktop devices (Windows, macOS, Linux), offering unlimited password storage.
  • LastPass. LastPass has a truly generous version for Windows, as it allows you to store unlimited passwords and has a couple of features like a password generator and one-to-one sharing.
  • RoboForm. Unlimited password storage, password audits, and a password generator - this is what you’ll find in the free version of RoboForm.
  • RememBear. This free password manager for Windows includes basic functionality on a single device.

Keep in mind that when it comes to quality, choosing between a free and a paid password manager is a no-brainer: a paid subscription will offer more features and will let you use the tool on more than one device.

What is the best free Windows password manager?

And the best free Windows 10 password manager’s nomination goes to NordPass. After all, it has done a great job personalizing its software for the Windows desktop app. Even though you can only have one device connected, NordPass offers you an attractive interface. The application is easy to use, and you receive a luxurious package of strong security features.

Just install the program on your Windows device, and you can enjoy NordPass's perks right away. The free version includes a strong password generator, advanced form-filling, and the possibility to store your notes and credit cards. Moreover, NordPass makes sure you are fully secure, therefore, you are able to enable multi-factor authentication so getting into your vault would become rather impossible for a stranger.

So, if you are considering which free password manager is going to serve you best, you wouldn’t lose with choosing NordPass.


It is evident that a password manager is as necessary as an antivirus tool or a Virtual Private Network. After all, a password is often the only thing that protects your personal information from people who shouldn’t have access to it.

However, it doesn’t mean you should download a random app and be happy with it. Doing even a little bit of research beforehand will ensure that you won’t drop your Windows password manager after a few days of usage.

4.9 /5
Special deal
-52% OFF
4.8 /5
Special deal
-50% OFF
4.5 /5
Special deal
-40% OFF

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