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How to access WhatsApp in China in 2024

Around the world, people use WhatsApp to send messages to their friends, family, and groups. But not in China. You see, the Chinese government blocked WhatsApp back in 2017. Which means that the residents of China lost the possibility to use the app for video calls, messages, image sharing, and many other things.

If you’re visiting China and you want to stay in touch with WhatsApp users, you’ll need to get around this block. Using a good VPN service is probably your best bet.

If you’re ready to proceed with caution, read on! You’ll learn how certain kinds of specialized anonymity services can allow you to access WhatsApp in China.

How to use WhatsApp in China with VPN

  1. Find a reputable VPN provider that works in China. We recommend NordVPN, now 72% OFF!
  2. Turn on "Obfuscated Servers." If you're using the mobile app, go to Settings, choose the OpenVPN protocol, and toggle Obfuscated Servers in Advanced Settings.
  3. Connect to the VPN. Choose a server outside of China and connect.
  4. Try WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp (or another blocked app) and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you might have to try another provider.

What is a VPN?

Virtual private networks use a variety of tunneling protocols to shuttle traffic from a point on one network to another. Originally, they were intended to allow people to access internal network resources remotely. Companies around the world continue to use VPNs for this purpose.

In addition to securing this type of communication, you can also use a VPN for anonymity. By putting lots of users' traffic through one network, VPNs make it hard to figure out who’s who.

In the case of accessing WhatsApp from China, using a VPN makes it easier to access an external network from within China.

How to choose a VPN for WhatsApp in China

The most important element of accessing any blocked site from within the Great Firewall is choosing the best VPN for China. The Chinese government quickly shuts down or blocks VPNs, so recommendations are constantly changing. For this reason, we won’t be listing specific solutions.

However, some general policies and suggestions can make the searching process easier:

  • Look for recent endorsements of VPN services. A service that worked a year ago might not work today.
  • Ask around for services used by westerners. Most WhatsApp users are westerners, and someone else might have already figured out a solution.
  • Be prepared to spend some money. Good, reputable VPNs aren’t necessarily cheap, although they aren’t crazy expensive either.

Take a look at our guide with the best VPNs for WhatsApp to see which is the right choice for you.

Other tools and methods to bypass the Great Firewall

To access WhatsApp in China, you’ll need some kind of tool to make your Internet connection appear to originate from outside of the mainland. People looking to bypass the Great Firewall have developed a number of strategies over the years:

  • Open proxies, which simply relay all traffic passing through. This simple circumvention method was largely effective many years ago, but the GFW’s advanced deep packet filtering quickly rendered it ineffective.
  • Tor, a far more advanced anonymity tool. While state censors have blocked all entry points into the Tor network, alternative access methods have been developed. Some approaches combine hidden proxies with the Tor network to break through the firewall anonymously.

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Is it dangerous to use a VPN in China?

Possibly. While using a VPN isn’t explicitly illegal, you open yourself up to some risk this way. Even with the use of a VPN, anything you say can be held against you. Chinese authorities are sure to prosecute any speech deemed to be in violation of the law.

When crossing borders or traveling between cities within China, you will likely have to hand over your smartphone. In addition to searching your phone for any potentially illegal content or usage, authorities might delete VPN apps used to bypass the GFW.

While it’s not directly dangerous or illegal to use a VPN within China, you might run into a variety of other concerns. Whatever you do, be careful with your online posts and messages within the country.

How to configure a VPN for complete anonymity

While VPNs are a powerful tool for circumventing censorship and gaining anonymity, they aren’t perfect. You can’t ever gain perfect anonymity with any technology (including a VPN), but you can get pretty close. Here are some suggestions to improve your anonymity while using a VPN:

  • Don’t sign into your own accounts. If you log into an account in your name, you’ll instantly deanonymize yourself. If you want to guarantee anonymity, you’ll need to create a separate account, even for WhatsApp.
  • Avoid telltale browsing habits. If at all possible, avoid visiting particular sequences of websites that might give away who you are.



prefix 3 years ago
It seems that China is fighting with VPN in a very strict mode. If I use a VPN will i be in trouble? I want to try unlocking some social media platforms and read certain websites, but am really scared of fines or maybe even jail.
CyberNews Team
prefix 3 years ago
If you’re local, using a VPN can have more drastic consequences than if you’re just visiting. Technically, to use a VPN, you need an official license. Circumventing the ban is only illegal without it.
The usual penalty is fine, but no foreigner has been punished to date.
prefix 3 years ago
How to use clone whatsapp in China and is it safe? i’m talking about WeChat. Don’t want to say anything bad, but when the government bans one app and offers other – I tend not to trust it and use it without knowing the background.
CyberNews Team
prefix 3 years ago
Unlike most other messaging apps, WeChat doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption. This isn’t something that belongs is a secure service’s resume. Not to mention the ties to the Chinese government.
prefix 3 years ago
What is the alternative to whatsapp in China if it’s banned there? people just could switch to other app and chat there without any crazy VPN buying, server switching games. As far as I know, whatsapp is not encrypted like telegram, so whats the fuss about whatsapp.
CyberNews Team
prefix 3 years ago
The most popular option would be WeChat. However, they do not provide end-to-end encryption, and they’re only using transport encryption. So, albeit more popular, this isn’t the safest option.
Here’s a list of best alternatives so such apps:
Mr. ST
prefix 3 years ago
WhatsApp is not banned in Iran.
prefix 3 years ago
why there is a whatsapp china connection problems?  i use vpn unlimited and i am able to connect after 4-7 attempts. i want to use and to enjoy whatsapp and to be able to have a chat with my friends without any problems!
CyberNews Team
prefix 3 years ago
Overcoming the Great Firewall of China is no small task. Many VPN services struggle. If you need better speeds, you could look into our other best VPN options here: https://cybernews.com/best-vpn/
prefix 3 years ago
Hey Hey! I’ve been using free VPN and whatsapp works but very slow. I also tried switching servers and connecting to the nearest to me server that could unlock whatsapp. The speed is staying slow, and I’m really happy by only using whatsapp, but maybe there are ways to speed up everything?
prefix 3 years ago
Using VPN for bypassing restrictions is amazing. But China went a little too far with blocking all popular apps. WI’m talking about tourists for example . Someone who goes to China for working purposes and need those apps. I disagree to believe that VPN is the only solution there. Maybe you know some tricks when can whatsapp be used in China?
CyberNews Team
prefix 3 years ago
Sadly, there aren’t that many options. It is true that people visiting China also have to deal with the restrictions, and VPN or Shadowsocks are really the only options.
prefix 3 years ago
I do (well did for now) a lot of traveling to China because of my job. It’s really sad and frustrating, that you can’t use certain apps there. I don’t want to spend a fortune on an additional walk around so my question is how to use whatsapp in china without VPN ? Are there any possible ways or using a VPN is the only way
CyberNews Team
prefix 3 years ago
The best solution would be contacting WhatsApp customer support staff. They monitor their service and can reliably update you on whether the app works in China.
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