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Wix alternatives – you can do better!

In this article, I’m going to cover 5 different Wix alternatives, that offer something new and even better than the wildly-popular website builder solution.

All things considered, Wix is a very good website builder – it has a massive template library, and its AI works great at making a website in just a few clicks. The end product is genuinely appealing, letting anyone make any kind of website, quickly.

But just because it's good, it doesn't mean that it's perfect. And just because it can do some things really well, it's not suited for everything and everyone. I mean, seriously:

  • The classic Wix Editor can be seriously intimidating, with so many editing options hidden very deeply.
  • The prices are pretty high – Wix is one of the more expensive builders out there.
  • It relies on expensive third-party apps to give it extra business functionality.

So, what do we do? Naturally – we look at alternatives.

Before you, I have a total of 5 Wix alternatives, that improve on the Wix experience in one way or another: some offer a more user-friendly editing experience, others focus on affordable business tools – and there are even options that blow Wix out of the water by just being extremely cheap.

But enough vague descriptions: let's take a look at them in detail!

Best Wix alternatives: overview

Here are the top Wix competitors, and the best Wix alternatives:

  1. SITE123 – simple business-grade website editor
  2. Hostinger Website Builder – a super cheap Wix alternative
  3. Squarespace – excellent Wix alternative for running an online business
  4. GoDaddy website builder – affordable marketing features in a website builder
  5. Gator website builder – cheap, eCommerce-focused Wix alternative

1. SITE123 – Wix alternative for ease of use

FeaturesSimple block builder
Free versionYes
Best forSmall business sites

Wix's complicated classic Editor got you down? I've been there – for something that claims to be so "simple", it's curiously complicated. Well, SITE123 is the perfect antidote to this problem, as well as one of my favorite alternatives to Wix.

This is by far the easiest-to-use website builder if you're looking to scale. SITE123 can be used for small websites, but can also very easily scale up and be used for major projects. Thanks to its block editor with over 150 custom-made website blocks, you can quickly arrange a serious business website – with no design knowledge required!

If you're looking for a quick way to go big, SITE123 is the way to go. You can read more about it on our SITE123 review.

Why is SITE123 a good Wix alternative?

SITE123 offers a more beginner-friendly interface and offers solid discounts when purchasing the plan for several years in advance. Let's take a look at these things in detail.


SITE123 is a bit cheaper than Wix: While Wix charges $16.00 for its entry-level plan, SITE123’s cheapest package costs $11.88/month. But oh, it can go lower, much lower. Just like on Wix, these SITE123 are valid when purchasing the plan for an annual, 12-month plan.

If you were to pick SITE123 on, let's say, a ten-year plan (yep, that's possible!), the Basic plan's price will go down from $12.80 all the way to $5 a month!

With $600 paid upfront, it's a big investment: but it could be a very wise one for years to come.

Ease of Use

SITE123 made a name for itself as one of the simplest website builders on the market. And once you give it a try, it’s easy to see why. It has a minimalistic but practical editor that gives you access to several blocks you can edit as you see fit.

site123 editing site

There are over 150 blocks, separated into 19 different categories.

site123 sections

Each available block also comes with several layout options, letting you choose just the right option, that best suits your website.

site123 layout options

And really...that's all! Editing SITE123 is really simple, just like playing with LEGOs. Don't get me wrong, SITE123 is more limited than Wix when it comes to overall design customization.

But if you’re looking for something that gives you fewer headaches and can help you create something pretty at the same time, SITE123 may be one of the Wix alternatives you’re searching for.

2. Hostinger Website Builder – the cheapest Wix alternative

hostinger website builder banner
FeaturesAI tools, intuitive grid building system
Free versionNo
Best forPersonal projects

Money doesn't grow on trees, and not all of us have a luxury of paying $200 or more a year for a website builder. With Wix being one of the premium options in the market, its price reflects that.

And so, at this spot of our Wix alternatives list, we have one of the cheapest website builders in the world – Hostinger Website Builder. But it's not just prices that make it interesting: it's a full package, combining smart AI tools, and a wonderful website editor. It's one of the best sites like Wix, at a fraction of a price.

Why is Hostinger Website builder a good Wix alternative?

The most obvious thing that makes Hostinger Website Builder one of the best alternatives to Wix is its price. It costs only $2.79/month. At the same time, after playing around with both, Hostinger Website Builder is a lot easier to use than Wix. Hostinger Website Builder too provides an AI similar to Wix’s, but its editor is not as confusing.

This builder is also very easy to use, making this an excellent choice if you're a beginner who wants to make a simple, modern website. Let's take a deep dive into some of Hostinger Website Builder's killer features, which I covered deeper in my Hostinger Website Builder review.


Everyone who did a little bit of research on the matter knows that Hostinger Website Builder is currently the cheapest website builder on the market. Not only that, but it provides tons of features that probably make you wonder how someone can get so much for so little. Well…it’s true. Hostinger Website Builder does not cut corners.

I'm repeating myself so much, I'm about to turn into a caricature, but honestly – throughout my entire website builder process, I was unable to discover a provider so affordable.

It has only one plan available, known as Website Builder & Web Hosting plan and it costs as little as $2.79 per month. That's quite something, isn't it?

Not to mention the amount of website building features you get as well as a whole web hosting Hostinger service on the side.

Ease of use

Hostinger Website builder goes all-out on being a simple website builder. Everything about it is created to make your website-making process as simple as possible.

Once you get started with Wix, you get this screen, asking which method of making a site do you prefer: one that use a premade theme, or one that uses AI technology to build a website based on your information and answers to the questionnaire.

wix choose setup

Speaking of Hostinger Website Builder, the AI website generator is about to show up in the nearest future, so we can only guess that the first page we see at Hostinger Website Builder is going to look nearly the same as the one above.

However, here their ways separate. Instead of going through two different website builders (one of them complicated), Hostinger Website Builder offers just one – and it's very easy to use. A simple grid interface lets you place elements all over your page.

Hostigner Website Builder editing a section

And when it comes to the elements themselves, they're simple, good-looking, and automatically suited to fit your chosen theme.


So, there you have it. The fact that Hostinger Website Builder is cheaper and a lot easier to use makes it an excellent alternative to Wix. Sure, you may have to make a long-term commitment to get the oh-so-low prices, but even if you don’t, you’ll still save a good deal of money, and get to use a highly intuitive website builder. That's a win-win.

3. Squarespace – beautiful designs, affordable websites

FeaturesAI tools, intuitive grid building system
Free versionNo
Best forSmall businesses

Squarespace offers lovely site designs, an easy-to-master editor, and built-in business tools – making this platform an excellent all-in-one option for small businesses. With prices starting from $16.00 a month, it's in a similar cost bracket to Wix – but it offers a very different overall experience.

If getting stuck in a complicated editor and paying big bucks for additional functionality doesn't sound like your perfect evening plan, Squarespace is a seriously good Wix alternative.

What makes Squarespace a good Wix alternative?

While there are a few differences between Squarespace and Wix, I will focus mostly on templates, ease of use, and in-house features vs. 3rd party integrations. You can find out all about them on my Squarespace review – or by reading further:


Out of 700+ Wix templates, a handful of them are solid, modern options fit for contemporary websites. Out of 110+ Squarespace themes...most of them are!

After browsing through 15 different sections of Squarespace templates, and comparing them to Wix, I can tell my own personal opinion – Squarespace’s templates look better put together. They’re more aesthetically pleasing.

squarespace templates

The hit rate is simply much higher. None of the Squarespace templates were really bad, they were just different, trying to cater to audiences with different tastes. Meanwhile, Wix still had outdated duds like this:

bad wix template example

Ease of use

While Wix provides two website creation options – Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) and Wix Editor – Squarespace chose to keep things simple. You only have one editor, I found it easier to use and less confusing.

While Wix makes you choose between no freedom at all on the ADI or a Wild West of editing in its Classic Editor, Squarespace tucks nicely in the middle.

The editor is designed to be easy to navigate. You can effortlessly remove or add elements, edit some color schemes and fonts, change the background, but you won’t get lost doing it.

squarespace drag and drop

While you can use the editor to add individual blocks, sections are the star of the show. They're pretty, seamlessly adapting to your theme and color scheme. You can very easily make a website simply by combining what's being provided here.

squarespace adding sections

Squarespace has a much better rounded overall experience – it's nearly as powerful as Wix, and several times easier to use. Top marks.

In-house features vs. 3rd Party Integrations

This is one thing that Squarespace takes great pride in. Wix sends you on a wild goose chase to get all the apps you need for your website from its (admittedly, excellent) app store. Squarespace tries to provide you with everything you need right from the dashboard.

This way, Squarespace makes it a whole lot easier for users to benefit from these features. In certain cases, this approach can save you a fair bit of money. Take Inventory, for instance – a smart tool for keeping track of your stock.

Squarespace has a built-in feature that you can access when you set up an online store.

squarespace inventory

Wix, on the other hand, lets you do that via several third-party applications. Some of them can get heavy on the pocket. Really heavy, actually. Take the Multiorders app, whose cheapest plan is $49.00/month.

multiorders pricing

Now, Squarespace has an extensions library too. However, it only includes 23 apps – plenty of other functionality, not covered by the apps, is covered by Squarespace itself.

squarespace applications

Squarespace has 3 things over Wix. One, its templates – albeit fewer, they look more modern than Wix’s. Two, Squarespace’s editor has fewer customizable elements and offers a much more user-friendly overall experience. Three, Wix relies more on 3rd party apps, whereas Squarespace is determined to keep outside integrations to a minimum.

4. GoDaddy website builder – affordable and perfect for marketing

FeaturesExcellent marketing features
Free versionNo
Best forBusinesses looking to find new audiences

GoDaddy website builder is a perfect Wix alternative for small businesses, who care more about expanding their operations than playing with designs.

It's a simple, goal-driven business platform, combining basic site builder options with advanced marketing solutions. So much, that GoDaddy itself calls this product "Websites+Marketing". With the plans starting at $9.99/month, it's also more affordable than Wix, making it a great budget solution.

What makes GoDaddy a good Wix alternative?

As I've covered on the GoDaddy website builder review, it has two killer features: ease of use and excellent business tools. They combine together, to make this product a viable Wix alternative for small businesses.

Ease of use

Unlike Wix’s editor, GoDaddy’s editor is far more minimalistic. Needless to say, you don’t have as much design freedom, but as we already established, that can be a blessing in disguise. Fewer options and less decision fatigue make website building as simple as possible. That is a good thing.

Once you sign up to the builder and choose the niche of your site, you'll get a starter page to work with.

godaddy editor

It is very easy to edit: all you need to do is to choose from the provided sections and move them around in your preferred order. You’re free to change the color scheme, choose another font, or you can add some buttons. The rest is pretty much set out for you.

godaddy sections

The themes are also different – instead of pre-made websites with custom images and content, GoDaddy will simply adapt different layouts to your existing content, making building and editing your site as simple as possible.

GoDaddy Websites + Marketing

We already covered the "Websites" part – but this is only a half of GoDaddy's equation. The platform is called "Websites+Marketing", and it's the marketing that separates this tool from Wix. These marketing tools are excellent for those, who wish to get online but don’t have the time or skills to grow their online presence.

This all-in-one business tool gives you help for things beyond simply "building a website". It also offers you advanced help and tools to market your business – by following the suggested practices, you can get more visitors, and turn them into paying clients.

The GoDaddy InSight tool will ask you to pick the relevant goals...

godaddy builder insight setup

And moments later, you'll already be given some expert advice on how to reach it. All the information on what you should do, GoDaddy collects by analyzing the data of various websites, similar to yours. It’s like looking at the business next door and seeing what works for them.

godaddy builder advanced insight steps

Finally, you'll be given a score of how your business is performing. It's on a scale from 1 to 100, and it's a solid metric to see how much and how good are you doing.

insight score on godaddy builder

So, if you don’t have the time to strategize on your own, GoDaddy’s Website + Marketing tool is the perfect solution for you. It's a Wix alternative that's easier to use, and has some excellent built-in marketing tools to build your online brand.

5. Gator website builder – cheap and simple website builder

FeaturesQuick, automatically-generated websites
Free versionNo
Best forSmall businesses

Gator is a simple website builder, made by the same people who brought us HostGator web hosting. This builder takes all the best things from its parent company – Gator is fast, easy to use, and seriously, seriously affordable.

What makes Gator website builder a good Wix alternative?

Looking for an affordable alternative to Wix? You found it right here: in fact, Gator has the cheapest recommended eCommerce-ready plan on this list. Plus, as noted on the Gator review, this website builder is incredibly easy to use, making it an excellent option for beginners.

Let's have a deeper look at Gator's killer features:


Gator’s prices start at $3.46/month, which is over 3 times cheaper than Wix’s entry-level plan. But even going all the way up the most expensive plan, it only costs $8.30/month (still less than Wix!). In it, you'll find options for email campaigns, appointment booking and eCommerce – with no transaction fees.

gator builder prices

Less than $10 a month getting you a solid number of marketing campaigns, unlimited eCommerce features, and options for appointments? That's some top value.

Ease of use

Gator Website Builder absolutely kills it when it comes to ease of use. Especially if you choose to use the Express Editor, which streamlines the entire site-building experience, and lets you make something custom – in just a couple of minutes.

Gator Website builder adopted a work smart, not hard kind of mentality. Instead of letting you browse through countless templates, you simply get to answer a few questions.

At first, they're simple, and eerily reminiscent of Wix, Hostinger Website Builder, and other AI website builders, that would automatically generate a site, based on your answers.

gator pick what site is about

But then, the real fun starts: you get to choose your color scheme, your fonts, and even the site's layout.

gator navigation style

Soon after, you'll have a site – built around your topic, lush with your preferred colors, and set up just the way you want. All in a price, several times smaller than Wix.

Best Wix alternatives – conclusion

So, there you have it: these 5 Wix alternatives do things differently, and in many cases, better than Wix itself. The list is quite diverse – so you should have no issues searching, whether you're looking for a budget alternative, or a different product altogether. Hope you found your perfect option B!

But before we did each other farewell...Let's do a little recap, and see the best Wix alternatives once more:

  • SITE123 is a great business website builder, making building big websites easier.
  • Hostinger Website Builder is the cheapest Wix alternative: matching it in templates and exciting AI tools.
  • Squarespace is an excellent Wix alternative for beautiful templates and simple-to-use business tools.
  • GoDaddy website builder is a busy bee's top choice – a Wix alternative focused on simple editing and business tips.
  • Gator website builder offers a simple and affordable website builder process.

Bottom line? Sure! While Wix is great, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a better fit. And the options above are living proof of that.

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