OpenAI reinstates Sam Altman as CEO

OpenAI, the non-profit behind AI chatbot ChatGPT, has reinstated Sam Altman as its top chief, concluding the boardroom drama kick-started by his ouster last week.

“We have reached an agreement in principle for Sam Altman to return to OpenAI as CEO with a new initial board of Bret Taylor (Chair), Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo,” OpenAI announced, adding a thank you note for everybody’s patience.

Since last Friday, Altman has been dismissed by OpenAI’s board, hired by Microsoft, OpenAI’s top backer, and asked to come back to OpenAI by nearly all of the company’s employees.

Altman said that his decision to join Microsoft was meant to keep the team together, and since Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella agrees to it, he’ll happily come back to OpenAI.

“When I decided to join [Microsoft] on Sunday evening, it was clear that was the best path for me and the team. With the new board and with Satya’s support, I’m looking forward to returning to OpenAI and building on our strong partnership with [Microsoft],” Altman said on X.

According to reports by Reuters, in addition to Altman’s return, the company agreed in principle to partly reconstitute the board of directors that had dismissed him.

Former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor and former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers will join Quora CEO and current director, Adam D’Angelo. OpenAI's co-founder Greg Brockman also came back to the company alongside Altman.

In a statement on X, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella welcomed the changes to OpenAI’s board.

“We believe this is a first essential step on a path to more stable, well-informed, and effective governance,” he said.

OpenAI has become one of the world’s hottest companies after it kicked off the generative AI craze a year ago by releasing ChatGPT, the large language model-based chatbot that convincingly mimics human interaction.

The chatbot became one of the world's fastest-growing software applications and forced tech giants such as Alphabet and Baidu to prematurely release their own alternatives to ChatGPT.

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