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Best website builder for musicians – make yourself heard online

The purpose of this article is to help you choose the best website builder for musicians. After testing dozens of website builders, the ones below made the cut. I looked at the most relevant features, such as ease of use, costs, music players, and others.

Now, creating a music website is not as complicated as you might think, but it does require a little bit of know-how. You can utilize a content management system, hire someone to do it for you, or use a website builder.

A website builder for musicians will give you ease of use with all the tools you might need. You’ll create a site, attract new fans and let them know everything there is to know about you. Things like a bio, future events, contact information, and exclusive content are crucial for making it big in the music scene. While social media can help, a website is more professional.

To save you the headaches, I looked into dozens of website builders to find the ones most suitable for this job. So, let’s take a look at some of the best website builders for musicians:

Best website builders for musicians: ranked

  1. Zyro – best website builder for musicians overall
  2. SITE123 – beginner-oriented music website builder
  3. Squarespace – premium website builder for musicians
  4. Wix – highly customizable builder
  5. Gator website builder – affordable website builder
  6. GoDaddy website builder – business-oriented builder for musicians

If you’re not sure what you need to look for in a musician website builder, this article includes a section at the end that’s meant to assist you with making your own choice.

1. Zyro – affordable and well-rounded builder for musicians

zyro banner image
Free planNo
Cheapest plan storage spaceUnlimited GB
FeaturesAudio and video embedding, event calendars
Best forSimple and affordable website building

Zyro is a website builder that can help you launch your website with ease. It’s a suitable website builder for musicians because it’s easy to use and it won’t take much of your time. Not to mention, Zyro is a very affordable option as well despite its music-focused features.

While Zyro has multiple features that can help you grow an online presence, here’s what you’ll find most useful:

  • Ease of use – Zyro is one of the most beginner-friendly website builders, which offers a very intuitive web creation process. It uses a traditional drag-and-drop editor.
  • Contact forms – visitors can leave their email address to receive newsletters in which you can announce your future events and other updates. Additionally, contact forms are also great if you want record labels to get in touch with you.
  • Event calendar – build a buzz with the use of an event calendar in your musician website – let your visitors know when you’re going to be releasing music, having concerts, or even organizing fan meetups.
  • Gallery, audio, and video embedding – you can post photos from different sessions and events, add music, as well as embed videos from other platforms.
  • Social media icons – your online presence is, more often than not, based on your social media, and Zyro allows you to place social icons on your website.
  • AI tools – while Zyro is a simplistic website builder, it includes a few AI features, such as an AI heatmap, to predict your visitors’ behavior and optimize your website. An AI can help you create a website from the start as well if you have 0 experience with web development or want an easier start.

Creating a musician or band website with Zyro

The process of creating a musician or band website with Zyro is intuitive and effortless.

When you get started, Zyro asks you whether you want to choose a template or let an AI create a website for you. If you go with the second option, you’ll have to answer a few questions, after which a site will be generated for you.

zyro music website building options

After the website is generated, you can make a few tweaks here and there, depending on what you want.

Now, Zyro doesn’t have specific templates for music websites. However, the templates and the editor work together really well, so you’ll be able to edit your chosen template into a perfectly customizable look for your website.

zyro templates can be customized to create a perfect musician website

No matter what template you start with, Zyro allows a ton of customization with its design editor – while it is minimalistic, you can create something clean and good-looking without going through a time-consuming process.

zyro musician website with bands photos

You can embed music into your Zyro website by uploading MP3 files from your Google drive. Additionally, with the use of CTA buttons and social media integration, it’s easy to add a button that leads directly to your Spotify profile.

For the time being, it’s better for you to sell your music through your iTunes and Spotify profiles – just remember to link them on your site. In the end, this type of music selling will be cheaper – you won’t need to buy a plan with eCommerce functionality implemented.

editing a zyro musicians website with its drag and drop builder

The bottom line is that Zyro is a simple website builder that enables you to create something as beautiful as your art in no time. The provided tools can give your online presence a boost even if you have little to no experience.

Zyro pricing

Zyro is one of the cheapest website builders for musicians. It has 3 plans, and the prices range between $2.33and $14.39 per month.

All 3 plans include SSL certificates, free email for 3 months, blogging tools, free web hosting, SEO, branding and blogging tools, free templates, and others. The plans differ in many ways, though:

  • Website ($2.33/mo) – unlimited bandwidth and storage, free custom domain for a year, messenger live chat, Google analytics, Google Tag Manager, Stripe payment integration, embed code, WhatsApp live chat.
  • Business ($3.23/mo) – comes with all features included in the Website plan, plus allows selling online up to 100 products. However, it comes with 1% commission fee and allows accepting payments via Stripe only.
  • Advanced Store ($14.39/mo) – you can sell 2500 products, as well as get an abandoned cart recovery, can sell on social platforms and Amazon, and integrate product filters.
Best value

For a simple musician website, the Website plan seems to be the best choice. You have unlimited bandwidth and storage, which is great if you end up wanting to post a lot of content on your website.

2. SITE123 – beginner-oriented website builder

SITE123 user interface
Free planYes
Cheapest plan storage space10GB
FeaturesMusic player, Soundcloud integration, event calendar
Best forQuick website building

If ease of use is a must-have for you before you crown the best website builder for musicians, SITE123 is the one for you. Simplistic and easy to navigate, you can set up your site quickly. Plus, there are several features that will come in handy for a music website.

  • Ease of use – there’s a reason why it’s called SITE123. It’s that your site can be up and running in no time. The editor is minimalistic, and the website creation process is streamlined.
  • Schedule booking page – the option is already built-in. You have to add a page and choose Schedule Booking from the menu on the left.
  • Events – SITE123 gives you multiple options on how your events page will look, and the choice, once again, is available when adding a new page.
  • Music player/Soundcloud integration – your visitors can listen to your music directly on your website or Soundcloud without leaving.

Creating a musician or band website with SITE123

You won’t spend a lot of time creating your music website. Create an account, click on the New Website button in the right-top corner of your dashboard, and then follow the guide given by the builder.

The first thing SITE123 asks is that you pick a category, and there is one for music.

site123 choosing type of websites step

After that, just give your website a name, and voila! You get a brand new website generated just for you. Not to mention, your fresh website already has some content in it, making it easier for you to visualize what to include in your site.

site123 musician website example with photos of a concert

After seeing what your website looks like, you might change your mind about its appearance. Maybe the color palette of your website doesn’t fit your music? If you want, you can go for another template since SITE123 has a whole category for this industry. They’re all free and visually pleasing.

site123 templates for various types of music artists

After your website is generated, you’re free to edit it. However, the changes aren’t very in-depth. You can change the images, the fonts, the layout, and the colors, but that’s pretty much it. Even so, the end result can still be tailored to your liking – there are many options to mix and match.

site123 website color schemes for a recording studio website

Overall, SITE123 is an excellent website builder for musicians because it’s easy to use. There are integrated features related to the music industry, and you’ll find a few specific templates that will let your visitors know they’re on a music website.

SITE123 pricing

You can try SITE123 for free, but you need to buy a premium plan to take full advantage of it. There are 5 of them, and the prices vary between $11.88 and $45.00/month.

When buying a plan, you get a free domain for a year or you can connect your domain, as well as remove the SITE123 floating tag that the free plan comes with. As for what’s different:

  • Basic $12.80/month – 10GB storage and 5GB bandwidth
  • Advanced $11.88/month – 30GB storage, 15GB bandwidth, 1000 mailing list messages, 2 mailboxes, and 1 additional language
  • Professional $17.28/month – 90GB storage, 45GB bandwidth, 2500 mailing list messages, 5 mailboxes, and 3 additional languages
  • Gold $20.88/month – 270GB storage, 135GB bandwidth, 10k mailing list messages, 10 mailboxes, and 5 additional languages. eCommerce features limited to 500 orders per month are provided as well. So are credit card gateways and website statistics
  • Platinum $45.00/month – 1000GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth, 50k mailing list messages, 25 mailboxes, and unlimited languages. You also get advanced eCommerce features, SEO Advisor, multi-currency, and abandoned cart recovery
Best value

For a small and functional website, you can go for the entry-level plan – Basic. With just $12.80/month, you are free to create a simple and decent-looking website that’ll strengthen your online presence

3. Squarespace – premium website builder for musicians

Squarespace banner with user interface
Free planNo
Cheapest plan storage spaceUnlimited
FeaturesEvents page, booking, eCommerce features
Best forVisually-appealing website building

Squarespace is on the more premium side of things, so to speak. It relies primarily on in-house features, and it’s ideal if you plan on selling merch or records. With a simple yet powerful editor and Soundcloud integration, this website builder might just do the trick.

Squarespace has a lot to offer, but here’s what you’ll be most interested in:

  • Beginner-friendly – Squarespace doesn’t have an overly complicated editor, and its navigation is straightforward.
  • Events page – without installing an app, Squarespace allows you to create an events page in just a few clicks. The option can be found in the builder’s Pages menu.
  • Booking – you gain access to booking functionalities and using them is a piece of cake.
  • Top-notch eCommerce features – sell merch and albums without too much hassle. Plus, creating an online store only takes a few minutes.
  • Easy marketing – Squarespace includes some powerful marketing tools into its plans. For instance, you can run email campaigns directly from your dashboard.

Creating a musician or band website with Squarespace

If you want to create a sleek, modern website but lack faith in your design abilities, Squarespace is the right website builder for you. Squarespace gives you access to a library containing over 110 beautiful templates with minimalistic designs.

While Squarespace doesn’t have music-specific templates, the entertainment category includes some related themes.

squarespace musicians templates for entertainment industry

After you select a template, you’ll be asked to name your site, and then you’ll reach the editor. It’s very neatly organized, and you should find everything you need.

squarespace musical artist website editing

The menu on the left allows you to create pages, integrate eCommerce features, access marketing tools, and even a few design options. That last one is thanks to Squarespace’s Site Styles. The editor is section-based, so it lacks the flexibility that drag-and-drop editors offer, but you can be sure that the end result will come out genuinely pretty.

After tailoring your website’s appearance to your liking, you can start adding all the functionality you crave for. For instance, you can add an events page with booking integrated, sell merchandise with an eCommerce plan, as well as add music to your site using audio blocks, embed blocks, or the album page.

Needless to say, Squarespace has the right tools to help you create a professional-looking music website. With the ease of use and in-house features, the website creation process shouldn’t take much time and effort.

Squarespace pricing

Squarespace has 4 plans, and the prices range from $16.00to $49.00 per month. While this builder doesn’t have a forever-free plan, it offers a 14-day free trial for you to play around and see if Squarespace truly is for you.

Each plan includes a free domain for a year, SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth and storage, SEO tools, access to extensions, and basic metrics. There are differences, though:

  • Personal $16.00/month – it includes everything listed above
  • Business $23.00/month – professional email from Google free for one year and available eCommerce features. Gift cards and online payments are possible
  • Basic eCommerce $27.00/month – everything from Business plus no transaction fees and customer accounts. You can sell your merch on Instagram. Analytics and merchandising tools are provided
  • Advanced eCommerce $49.00/month – everything from the other plans plus subscriptions, abandoned cart recovery, advanced shipping, advanced discounts, and Commerce APIs
Best value

If you want a simple music website, the Personal plan is enough. However, if you’re going to sell merch or albums, you'd have to go for Basic eCommerce.

4. Wix – highly customizable website builder for musicians

Wix banner with product theme
Free planYes
Cheapest plan storage space500MB
FeaturesMusic and podcast players, Spotify Player, video players
Best forLimitless customization

This website builder sets a high bar with its apps curated for musicians (such as music players) as well as its enormous selection of themes, making it one of the best website builders overall and for specific audiences.

Here’s what you’re going to find helpful when opting for Wix:

  • Ease of use – while Wix has a ton of customizable elements, it still manages to be a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop website builder. Even more simplistic is the ADI option, when Artificial Design Intelligence designs the whole site for you
  • Massive app store – Wix’s app store is one of the most extensive you’ll come across – you can find apps for virtually anything. Some of them are related to the music industry, such as music and podcast players, Spotify Player, video players, and background music players
  • Booking – add a booking page to your website where visitors can book events and sessions. The page supports up to 3 members who can manage their bookings
  • Events – you have the option of adding an events page where you can create and manage your events. For instance, you can sell tickets and collect RSVPs

Creating a musician or band website with Wix

Wix is one of the most popular website builders out there. One of its major selling points is the amount of design flexibility that its drag-and-drop editor provides.

The classic Wix Editor allows you to create pixel-perfect designs that reflect the unique personality of your brand. To do so, the builder asks what kind of website you’d want. Once you select Music, Wix gives you two options.

You can either let Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) generate a website for you or choose a template and take it from there.

choosing wix editor

Even if you allow ADI to create a website, you can still edit it with the drag-and-drop editor once it’s done.

If you go for the other option, you’ll find that Wix comes forward with 48 templates for the music industry. You can tell they’re made by professionals because they look absolutely gorgeous.

wix musician templates for bands and solo artists

Wix’s editor is not a complicated tool to work with. The bar on the left gives you access to its menu. You can add pages, elements, manage your background, and add apps. There is a learning curve to learn how to navigate everything Wix has to offer, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

wix drag and drop editor example with promotional music material

The most important part of utilizing Wix as a music artist website builder is using all of the apps it offers. Just to name a few – there’s Wix Music, which allows you to stream and sell your audio with the Wix player. You can also integrate SoundCloud and a Spotify Player into your site. And lastly, my favorite, Music Backgrounds – it does exactly what it says, it’s a background music player for your website, which makes your music promotion easier than ever.

Overall, Wix brings a lot to the table. With its help, you can create a music website that looks like it’s made by a professional web developer.

Wix pricing

Since Wix is one of the most flexible website builders for musicians, you’d expect higher prices. The free plan won’t get you very far, which is why a premium plan is a must. There are 4 of them, and the prices range from $9 to $19.50 per month.

All regular plans come with a free domain for a year and free SSL certificates.

  • Combo $16.00/month – 3GB of storage and 30 video minutes
  • Unlimited $22.00/month – 10GB of storage, 1 video hour, $300 worth of ad vouchers, a site booster app, and an analytics app, both free for one year
  • Pro $27.00/month – 20GB of storage, 2 video hours, an events calendar app (free for 1 year), professional logo, and professional logo files
  • VIP $45.00/month – just like Pro, but the storage goes up to 25GB and the video hours to 5 hours. Priority support is included

Wix also has 3 eCommerce plans, but those are necessary only if you plan on selling online.

Best value

When you want to create a music website, the Unlimited plan is enough for starters. It’s only a little bit more expensive than the entry-level plan, but it includes way more resources and apps.

5. Gator website builder – simple and affordable website builder for musicians

gator banner with website layout
Free planNo
Cheapest plan storage spaceUnlimited
FeaturesEvents page, booking, calendars
Best forSimple and quick website building

The Gator website builder offers a very pleasant experience when building your website. It has a simple website editor tool, that quickly puts together a website based on your design preferences.

It’s affordable, the editor is easy to use and it has many customizable elements. Gator may be a simple website builder, but for what you’re paying, you gain access to:

  • Ease of use – you can choose a template or let an AI build a website for you, both of which require little time and effort
  • Events page – with Gator, you can add an events page to your website so that fans/visitors know about your future gigs, performance, or events in general
  • Booking – you can add a booking page in just a few clicks
  • Calendars – this will show your upcoming events in a calendar format. It makes your website look more professional

Creating a musician or band website with Gator

Gator offers two options when it comes to creating a new website. First, you have to sign up and purchase a plan. Then, you can go for the traditional way of making a website, which is picking a template and editing it. Or you can choose Gator Express and have an AI generate a template for you.

If you decide to go for the traditional way, you must first pick a template. Lucky for you, Gator has an entire music template section.

gator musician and entertainment templates

Once you pick your template, it’s time to move on to the editing process. The editor has a grid system where you can add elements and pages. You can also edit different sections and play with some design features such as colors and fonts. There’s even a store and a blog you can add to your website.

gator musician and songwriter website editing

Gator’s AI, called Express, can build you something admirable as well. I have to admit that this editor looks a little bit more modern than its traditional counterpart, but you get less design flexibility. Even so, it’ll get the job done if you have 0 experience.

gator musical events page editing

After tailoring your website to your liking, you can add an about page, contact page, music portfolio, schedule of your shows, merchandise page, and more. Gator makes this entire process quick and easy, and the end result is professional-looking and minimalistic.

In general, Gator gives you enough features to be able to create a functional and visually appealing website.

Gator pricing

Gator is on the more affordable spectrum of website builders. It has 3 plans, and the prices vary from $3.46to $8.30 per month.

All plans include a free domain for one year, a free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited image storage, and Logo Maker. As for particularities:

  • Express Start $3.46/month – 3 email campaigns/month, 3-product online store, 250 unique emails/month, and sell only 3 products in your online shop
  • Express Site $5.39/month – 5 email campaigns/month, 10-product online store, appointment booking, and priority support
  • Express Store $8.30/month – 10 email campaigns/month, unlimited products in your online store, and 0 transaction fees
Best value

The Express Start plan should be more than enough for a music website. You have enough resources at hand, and you need to upgrade only if you’re planning on selling online.

6. GoDaddy website builder – business-oriented builder for musicians

godaddy banner with user interface
Free planNo
Cheapest plan storage space100GB
FeaturesSEO tools, audio integration, booking page
Best forMusic websites with a business aspect

Otherwise known as GoDaddy Websites + Marketing, this website builder is suitable for more business-oriented people who want to create something professional. GoDaddy focuses a lot on marketing, but it’s still suitable for people who are looking for a streamlined website creation process.

Among the many features GoDaddy website builder offers, here’s what you’ll find most useful:

  • Ease of use – the editor is very simple to navigate, perfect for beginners and more intermediate users
  • GoDaddy Insight – it’s a simple yet powerful tool that gathers data from millions of websites and then tells you what you can optimize on your site to make it better. This is the best feature GoDaddy could have come up with
  • Events page – keep your visitors up to date with the upcoming events
  • Booking page – anyone who is interested can book you and/or your band for a future event
  • Powerful SEO tools – GoDaddy wants to make sure that you don’t get lost on the 72nd page of any search engine
  • Audio integrations – you can upload your music without having to install/pay for an app

Creating a musician or band website with GoDaddy

The GoDaddy website builder does everything to make the website creation process effortless and not time-consuming. This builder does that by asking a few questions and then generating a design based on your answers. Once that’s done, you’re free to make the desired changes.

GoDaddy has some of the best free templates I’ve had the chance to find. They look professional, and you’ll find quite a few for the music industry.

godaddy music website templates for bands and solo artists

After you choose one, you’re free to edit your brand new website. The editor is easy to navigate – while there are quite a few customization options, you have enough design freedom to play around. It’s possible to change up the theme itself, the colors and fonts, and the layout.

godaddy musician website editing with events page

To appear on search engines, make sure to utilize the SEO tools and the GoDaddy InSight tool – both of these combined will guarantee a great online presence. The GoDaddy website builder also allows you to add any SoundCloud audio track or playlist to your website by embedding it – along with your events and booking pages, a simple road to a great musician website and music career is in arm’s reach.

Overall, I’d say that GoDaddy is of significant help when creating a music or band website. Its marketing and SEO tools will give your online presence a boost, and the gorgeous themes will create a flawless image. All that with minimal effort, too.

GoDaddy website builder pricing

GoDaddy Website Builder has 4 pricing plans, and the prices range from $9.99 to $16.99 per month. It’s not exactly the cheapest option, but judging by the marketing tools you gain access to, the prices are justified.

The 4 plans include free SSL certificates, on-the-go editing, a PayPal button, GoDaddy Insight, and online appointments. Other than that, here’s what you get:

  • Basic $9.99/month – 1 social media and listing platform, 5 social posts/month, 100 marketing emails, and basic design options
  • Standard $9.99/month – SEO tools, 3 social media and listing platforms, 20 social posts/month, 500 marketing emails, and basic design options
  • Premium $14.99/month – online payments, recurring bookings for events, SMS alerts for new appointments, unlimited social media profiles and listing platforms, plus unlimited social posts and 25k marketing emails
  • ECommerce $16.99/month – the features from Premium, plus access to eCommerce features
Best value

The Standard plan is the best for a musician or band website. It includes SEO tools, as well as better marketing options than the Basic plan for a price that is just a couple of dollars more.

Best website builders for musicians: final recommendations

There are so many website builders on the market these days, that it can be hard to pick the best one for your needs. After this article, I believe that you could make your choice with confidence. Let’s go for a quick recap:

  • Zyro is one of the cheapest website builders that’s easy to use and has great features for musicians for everything you might possibly need
  • SITE123 made it by providing a beginner-friendly website creation process and enough features that will help you grow your music website
  • Squarespace is on the more premium side of things, which is why its tools are difficult to match up. You’ll love the end result
  • Wix is incredible when it comes to customization and has an extensive app market. The templates are out of this world as well
  • Gator website builder is another cheap option with dedicated templates and simple yet functional music-related features
  • GoDaddy website builder made its purpose to ensure some of the best marketing tools. Its templates are hard to forget too

Overall, one of the builders above should meet your needs for a musician website builder. If not, you can take a peek at our list of best website builders – maybe you’ll find a hidden gem.

Must have website elements for musicians

You picked a website builder, but now you’re stuck thinking about what to include in your website. When creating a website that could definitely serve as a portfolio for your art, make sure that you cover the basics.

Here’s what you have to consider when choosing a website builder for a music website:

  • Bio and contact information – people need to know who you are and how they can reach you.
  • Social media links – if a tree fell deep into the forest and nobody was around to see it, did it really fall? The same principle applies to musicians these days. If you’re not on social media, you don’t exist.
  • Upcoming events – as a musician, you’ll have a fan base, and they need to know where you’ll be playing next.
  • A way to listen to your music – I know you’re already on YT or any other video platform but having your songs on your website can make you look more professional.
  • Newsletter sign-up – not everyone will check your website all the time, which is why a newsletter can make sure that people won’t miss out on news or future events that involve you.

Musician website builder FAQs