Apple might cancel foldable iPhone

Speculations about the Apple flip phone being delayed to 2027 have been hit by news about it being canceled altogether.

The topic of a foldable iPhone has been discussed for quite a while. Speculation has ranged from its possible launch date to whether it will happen at all.

It was first thought that the foldable phone might be launched sometime during the end of 2026. Later, it got postponed to the start of 2027. But recent news about the device reveals that such a model might not be released at all.

This is because the iPhone panel technology is not yet developed enough, shares Alpha Biz (through DigiTimes).

The company aims for the best quality and has filed for patents related to foldable displays. It’s even rumored to have conversations with LG and Samsung Display about supply orders. However, despite these efforts, it’s still not clear what the future of the foldable iPhone will be.

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