This new Gen Z app takes first place on Apple’s App Store

The new app takes users back to the old days of the internet, “before all the algos and ads.”

On July 3rd, 2024, a new social media app called noplace appeared on the App Store. The new application is a mix of MySpace and Twitter, allowing users to customize their profiles and share their thoughts through short posts.

“Remember how fun the internet was before all the algos and ads? we do too… so we’re bringing it back,” says the app’s description found at the store.

Noplace lets users “express [themselves] however [they want]” by changing their profile’s background color, showing who their friends are, and adding various personal information.

Users can also find new friends through the app, which works “like an internet neighborhood where you can hang out and meet new people.”

Upon registration, the app asks users about their interests, like what kind of music artists they like, games, books, and more.

“On noplace, you can truly be yourself,” states the application, which quickly reached number one in the App Store. The news was shared by the app’s creator, Tiffany Zhong.

“The Gen Z whisperer,” Zhong is also a co-founder of Zebra IQ, which specializes in helping brands understand the needs of Gen Z and Millennial customers. So, it’s no wonder the app was also created to appeal to Generation Z.

While the app, now available worldwide, is ranked number one, those who have already tried it have mixed feelings, mainly because of issues that occur moments after downloading it.

“I love the UI so far. Since the launch, the app is crashing every minute I try and save something. So I’ll have to wait until some patches are released,” notes one of the users.

The release of the new app also started a debate on Reddit, where people questioned the collection of user data and how users see the content.

“‘Instead of algorithms, noplace leverages AI technology to drive suggestions and curation. The app doesn’t edit the feed for you, but rather uses AI to do things like offering summaries of what you’ve missed.’ What? It drives suggestions and curation but doesn’t edit the feed? Sounds like the same thing,” noted one Reddit user.