Nothing adds ChatGPT to its earbuds, smartphones

Electronics manufacturer Nothing has added ChatGPT to its toolbox, allowing its smartphone and earbuds users to converse with an integrated AI.

The company revealed that the latest Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) earbuds will come paired with Chat GPT.

Nothing revealed the details of the integration system during its Nothing Community Quarterly update on April 18th.

Nothing smartphone and earbuds users will be able to access AI assistance by pinching and holding an earbud stem, which activates ChatGPT.

Once users are done using AI, they can finish their conversation by pinching the earbud stem once again.

The new integration provides a “natural and super convenient user experience,” noted Carl Pei, the CEO of Nothing, as users can find answers to important questions without taking their phones out of their pockets.

The new AI-powered feature will work with the latest Nothing earbuds paired with the Nothing Phone (2), while Phone (1) and Phone (2a) will become compatible with the earbuds by the end of April.

ChatGPT has also been integrated into Nothing OS. The Nothing Phone now includes a widget that takes users straight to ChatGPT and a feature that allows them to send content directly to ChatGPT as a text or screenshot.

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