Samsung's Unpacked event: Galaxy Ring, foldables, and other gadgets that could be revealed today

Today, Samsung is holding its Unpacked event, during which the company will announce new devices across several categories. These include foldable phones, smartwatches, earbuds, and the brand-new Galaxy Ring.

The event will take place on July 10th at 6 am PT / 9 am ET in Paris and will be livestreamed. You can watch the announcement here:

Many leaks have emerged in recent weeks, with some coming straight from Samsung’s marketing material. These leaks allow us to form a clearer picture of what we can expect from the event before its official launch.

We’ll undoubtedly discuss the software powering the new Samsung devices, with all the major smartphone manufacturers rushing to introduce the latest improvements to stay ahead in the AI race.

Here's what we expect to see at today's event.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6

Last year, at the Unpacked event, Samsung announced the fifth generation of its Galaxy Flip and Fold foldable devices. We will undoubtedly see their predecessors at the Galaxy Unpacked 2024.

Last week, leaker Evan Blass posted rendered images as well as marketing material with all the tech specs of Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Leaks suggest that neither model will undergo significant design changes, though the Flip will receive some internal improvements.

It is set to feature a 4000 mAh capacity battery – a 10% improvement over the previous one and comes with 35 W fast charging.

Another major change in the Flip model is a new 50 MP main sensor instead of the 12 MP found in the previous one.

The renders also depict Samsung’s personal interpreter function, which enables translations of voice or text and will now also be displayed on the cover screen.

Earlier, tech specs were also shared by Ishan Agarwal on X.

According to leaks, both the Flip and the Fold models will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 gen 3 processor and will have 12 GB of RAM.

The Fold model should feature a slightly larger cover screen of 6.3 inches and a screen brightness of 2600 nits instead of 1750.

According to Smartprix, the Galaxy Fold 6 base model will cost $1900, which is a $100 increase.

Galaxy watches

In the Unpacked event, we will almost certainly see two new smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 7 and the more expensive Galaxy Watch Ultra.

The latest leak by the French website Daelabs revealed all the technical specifications of Galaxy watches, too.

Based on the leak, it looks like the Galaxy Watch 7 will come in two sizes, 40 mm and 44 mm. It will have an aluminum armor casing and a sapphire glass back and will be available in green, cream, and silver colorways.

It will support Bluetooth connectivity, and there will also be a 4G model, while the battery will be 300 mAh and 425 mAh.

The more expensive model, the Galaxy Watch Ultra, will be 47 mm in size and will feature a slightly larger battery of 590 mAh.

All the latest Galaxy watches will be powered by the new Exynos W1000 processor and will have 2 GB of RAM and 32 storage – twice as much as in the previous model.

The report also mentions that prices of the Galaxy Watch 7 will range from €319 to €399, while the ultra will cost €699. The prices in the US will likely be slightly lower, though, as the EU has additional taxes.

Galaxy Ring

In the Unpacked we are likely to see a new product category from Samsung, the Galaxy Ring, which will bring serious competition to all smart ring makers, including the most established brand, Oura.

Samsung even filed a lawsuit against its competitor, seeking to prevent Oura from suing the company over the Galaxy Ring. The documents disclosed Samsung’s plans to start shipping the ring this August.

The ring will be equipped with various sensors that allow it to measure the user's heart rate, stress levels, and body temperature alongside period predictions, the APK teardown of Samsung’s Health app disclosed.

Previous leaks suggest that the Galaxy Ring will come in eight different sizes and, according to Samsung, should hold its charge for nine days.

Galaxy Buds 3

A new pair of Samsung earphones, the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro are also on the way. Leaked images show that this year's earphones will come with a significant design update.

Both Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro will use the stem design used in Apple’s Air Pods, in which the microphone is placed closer to the mouth, resulting in better sound quality.

Both models, which will be available in silver and white, will feature IP57 water and dust resistance and will work with SmartThings Find.

According to Android Headlines, the Buds 3 Pro will have additional improvements over the Buds 3 model, such as a two-way speaker versus the one-way, and will include noise control, blade lights, and ambient sound.