LinkedIn introduces AI tool to write job ads for you

Hirers only need to provide basic information, such as job title and company name. The GPT-based tool will do the rest.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to free hiring departments from the tedious task of writing job descriptions, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of recruitment.

LinkedIn, a Microsoft-owned social media platform for professionals and job seekers, has announced it was testing an AI-powered tool to write job ads automatically.

The new tool leverages an advanced GPT model from Microsoft-backed OpenAI and will help hirers to find qualified candidates more quickly, LinkedIn said.

It will “free up time for the more strategic parts of their hiring process – like speaking to and building relationships with candidates,” the company noted in a blog post.

Recruiters will only need to type in starter information like job title, company name, workplace type, job type, and location. The AI assistant will then draft a job description for the poster to review and edit.

Hirers will also be able to “enhance” their job ads by choosing someone in their network with similar skills to what they are looking for and incorporating those skills into the description, according to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has also announced an AI assistant to help users spruce up their profiles, and 100 new LinkedIn Learning courses focused on the subject, including 20 dealing specifically with generative models.

Microsoft is ramping up its investment in AI, with OpenAI releasing the next generation GPT-4 model this week.

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