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Restaurant website builders – for sleek-looking and delicious sites

In this day and age of the internet, everyone likes to find things fast. If you want your business to thrive, you have to be easily accessible just one click away. This especially counts for restaurants.

Since food is such a visual stimulus, it’s important to showcase that and tempt clients with your aesthetic dishes, nice interior, and great prices, right? Well, what's a better way to do so than by building a restaurant website? By having a sleek-looking site, you can build your online persona, showcase your dishes (gallery or menu), and even take online bookings or food deliveries.

Simply put, building a website with a well-capable builder allows you to do all this and so much more. Just be aware, when it comes to picking the best restaurant website builder, the choices are also endless.

While there are many great website builders out there, not all give you the same value for money. That’s why I decided to test several website builders that would fit a restaurant. This article includes the ones that made the cut. So, let’s get into it, shall we? First, a quick overview.

Best restaurant website builders: ranked

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Having trouble making a choice among the 5 options that made the cut? Click here to go to the end of the article, where I lay out the key factors you need to consider when making a choice.

1. Hostinger Website Builder – highly affordable website builder for restaurant sites

hostinger website builder banner
Features:Menu, bookings, eCommerce functionality, maps
Restaurant-specific templates:13
SEO and marketing tools:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Current deal:Get Hostinger Website Builder, now 78% OFF + 3 months FREE!

Hostinger Website Builder, formerly known as Zyro, is known in the industry as one of the cheapest yet high-quality builders. It’s also one of the best restaurant website builders as it comes with a variety of restaurant-specific templates. Online reservations and menu integration are also possible. A builder after a restaurant's heart indeed.

So what can this website builder offer you?

  • First and foremost, it’s very easy to use. The moment you create an account, you pretty much know what to do. The navigation is simple, and while basic, it gets the job done easily.
  • There are 13 restaurant-specific templates to choose from. This may not seem like a lot, but the provider went for quality rather than quantity.
  • Hostinger Website Builder includes everything you might need from a restaurant website builder – menu, bookings, map, and eCommerce functionality.
  • More so, builder comes with a free logo maker. Don’t have a logo yet, well, you can make one yourself free of charge.
  • Hostinger Website Builder understands the need for marketing and visibility, too. For this reason, the builder comes with SEO features, email marketing, and remarketing options. You can also integrate reviews from Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor onto your site.

So, what’s important to remember? That Hostinger Website Builder is affordable, easy to use, and you have a few tools that will help you promote your restaurant.

Creating a restaurant website with Hostinger Website Builder

Ease of use is one of Hostinger Website Builder's forte. When you first create an account, you’re directed to your dashboard. From there, you can push the "Create a website" button and get started. You’ll have a choice to make, though.

  • You can choose a template and build your website from there,
  • Or you can import an existing website.

It all depends on what you know and what you’ve got. Trust me, it’s all smooth sailing from that point on. And even if you go with the AI, you can still edit whatever it generates.

The simple drag-and-drop editor is easy to use. You basically create sections and place them within the displayed building blocks. Adding a map of your restaurant's location is as easy as that.

Hostinger map element

This is not the most flexible editor. It won’t give you too many editing options but it gets the job done.

Apart from the simple editor, Hostinger Website Builder provides restaurant-specific templates. There are only 13 of them, but they are functional and modern-looking. Quite beautiful, actually.


Although Hostinger Website Builder's restaurant templates are minimalistic, they look great on desktop and mobile devices.

Leaving ease of use and restaurant-specific templates aside, Hostinger Website Builder delivers other valuable features. You can easily create a beautiful Menu page to display all your goodies.


More so, it allows you to embed Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor reviews directly on your website. Since most people look at reviews before checking out a restaurant, I’d say it’s pretty useful.

The editor allows you to add other elements as well. You can add a map and directions to your location, social media icons, and even a booking form.


Moreover, Hostinger Website Builder allows you to create your own logo. You won’t be able to do much, but the logo comes with full commercial usage rights.


Once you try it yourself, you’ll see that Hostinger Website Builder has plenty to offer for the money you spend. Speaking of…


When it comes to paid plans, the provider offers a single option. However, the plan includes everything and more you might need for your restaurant site.

With the price standing as low as $2.69/mo, Hostinger Website Builder includes 100GB, unmetered bandwidth, a free custom domain, an SSL, up to 100 business email accounts, Google Analytics, Messenger live chat, WhatsApp live chat, visitor remarketing, Stripe integration, embed code, and a few others. More so, the plan also includes eCommerce capabilities, enabling you to sell up to 500 products with a 1% commission fee and accept payments via Stripe.

Best Value

To get the best long-term deal for your restaurant site, opt for the 48-month billing cycle. By choosing this billing term, you will also get 3 months of services for free.

The bottom line is that Hostinger Website Builder can work great for a restaurant. It’s affordable, ease of use is not an issue, and you gain access to all kinds of features that will put your restaurant on the map.

2. SITE123 – your restaurant website is ready in 3, 2, 1…

Features:Menu, bookings, eCommerce functionality, maps
Restaurant-specific templates:21
SEO and marketing tools:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Current deal:SITE123 coupon 40% OFF!

In case you’re not the most tech-savvy person in the world, SITE123 might be the right choice for you. It’s beginner-friendly and affordable, the editor is minimalistic but efficient, and your restaurant website has a chance to look really good.

Here’s what you can expect from SITE123:

  • When it comes to pricing, SITE123 is pretty affordable. It falls somewhere between Hostinger Website Builder and Wix. You won’t have to spend a fortune to have a sleek-looking restaurant website.
  • One of the primary things that make SITE123 so appealing is that you can create a decent website in just a couple of hours. Once you create an account and select a website type, you must give your website a name, and everything is pretty streamlined further on.
  • In terms of what it has to offer for restaurants – you can choose from 21 restaurant website templates, integrate a menu site, take online bookings or sell goodies on an eCommerce platform.
  • Another thing worth mentioning is the builder’s SEO too SEO Adviser. While it’s not the most complex tool, it offers vital information to promote your business better.
Site123 SEO adviser

Overall, SITE123 is a website builder I recommend to beginners. It’s easy to use, the prices are reasonable, and you have enough at your disposal to create a fully functional website without investing too much time.

Creating a restaurant website with SITE123

When creating a restaurant website with SITE123, you’ll notice that you’re asked to select a website type right from the start. You can choose a template if you want, but I find this method a lot more convenient.

Choosing a type of website with Site123

As soon as you select the Restaurant niche, you must give your website a name, and you’ll be taken to your editor.

Site123 editor

SITE123’s editor is minimalistic but functional. The top bar menu allows you to add and edit pages, play with the design, and access various settings. As you can imagine, there is not much editing flexibility, but that shouldn’t affect you very much.

Customizing with Site123 editor

Even if you get a random restaurant template when creating your website, you can choose another one. SITE123 has a template library that includes 21 restaurant themes that look more than decent and are mobile-friendly.

Site123 restaurant website templates

Aside from a simple editor and many restaurant templates, SITE123 provides a few other features that you’ll find helpful. For one thing, you can display your restaurant’s menu.

Site123 integrated restaurant menu

The contact page can also include a map to make your location easier to find, and your clients can book a table online by giving out just a few details.

Site123 online booking form


SITE123 has 5 plans with prices ranging from $11.88/month to $45.00/month, plus a free version. There is always some offer in place, but don’t believe the countdown you see on the builder’s website. I have known the builder for quite some time, and there is always a countdown.

Apart from the plans in the picture, there is one other plan. It’s a Basic plan for personal use. You wouldn’t find it useful for what you’re looking for.

All the other plans come with a free domain for one year, but they’re pretty different otherwise.

  • Advanced ($11.88/mo) – 30GB storage, 15GB bandwidth, 1000 mailing list messages, 2 mailboxes, and 1 additional language.
  • Professional ($17.28/mo) – 90GB storage, 45GB bandwidth, 2500 mailing list messages, 5 mailboxes, and 3 additional languages.
  • Gold ($20.88/mo) – 270GB storage, 135GB bandwidth, 10k mailing list messages, 10 mailboxes, and 5 additional languages. It also includes eCommerce capabilities with 500 orders per month, credit card getaways, and website statistics.
  • Platinum ($45.00/mo) – 1000GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth, 50k mailing list messages, 25 mailboxes, and unlimited additional languages. Ecommerce capabilities include unlimited orders, advanced features, reviews, multi-currency, SEO Advisor, and abandoned cart.
Best Value

If you want to get the best possible deal, you should go with Professional. It’s the cheapest plan with eCommerce capabilities that includes enough resources for a decent but simple restaurant website.

Needless to say, SITE123 is more than suitable for a restaurant website. It’s easy to use, the prices are reasonable, and you’re provided with a few necessary tools to promote your business.

3. Wix – the holy grail of website builders

Features:Menu, bookings, online ordering, working hours, maps
Restaurant-specific templates:60+
SEO and marketing tools:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Current deal:Get Wix with 50% OFF!

Wix is the big kahuna when it comes to website builders. It has one of the most flexible editors in the industry. The templates come in high numbers and look great, and there is no lack of business features to help you promote your business. The prices are a little more premium, though.

Let’s dig a little deeper now.

  • Wix is the most flexible website builder of them all. It offers either an ADI site generator or drag-and-drop. The latter is 100% customizable, so you can put anything anywhere really.
  • Wix also offers the biggest variety in terms of templates over 60 restaurant-specific options.
  • The builder includes all the main restaurant-specific features like menu, bookings, map integration, and even online ordering.
  • Unlike many other website builders, Wix understands the need for honest-to-god marketing, which is why it offers a plethora of marketing integrations.
  • Wix also came up with SEO Wiz, a tool that will improve your ranking in search engines. You can find it in your dashboard under Marketing & SEO.
Wix SEO tools

Overall, Wix has some of the best features for a restaurant website I’ve ever come across in a website builder. You can integrate everything from a menu to an online ordering feature. More so, its advertising and SEO tools are pretty explicit. The price point does lower Wix’s position on this list though.

Creating a restaurant website with Wix

The process of creating a website with Wix is one of the easiest you’ll ever try. The very first thing you’re asked is what you want to do. Once you type in restaurant, you’re provided with a few specific features.

Building restaurant website with Wix

Live chat, food orders, menus, and reservations are checked by default, but you can add other features such as contact forms, events, a blog, an online store, etc.

Hitting the "Next" button takes you to the point where you have to make a choice. Do you want to let Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) generate a restaurant website for you? Or do you want to go with a template and take it from there?

Wix website builder options

Keep in mind that if you let Wix ADI take the wheel, you can still edit whatever it generates.

The drag-and-drop editor itself is pretty easy to navigate. The menu on the left allows you to add and edit menus and pages, make changes to your theme, play with the background, and you can even add a blog and media.

Customizing the website background with Wix

One of Wix’s best features is its template library. While many builders come up with just a few of them, Wix has over 60 food & drink specific themes.

Wix restaurant website templates

As you might expect, Wix allows you to create a Menu page. If you want, you can even set up the Order Online page and do takeouts.

Wix integrated restaurant menu

Online bookings are possible as well. Your client has to provide a few details, and voila!

Wix online reservation form

Last but not least, the contact page of your website will include not only your contact information but also a map. As such, your clients will be able to locate you faster and easier.

Wix map add-on


When it comes to plans, Wix does have a completely free plan. However, this is not a good option since it includes Wix’s watermark and does not allow a personalized domain. Not very professional looking for a restaurant website. So, there are 4 paid plans, with prices between $14.50and $79.50/month.

All plans come with a free domain for a year and all Wix ads are removed from the site.

  • Light ($16.00/month) – 2 collaborators, 2GB storage, and 30min of video time.
  • Core ($27.00/month) – 5 collaborators, 50GB storage, 5h of video time, basic site analytics, basic eCommerce (includes abandoned cart recovery, dropshipping for 25 products, accepting online payments, setting up recurring payments, and selling up to 50,000 products), events calendar app, and a free professional logo maker.
  • Business ($32.00/month) – 10 collaborators, 100GB storage, 10h of video time, standard site analytics, standard eCommerce (everything from Core plan, plus advanced shipping, dropshipping for 250 products, and up to 6 currencies), events calendar app, and a free professional logo maker.
  • Business Elite ($159.00/month) – 15 collaborators, unlimited storage, unlimited video time, advanced site analytics, advanced eCommerce (everything from Business plan, plus dropshipping for unlimited products and up to 11 currencies), events calendar app, and a free professional logo maker.
Best Value

The best deal you could get is if you purchase the Core plan. For only $17.00/month, which is more than decent, you get the resources you need and the features that help you promote your business.

The bottom line is that Wix is a trailblazer for all the website builders out there. It delivers editing flexibility, a multitude of business features, and the restaurant niche is covered by specific templates and functionalities.

4. GoDaddy website builder – the one with all the insight

Features:Menu, bookings, online ordering, working hours, maps
Restaurant-specific templates:21
SEO and marketing tools:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Current deal:Get up to 34% OFF GoDaddy website builder!

If you’re looking for something more professional, you should really consider trying out GoDaddy. There is a one-month free trial for you to test it out, after which it’s reasonably priced. Plus, the builder comes with a ton of business features meant to improve your online presence.

Here are all restaurant relevant features GoDaddy builder offers:

  • GoDaddy builder comes with 21 sleek templates for restaurants. You will surely find a good enough match.
  • Among other features like an online menu and bookings, GoDaddy also includes online ordering functionality via ChowNow. This makes it easy for your clients to order food online.
  • One of the best things about GoDaddy is its Website + Marketing tool. Powered by something the builder calls GoDaddy Insight, it collects data from millions of other websites to generate a strategy perfect for you. Basically, you don’t have to research and test methods to enhance your online presence. GoDaddy does that for you.
  • At the same time, GoDaddy’s marketing and SEO game is strong. Not only do you have SEO tools to help your search engine ranking, but you can run professional email campaigns and use social media to get yourself out there.
GoDaddy website builder email marketing campaign

Needless to say, GoDaddy is very well equipped to help you grow your business. You can create a beautiful website and take advantage of all the tools GoDaddy has to offer to improve it.

Creating a restaurant website with GoDaddy website builder

I only picked website builders that are easy to use, so creating a restaurant website with GoDaddy is a piece of cake. After you make your account, you can create your website. The builder will ask you what kind of website you want, and you won’t get just one Restaurant category but multiple.

Choosing a category with GoDaddy website builder

After selecting one category, name your website, and you’re ready to edit whatever GoDaddy generates for you. The editor is easy to navigate, but it’s pretty limited as far as customization goes.

GoDaddy website builder editor

You can change the layout of your website and play with the colors a little bit, but there isn’t much else you can do.

Of course, if you don’t want GoDaddy’s AI to generate a website for you, opt for a template and start from there. The theme library includes 21 restaurant-specific templates, and they all look gorgeous. Few builders can compete with GoDaddy in this department.

GoDaddy website builder templates

Other restaurant-related features include a menu page, on which you can add dishes and prices as you see fit. You can even add some images to make it more mouth-watering.

GoDaddy website builder restaurant menu option

Visitors can even reserve a table and read social media reviews on your website. As long as you connect your social media to your website, you’re good to go.

Online booking tool with GoDaddy website builder

Speaking of social media. GoDaddy allows you to manage all your social channels directly from your dashboard.

GoDaddy website builder social media integration

I don’t think GoDaddy needs any further ado’s because the arguments presented so far are pretty compelling.


For its website builder, GoDaddy provides 4 plans with prices ranging from $10.99/mo to $20.99/mo, making GoDaddy pretty affordable.

All the plans you see above come with free SSL certificates, on-the-go editing, a PayPal button, GoDaddy Insight, and online appointments. Even so, the features differ the more you’re willing to pay.

  • Basic ($10.99/mo) – 1 social media and listing platform, 5 social posts/month, 100 marketing emails, and basic design options. Not quite suitable for a restaurant website.
  • Standard ($10.99/mo) – SEO tools, 3 social media and listing platforms, 20 social posts/month, 500 marketing emails, and basic design options.
  • Premium ($14.99/mo) – online payments, recurring bookings for events, SMS alerts for new appointments, unlimited social media and listing platforms, as well as unlimited social posts and 25k marketing emails. There are no limits on design options.
  • ECommerce ($20.99/mo) – Premium features, except that you gain access to eCommerce features.
Best Value

For your restaurant to do better and better, I think it’s best to go for Premium. Sure, you spend a little more, but you have the perk of abusing the power of social media for less than 4 extra $.

All in all, the GoDaddy website builder was built for professionals. The SEO and marketing tools are top-notch. The templates look modern and professionally made, and you have all the tools required to successfully run the online part of your business.

5. Squarespace – for a professional looking restaurant website

Features:Menu, bookings, eCommerce functionality, working hours, maps
Restaurant -specific templates:15
SEO and marketing tools:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Current deal:Get up to 36% OFF Squarespace!

Squarespace is another great candidate for best restaurant website builders. Although the prices are a bit spicier (pun intended) than with Hostinger Website Builder, the final product looks professional. You can expect to find all the necessities like menu, restaurant-oriented templates, and SEO tools to make your site functional and accessible.

Let’s see what Square space can do for your restaurant’s site:

  • You can expect simplicity at its finest. Squarespace is a section-based builder. It might not be the most customizable builder out there, but it won’t take long to build a website for sure.
  • In terms of templates, Squarespace offers 15 restaurant dedicated templates.
  • You will also find an integrated menu, maps, online bookings, and eCommerce functionality for online purchases.
  • Since Squarespace gets the importance of advertising, its marketing tools are among the best. The email campaigns, in particular
  • SEO is covered as well. You have access to an SEO Checklist and other related features that will help your website rank better in search engines.
Squarespace SEO tools for restaurant website

Bottom line is that Squarespace has a lot to offer. It has some very good restaurant site specific tools, like menu and bookings. Marketing and SEO are covered too. So you can establish an online presence in no time.

Creating a restaurant website with Squarespace

Making an account on Squarespace is easy. You either create one from scratch, or you can do what I did and sign in with a Google account. Choose a template or let the AI create a website for you, after which you’ll be met by this:

Creating a restaurant website with Squarespace

All you have to do is give a name to your website, and then you’ll come across your dashboard. The dashboard is easy to navigate, and you’ll find everything you need in the menu on the left. On the right, however, you’ll come across your editor.

Integrated restaurant menu option with Squarespace

Like most website builders, Squarespace doesn’t have a very flexible editor. Even so, you can create something genuinely beautiful. You can add and edit pages, add more sections, and play with the color palette and fonts. But that’s pretty much it.

As far as templates go, this is a department where Squarespace shines. There are only 15 restaurant-specific themes, but in my opinion, they look fantastic.

Squarespace restaurant website templates

The templates look like they’re made by professionals, and they look great on mobile devices too. So, no worries there.

Moving on to other features, Squarespace allows you to create your restaurant’s menu. Online reservations are available as well, and so are business hours. One of the things I loved about the template I chose was its photo gallery.

Squarespace photo gallery

Of course, to look good, you need some good pictures, so get snappy. Get it?

Other than that, Squarespace allows you to integrate a map so that clients can find you, and you can even sell online. Of course, that will cost you more. This brings me to prices.


Squarespace came up with 4 plans, and the prices vary from $16.00/month to $52.00/month.

All plans come with a free domain for a year, SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth and storage, SEO tools, access to extensions, and basic metrics. As for the particularities of each plan:

  • Personal ($16.00/mo) – it offers basic features for personal websites. If you only want to display the menu and working hours – it's the right plan.
  • Business ($23.00/mo) – professional email from Google, also free for one year, and you can sell online. Gift cards are available, and so is the ability to accept online payments. You get access to a few premium extensions (apps).
  • Basic eCommerce ($28.00/mo) – apart from the features from Business, you don’t have transaction fees, and customer accounts are available. The checkout will be on your domain, and you can sell on Instagram. Analytics and merchandising tools are provided.
  • Advanced eCommerce ($52.00/mo) – you get the whole shazam. Everything you read so far, plus subscriptions, abandoned cart recovery, advanced shipping, advanced discounts, and Commerce APIs.
Best Value

The best plan for a simple restaurant website would be Business at $23.00/month. You get more design flexibility via the premium blocks, and you can sell online. The professional email from Google helps, and you can even sell gift cards.

The general idea about Squarespace is that while it’s not the most affordable restaurant website builder, it helps you create a professional-looking website. Plus, the SEO and marketing tools will help you get your name out there.

Best restaurant website builders: final recommendations

Hopefully, all the website builders I described above are enough for you to make a decision. If you need a bit of help to make a choice, here’s a quick recap:

  • Hostinger Website Builder is perfect for restaurant owners looking for low prices and ease of use
  • SITE123 is a simple yet powerful and easy to use restaurant website builder
  • Wix provides the most design flexibility, but the prices are higher
  • GoDaddy website builder is for people who value professionalism and business features
  • Squarespace is a premium builder with great templates for restaurants

So, there you have it. Any idea which one will be the right fit for you?

How to pick the best restaurant website builder

While all the options I described are solid choices, you may want to pick your own path and go with another website builder. But how to choose one from an ocean of alternatives? Here are some key factors:

  • Templates – go for a website builder with templates for all major niches, including food and restaurants. You can’t have a restaurant website with a theme worthy of a clothing store, can you? It’s a bit confusing for someone to access your website and book a table only to see images of clothes.
  • Integrated menu – whenever I want to check a restaurant, I access their website to see what’s on the menu. Most people do the same, which is why you have to opt for a website builder that provides this feature.
  • Online booking – while some people prefer to use the phone for their dinner reservations, others take the online road. Consequently, the builder you choose should have an option to make an online reservation. Better to have than not, right?
  • Marketing and SEO tools – since we live in a world where you must have an online presence to be relevant, you have to promote your restaurant online and reach as many people as possible. To that effect, you need a website builder that has the right tools for that to happen.

While there may be other factors at play, such as ease of use and affordability, the keys I’ve listed above cover a more universal choosing process.

Best restaurant website builders FAQs

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